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July 18, 2017

Meet Dr Harry

A Naturopath who speaks his mind 

This is a link to the monthly video which I began after reading his book which got me going on taking care of my own heart and related cardio problems I had gone through for some years.  Knew I had to do something after walking away from medicine and all forms of pharmaceutical stuff.  Just couldn’t  do it anymore, but I wasn’t suicidal – – so what to do?  His book LETS STOP THE #1 KILLER OF AMERICANS TODAY and Dr Steven Sinatra’s The SINATRA SOLUTION, with his “Metabolic Cardiology”.   Both excellent and was helped; felt I was a bit more grounded in the business of the body’s needs.  

I had been doing much of the routine stuff with vitamins, minerals and certain supplements like Co-Q10  (tho I used Ubiquinol).  Railed against toxic anything, so I quit Coumadin   (NOT Curcumin, for heaven’s sakes! – – this is what helps with PAIN) and took NATTOKINASE  which science had proved to be far superior (with no side effects),  and even now – docs don’t seem to know about.  (Big Pharma is really “that” powerful in protecting it’s turf !)    

Specifically, I learned about the huge energy needs of the heart and brain, our most vital and demanding organs;  serving the one properly– both are helped. . . so vital are the specific amino acids in aiding the mitochondria to function fully with the necessary energy.  Dosages, quantities, how to’s and when. . .all in Dr Harry’s (Elwardt) book.   Was all laid out – not confusing, knew I could do this.  Eventually, I caught on that Dr Harry and many others had been able to effectively construct a treatment-formula that one could take all-at-once 2 times daily, eliminating most of the fuss.  Helped a lot.   Found a product online called “ARGININE Cardio” worked on for over 25 years by this german physician before introducing.  It’s frankly wonderful, but kinda costly.  He added Trans-Resveratrol and many other helpful components which really round it out to near perfection.  Gladly took it around four months til I realized it had been burdening the budget too much, so back doing my own constructing again (adding in the new things I gleaned from the German doc’s formula.  All this stuff is online for those who can and want to do so.  

One of the reasons I brought over Dr Harry’s link to the videos is that I find him extremely gutsy as a truth teller.  That takes spunk and courage in  this day and age to speak out against what seems wrong, flagrant (if not out-right evil).  Most of us of course understand — there’s corruption in Washington, has been for a long time now.  And that’s where it all gets okay’d along with it’s green-light.  When enough people really understand all this. . maybe, some thing CAN be done to fix it.   Its still just us baying at the moon like a pack of wolves, til there’s enough to make it matter.    So many doctors who “have” spoken out seem to wind up dyeing younger than they should. . . and I don’t want anything like that to befall Dr Harry.  He talks kinda funny, but I admire him.      Jan


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