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November 1, 2018

Do ya ‘get’ Inflammation?

 Body’s Magic tool.. can fix and/or hurt 

But we would be foolishly unwise to curse it, for this happens to be one of our magic bullets the body has to ‘fix stuff.’ When we have an injury, a cut, gash or break of some kind – our body speeds it’s forces in to the rescue and does what it was built to do. . . via our beloved IMMUNE SYSTEM which is integral to our survival. There would be few to disagree with that, other than maybe BIG PhRMA.

A similar thing happens when we are sick in bed raging with a high temperature.  The body strives to burn the thing out and can and will – left to its own resources, but parents have been ‘educated’ to bring that darned temp “down” – ASAP.     (forgive another aside:)

I remember when I was about 35 being so afflicted. . my temp was around 104 or 105, . . hubby was frantic  –  called one of my closest friends (very medically-oriented and smart). She rushed down – quickly calculated all; took over,  wanted all those blankets removed and a cooling sponge-bath underneath the sheets to “COOL ME DOWN – IMMEDIATELY.”  I could be permanently  brain-damaged with all that heat! As they removed the blankets from my trembling, freezing (IMO) body,  guess I nearly lost it.  Vowed to never speak to Vickie again if she did any of that. But they continued on – torturing me, sponging  and I’m hating them both.

It was many days before I was up and able to go see my doctor.  He was iffy on the diagnosis – couldn’t be blamed for that, gave me meds of course.  I didn’t respond like I should have and maybe it could have been ‘Valley Fever’ – had been going around. . so he gave me more meds.  But when I wasn’t improving  like I should have, he  sent me to a specialist (pulmonary).. .  . showed me X RAYs, pointing, That, Mrs Turner is TB, until proven otherwise!  My God!. . what do I do?  Nothing – – we just wait and see the result of tests which will take some time.  Couldn’t believe my ears.

I couldn’t believe this doctor is implying I should go home . .expose my husband and son to this same fate. . doing nothing! Called the local TB society and told them my concerns and asked their advice;  they took action and got me into a sanitorium immediately. It was in Chavez Ravine  beautiful canyon where the Dodger Stadium was located.  They put me in a ward with other women and all I did was cry.  I was disturbing other patients, understandably. . for we all had our problems.  

They had a recent departure at the top of the elevator shaft-way up at the top of the building.  It was a smallish  room, would be alone,. . but had a bathroom – – would I find that agreeable?  I  leapt at it, gladly. It did turn out to be quite an experience.  My darling husband  had brought over tablets, inks and pens  for me to scribble around with my  art stuff,  sketching the nurses and doctors as they came up to see me or brought meds and food.  Felt so sorry for the staff who tended me as they had to climb those crotchety old stairs.  As it happened, I relished the scenery  – – all huge  pine trees and tons of birds. And this huge rooftop was like a private (tho rustic) terrace.  I would drape myself over the railing and wave down to my son Jeff  who had just started school – without his mommy. . and that’s what so saddened me.  But we spoke on the walky-talky which hubby had acquired for this purpose..   stayed almost three months until the little rabbit had given it’s life to prove that I had “NOT” had TB at all. 

Other than hating the ‘cure’ I had undergone. .  . (there was one shot in the butt which took around 5″ to inject, and got it once a week.  It produced an agonizing headache one didn’t soon forget).  This had been a strange adventure for which I had only myself to blame – – had I been a bit more normal instead of overly protective toward my loved ones, . would’ve stayed home and awaited the results as the doctor had said.  There was a ton of pills I had to take daily;  plus I had my husband bring down my own ‘trusted vitamins and such from home.  It was standard stuff to stay in bed and recuperate,  so I fiddled with Art Stuff, watched TV and enjoyed the towering fir trees and birds .  .  and ATE.  Good food, but without my rather active life to offset, I gained around forty pounds due to lack of movement,  much to my sorrow, as I saw what I had become on getting home. Ah, well.  .  . life can get messy while you’re trying to figure all this stuff out. 

