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February 14, 2017

Preserve CHOICE, save your HEALTH

Try not 2 be consumed by the All-Encompassing CHAOS 

Protecting LIFE and HEALTH tops all

As we witness our ‘rights’ being trampled,  our voices being ignored and new assaults on our governmental protections being trashed in an ongoing daily circus-like manner. . . . we can begin to doubt our own sanity.  Of course,  that may be part of the Trump-plan – – to upset everyone’s sense of equilibrium so that we can’t easily see what’s going on.  Still, we must preserve our energy levels and tend to business and not allow still MORE rights to be yanked from our hands.  We must act here, WE MUST PERSEVERE.   Our freedom to be – exist as a free people demands that only we choose what we do, say, think, enjoy, eat or not eat. . . choose to protect our body and health with, by acting according to our own , individual needs, , decisions – period.   We are not chattel.   After all, this is America and have long been known for how we do business, treat people, honor our sacred commitments.  

We the people have NEVER,  ever decided to run our government like a business — dictated by the bottom line of profit.   As such, even the rules of governmental behavior dictates behaviors and customs to prevent even the odor of conflict of interest, let alone the blatant, overt disaster we see before us on a daily basis now.  The Trump conspiracy is so filled with deceit and lies  that it is actually – beyond belief for conscientious, ethical people to understand.  A majority of us were so disgusted by this man,  but he was successful in pulling off the biggest con in recorded history using “showmanship,” not intelligence or decency and we’re left holding the ashes as he destroys our honorably built nation, full of ideals, principles and legendary history.

Until a strong Trump opposition finds it’s courage, conviction and strength to overturn this horrific disaster by an effort to impeaching TRUMP and firing all his Wall-Street buddies (the swamp he was going to purge!) we must hold the line on the GO SIGNAL which the GOP feels they are entitled to pursue;  (voting rights, women’s rights of self determination, saving our world from the disastrous environmental path we are currently treading,  and also what poisons we are NOT WILLING to  put into our body, plus all the “regulations” which are in place to protect people from harm and injury).  

Enuff with fine-tuning the small-print of the “rules” – the ethics have always been there and described – – and aspirants have almost entirely always endeavored to honor and protect them because it works and it’s the right thing to do.  How can there be a need to determine if it has or hasn’t been done before?  It hasn’t!   Til now, it’s worked because everyone has honored it.  Don, the Con’s idea of  change isn’t what Americans asked for.  They wanted less Corporate control, but now it’s changing to total corporate control; also, wanted a fair shake, being that we’re equal under the law which applies to us all.  Fat chance! Instead of draining the swamp  – – Don has saturated it with even more cronies plus adding crocodiles  and vultures too.  Some of the appointees are intending to destroy the departments they are to be heading and most of the rest know nothing or little about their proposed jobs or duties thereof.  It’s ‘satiric’ if not outright evil.      The Donald has brought disaster to the White-house.  He promised a ‘shake-up, . . but must have had destruction in mind.  Get rid of him before he destroys all that we have built over a couple of hundred years  and all our allies and friends loose faith in us. 

Back to the point of this post .  .  .  .  (but wait – – Flynn has just resigned after all the dung which clung to him was inescapably revealed, and everybody was lying about  it, but proof is undeniable if not embarrassing to explain. He should be facing serious charges with his tattling to Russia before Trump even took office. . .but who’s left in Washington to do an honest and impartial job?)    

Anyway, with so much going on in this ‘Grand Scale’,  it’s dangerous to let this MANDATED vaccine thing get worse.  I stay tuned to NVIC, they do a fabulous job of keeping any who wish to know the facts rather than the “highly paid-for HYPE” (by the Pharmaceutical conglomerate. . . . e.g. modern-day gangsters and robbers)  They have more money than God and buy more rules, laws and regulations at will. . .nothin’ they can’t pay for and there’s always hands waiting to be filled (in congress, etal).     So check out the latest message from Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC, to be informed and know what you can do to protect yourself and family.  It is tragic as millions of families know all too well, the way an infant’s developing immune system is hammered  before it’s  developed and had a chance to defend itself. . . .then be damaged and sometimes totally ruined, denying the life it was entitled to.  Not going to drone on again – you either get it or you don’t.  My point is no one has the right to force us to take into our bodies anything we choose to refuse.  We are not chattel!  We are free Americans and I stand for that !    Jan


December 9, 2016

Balance and Focus

Seeing that which “pleases me”

Trying to turn over a new leaf because I’m fed up with (self-inflicted) misery;   a month is too long for a pity party.  Political junkie that I have been for years has not served me well of late,  for it seems I cannot separate (splinter) apart the various pieces and parts of who I am in order to function as I choose.  .  .  which is to enjoy life, be happy.  Previously, I have been able to maintain balance and flow, no matter what activity and interests were prevalent.  Now I wonder if Alzheimer’s is actually winning this hard fought war I’ve waged for more than a decade.  Being weepy and sad is not a modus operandi which leads to or reflects health,  but plunges one into the pits.  Of course I knew that – – but if one keeps dwelling anyway (like the moth to the flame),  well, perhaps one deserves what one gets.  

There’s quite a number of  “Abraham” messages in my inbox which I haven’t wanted to read  (and I love those daily words), but I did today and gladly discovered a thread of reason, beauty and intelligence, which has kinda hooked me up again.  It’ll take some work, but I do have reason to keep on keeping on,  not the least of which is to honor all the effort, study, testing,  rewarding results and joy I have experienced in the rebuilding of my own health, according to what I believe is a meritorious path anyone can do. (without BIG- PhRMA)          

The point is, I have dwelt on the frustration, pain and disappointment of what I was personally feeling, but also, what the implications were down the road for our nation and the trusting people who will be hurt. .  .  all of which I deemed unhealthy, negative, illegal and even evil.     AND UNFAIR   Even tho Hillary won by a huge margin in excess of two million votes (landslide),  Don the CON won the election.  So much more than just “something wrong” here.  Couldn’t take it.  Railed and couldn’t let go.  It was literally killing me. So now, I MUST set all this aside.  I still believe those 47% of us who were TRUMP voters were wrong in their choice. . . but that everyone has the right to exercise his/her right to choose/vote.  Don’t think America is going to slide into the sea.  Usually, most dirt does come out in the wash.  And most of all. . we all learn by our own mistakes — our experiences,  not what others think we should do.  So this must be honored and respected.   The laws of cause and effect work on everyone.  Each of us has our hands full just taking care of our own foibles;  it is not smart or helpful to judge another – –  life has it’s ways.   so be it.  

Thank you Abraham for the love and light!                Jan


Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backwards. Most people are saying, “Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation.” The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you the reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination, it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is life.


Excerpted from: Kansas City, KS on September 27, 1998

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