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August 11, 2017

Gundry M.D. – Dave’s Bulletproof

Plant Paradox, again

This time with BULLETPROOF (Dave Asprey) and Dr Steven Gundry

Truly, it’s hard to decide which one of these two Super special men are more stimulating,  easy to listen to and understand, and finally – – to be enriched by.    These two men are prolific writers of distinction,  each untopped in their fields.  They have trod similar physical personal health experiences which no doubt speaks to their enlightening and even humorous exchanges. They spark off one another.  Just finished watching it. . . loved this and I am once again, determined to buy this book. It will become a classic if nothing else!  

This should change the way Americans shop, buys food and eats.   Why?  .  .  . because so many of us are hurting, wonder why,  and why no one seems to know the answers we need so we change the outcome of all our efforts to lead a healthy life, free of pain, allergy,  inflammation.   Our body, one and all,  needs help.  The plant kingdom predates the human arrival by many millions of years  (man in one form or another only here for about 2 million, give or take a thousand or two).   Amazingly, plants have protective mechanisms which are unique and even miraculous;  but some of that is hurting us!  Who knew?  Hear some of the highlights of this story, for it will help you understand what foods are good, best and/or favorable for us. . . and how it is best if not mandatory that we eliminate others from our lives– if we’d like to live without pain.    Any and all of it i.e.  diarrhea, IBS, arthritis, headaches,  thyroid problems,  joint replacements,    For the kids, ear infections, asthma,  sore throats. .the list goes on.  Most of this stuff is coming about in our body’s response to our eating foods containing “Lectins,”  a type of protein.  This is found in many foods, much of it news to me.  I do not want to mess this important message up – – besides, these guys know it backwards and forwards, tell it better and far more engagingly.  Ya need to know this stuff to put an end to this here-to-fore unknown information.

How often do I try to address the subject of pain?  Get this substance or that. . .eat this and don’t eat that,  . .well like any normal person – I hate PAIN.  How about all those surgeries, procedures and oh yes — all those expensive tests?  Actually, I never liked selling anything to anyone,  ya either get it or  ya don’t.  Everyone has ‘free-choice’. . . for your sake, listen to this, and maybe get the book or try the library.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if we could rid pain from life as we know it now by some rather simple choices to remove hurtful foods from our table?  Works for me.           Jan



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