Now, quite honestly, I’m not saying that one thing had anything to do with the other.  Maybe it was all just a big ‘coincidence’. Referring to the interference of the body trying desperately to burn out whatever it was working on.  No matter what strange things have happened from time to time, I have truly ALWAYS  felt like I was fortunate and very healthy.  But I do think that had Marty and Vickie not become so concerned and worried over my temperature  . . my body could have, would have done its job and I might have been totally fine in a few days of rest and none the worse for the experience.  Both my son and I had been prone to high temps – – we’re not all alike, but maybe a bit of trust in the magic within our body  can be useful beyond what the docs or books have to say. I’m no expert on such stuff,  but that’s kinda how I’ve thought and lived. 

Anyway, the point I’m driving to is the fact that inflammation is not to be feared as it is a function (tool) of our immune system.

But  also, we can see our health diminished by a process called “inflammation” which can come about through faulty care of our body.  We’ve all been guilty of it one way or another.  Smoking cigarettes – Guilty,  over-use of alcohol. . . poor diets.. lack of exercise and many other big and small things which tear us down in so many ways. . .like chronic unhappiness or other similar woes.  Not going to address most of these,  only the dietary stuff, because it can have the greatest impact for the least effort and cost.  Mostly, it’s an area that all of us are just beginning to grasp.  Not everybody knows how we do this stuff to ourselves or how easy it is to correct. . .and it’s not costly either.  So, I was gonna try to splain it as best I could, when I remembered Dr Weil had done a terrific job of just that and far better and more completely than I had in mind.  So I want to try for a link to Dr Weil and his Anti-inflammatory Diet.  He has tips and %’s  food category ratios – – the whole 9 yards. And it’s pretty too.  I got a Picture from that site here,  but the url doesn’t want to come over for some reason.  May have to type it up and you can copy and paste into your own browser. 

Would like to share with you that essentially what Dr Weil recommends is very close to what I’ve been doing for quite some time now. As proof of the value of all this,  will tell you that I was visited by a nurse this week (for an altogether different reason, not medical, but was a requirement).  Anyway, he couldn’t pick up any trace of COPD,  found no problem with my ticker or blood pressure  or pulse, etc.. .temperature.  We had a good visit and lively conversation. . . what a guy — if only I were about 40 years younger!  Ten years ago, with all the medical care I was involved with, I was in physical trouble . . .one could say.  Serious AFib with all the meds for over 6 -7 years,  HBP which couldn’t be controlled – they wanted me to take still a 3rd med which I refused.

I learned thru my effort to take over my own medical needs, how to survive and also take no toxins into my body whatsoever. So no time to waste and it seemed to me that DIET was going to have to be even more important than I had previously given it credit for.  My dietary habits were good to begin with and my hobby and love was the kitchen, so it was a rewarding adventure. Even fun.   Had cut Animal proteins back substantially  repeatedly over the years.  I like meat and fowl and Salmon, but use minimal amounts – even less now.  I literally LOVE my veggies in so many forms,including juicing. And sweet potatoes almost every night. I am practically pickled in garlic – put it in almost everything but the coffee. Some might think I’m a nutcase, but I love making my fermented Rye bread which I enjoy daily. (Dr Weil suggests not using any products made with flour), but I still do have a few little weaknesses – which apparently aren’t hurting me all that much.   

If one can understand the plan which endeavors to eat only as fresh and natural a diet as nature grew it, just the way it is, simplify and go with it, you’ll find it rewarding, cheaper, easier. . . and delicious.  Before ya know it, energy returns, complexion  improves, digestion behaves,  life is sweeter.  You won’t know til you try it.        Jan

Well this link gets you over there, but not what I was after. Gotta look for the Diet and Nutrition Link @ top > Anti-Inflammatory


Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Here, I have copied an isolated couple of notes from the text beneath the picture on the front page of this healthy article.


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