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November 8, 2018

So, now what?. . onward, I guess

Was a Great effort, tho costliest ever

And No One Got Everything they wanted!

Having lived through all the anguish of this political mid-season,  I can’t reveal to you  how upset I was to awaken on election day only to find that the world wasn’t available to me by any of my known visible means.  My computer, landline phone and TV are all bundled with ATT and for some unknown reason – – none were working — no service, signal lost.    Contacted them with my cell (with which I am not even a little proficient.  Every time I touch it, I seem to take another picture of my knee or foot)   But they couldn’t  get a service rep here til  7th.  With few alternate choices, tried to get info off the cell — know how capable the thing is — can do everything but contact your recently departed loved ones, apparently. Had called my son and a close friend to tell them my sad tale and both vowed to get back to me with news as it came along.  But it seems I screwed up my cell phone with trying to find news items on the race, which was sorta fruitless.  No one called me back  because I messed up – couldn’t accept calls.     

The ATT repair man was a wonderful, capable man who really had to dig in to find the problem – – it wasn’t inside my apartment, so out he went; it took time, but he found the answer was “Squirrels” . . they had built kind of a nest around some of the ATT equipment  and all five of the units in my building were affected.  We both laughed as he told me that ATT gets a lot of business because of squirrels and mice, etc.  So I lost touch for one day, a rotten day to be without outside contact, to be sure, but when my friend told me her loss happened the same day, her supplier  Spectrum (Warner Cable) won’t be showing up til sometime Friday.  That is totally unacceptable IMO.  We both assumed it was the big winds gusting around here and there which caused this outage, but not in my case. 


As I scanned today’s paper,  then found only that horrible face all over TV on every channel revelling in all his satisfaction.  .  I don’t care what he said or why at this point.  Just turned it off.               

The enthusiasm, the numbers,   the approval ratings, tho close here and there, were so good!  It’s hard to accept the legitimacy of the results.  I heard the talk of the fix being in again – – but I couldn’t believe they would actually try this crap again! At this point. . guess I feel like what difference does it make?  Just too crushed by this. . .can’t take it,  don’t want to think about this stuff at all. . not now (and it may take some time for me to recapture my bearings).  Life being what it is, when choice is limited, ya gotta try harder, get more creative.    

We made some decent inroads in the house – which is big,  but we NEEDED THE SENATE TOO  if we are to have any chance to correct and stabilize our lives  so that we can rebuild. 

At this moment, all I really want to speak of is the remarkable energy,  passion and creative ability shown by so many Americans doing magnificently what they cared about – deeply. . . on both sides of the isle.  It is after all  One America,  . we are one people wanting the best for our country, so that we all can more fully enjoy the great life we see for ourselves.  And I continue to desire greater understanding for our citizens to become more skilled at choosing honest, well-meaning candidates who genuinely want/need to serve the people they know and love  for the highest and best good of all, not just themselves and what “they” can get out of it personally for ego or wealth. 

All must remain alert;  in less than one day, we already have a plateful of new issues to think about and challenge.    A know-nothing Joe Schmo to replace Jeff Sessions. . .c’mon!    Seriously, take care of stuff ‘that is’  but also, start thinking about what you really WANT our leadership to be. . .and then be gutsy enough to hang tuff til ya get it.  We shouldn’t have to be choosing from 2 or 3 who aren’t really what we want or need.  We’ll be different, of course, but my God, there should be standards beyond which we refuse to go.      . . . just sayin’                        Jan

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