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November 3, 2018

Joyous over the ‘Turnout’

Whole World is Watching 

In case anyone is wondering,  I still care – way too much.  Have really had to dial it back — was too saturated with it all and it wasn’t healthy for me.  Can no longer tolerate the look or sound of this man who has turned our lives and world upside down.  Nor can I overlook or forgive the injustice of it all.  It remains to be seen how we’re gonna cope trying to bring any semblance of normalcy back to our way of life,  so that decent, caring people can be safe without threat of violence and attendant fears.  Hateful, menacing emotions and actions pop-up indescrimently.  .  .  stunning what’s left of our equanimity. 

My health seems to have weakened and my ability to maintain emotional balance in order to juggle the various parts of my life along with it.  It isn’t reasonable to my mind that millions of sane people can allow and enable one man such powers of civil destruction to be unleashed, welcoming mayhem, hatred and violence where ever it chooses to erupt; while simultaneously  severing our most trusted allies, and cuddling up with the vile/cruel leaders of so-called enemy states.  This man is a liar, vindictive,  totally self-absorbed — without an ounce of compassion or dignity.   He  isn’t fit to slop pigs, let alone sit in the chair of a person who is deemed the most powerful individual in the world.  He is not that!  HE IS UNFIT TO SERVE and is destroying our country.  Any court in the land would so attest (unless Kavanaugh sits therein).     

As is easily seen,  I’m really not fit to discuss this. . . it defies logic and is too incredible.  I may be losing it, or already have. 

But,  I AM grateful to all of you and the millions of other “voters” who are taking appropriate action — out there and getting it done.  The American ‘spirit’ ain’t dead and refuses to be put down!  I love you all.  How I’ve enjoyed Oprah and Barack and so many other marvellous voices . . . it soothes my soul.   .  .  God bless us all, and our glorious  nation.           Jan

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