SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

November 19, 2018


World, and me too

I know it’s been a while;  have been thru kind of a knot hole.  Regardless of plans, good food and habits,  hopes and wants,  well, stuff happens.  But one can overlay the (so-called)  aging body with the inordinate stress of a very strange political season. I did not ride it out as well as I should have.  The messing with the electoral system in so many, many races in many states.  .  and to keep on getting away with it, because almost all legal restraints have been so mangled and damaged.  How is anyone to fix it? 

Believe me I’m thrilled we have the house, but it’s not gonna be a cake walk!   IMO, America is lucky to have Pelosi, who has no peer when it comes to her  gutsy credentials.  She knows the ropes better than anyone – legally, and she wont let Republicans  keep walking all over the very things Americans want and need.  Of course, we have younger, possibly equally as smart but no one can outdo Nancy Pelosi in her abilities, sense of proportion and legal acumen.  She knows what to do. Knowing the “evils” which have been wrought with the singular-party rule. . .  we all know by this time, how limiting many of the political rules are and that some of them need changing, by golly.  What needs to be done will take a certain ‘expertise’ if we are to recapture ethics,  and proven principles and processes back into our system – BASED ON OUR VALUED LAWS.    Considering the season we just lived through  I am so very proud of our Democratic Party. All of em, whether winning, losing or re-counting.  Its the losing and recounting, for me which damned near killed me. But otherwise, am so very impressed with the courage of the magnificent women who have come thru and made it happen. Ya won’t be Pelosi within a week, but keep your eyes open, observe – – she loves you and wants your success,.. you’ll get there too.       

The way Washington is right now isn’t normal.  There is no “business as usual” being done, so everybody’s gonna have to rebuild and it seems the GOP has dug in.   America is hurting politically, of course.  But ecologically, earth has never seen such devastation and it is clear that the process is travelling at a more rapid speed now.  This may be due in part to the naysayers like Trump etc.,. who has tried his best to counter all the good things Our President Obama had put in place. Thank God many of the states aren’t fools like the leadership has been.  My home state of California has been devastated (tho I haven’t been there since 1994).  .  been living in almost solid RED OHIO, where, having defeated Cordray, they are working on  bills for “heartbeat-abortion”, and “stand-your-ground gun-laws.  How can civilized people go backwards like this?  It is difficult living in this environment and not fall into “resistance” mode.  But one must if desiring to move forward and seek positive change.  .  .  just checkin’ in, hope you are all doing well – – heart energy out to you all.  Thank you sincerely from my depths, for stopping in to connect,   Jan

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