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July 25, 2016

Dems Turn

Not a trace of “PROGRESSIVE-NESS to be seen

Guess we’ll have to wait little longer,  see what happens


Have no problem with Tim Kaine as Hillary’s running mate. . . would probably even prefer him to her.  The man seems as straight up as a man could be.    Can understand his thinking on Pro-life and honor that,  but he doesn’t feel compelled to impose his preferences  on others.  I of course admire that kind of action. There is much to be said about such a man who has demonstrated such integrity, and whose life has been one of service to others.

When he’s described as a  “progressive,” I take issue with this.   As is true with Queen Hillary, but for different reasons.   These two are both tightly entwined with the “establishment.”  Nothing about Hillary has any resemblance to progressiveness or being one.  Her only leanings were actually “pushings” from Bernie as she saw how the public was responding to him and how they hungered for what he spoke.   No one for a very long time had been concerned or seemingly aware of the plight of the non-rich,  disappearing middle class and all those inequities,  injustices,  and lack of choice or opportunity – – or any way to extricate from their plight.

None of the issues which Bernie elucidated night after night for so long (but people never tired of because it was so important to them)  seem to have any place in Hillary’s platform.  They continue to sing their own praises, touting “their” accomplishments.  For Pete’s sake, they “won” (?) the nomination, stop already and tell us what you plan to do for the people  and how  — let’s hear it.  This is what a “Progressive” is all about!  See the  need and relate your plans to correct it.  This is not  happening!  Does Hillary’s heart and mind remain too close to wall street , it’s hard to break old habits.  

Bernie maintain’s his prominent position within People’s hearts and minds.  (The devious deceit regarding the way he was mistreated and derailed put me in bed which apparently only now is coming to light via Wikileaks email revelations)    My point – – he still has influence.  ALL Democrats would do well to think about that and try to resolve some of the so-called agreements she claimed to have with Bernie!  For my eyes – it isn’t showing.  She must try harder, or its gonna be   PRESIDENT TRUMP!                        Centrist Hillary perhaps can’t get there from here.                   Jan


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