SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

October 7, 2018

Wrangling Jan, unloading


The winning Buckeye game was good, enjoyed — but didn’t have the power to soothe the scourge of inner frustration I’ve allowed to dwell in my mind of late.  I’m enraged that such stuff could be happening in our modern, sophisticated world. That we, as Americans have lost our way.  We have been tempted to nibble on the ‘evil apple’ . .  But what about “Choice”- that concept I so love and respect?   See that’s a problem for me as Freedom is interlocked with Choice.  How can I or anyone have this if the ‘other’ doesn’t?  s’ the way it works.  We are all ‘free’ to look at life’s buffett and choose that which we want, are comfortable with.   Again, that’s how it is — or should be.  And when it isn’t — STOP  EVERYTHING!  We gotta look and find out what is wrong.  Requires each to search out.

We all know that control seems to reside within the ranks of powerfully stationed leaders, who are in turn controlled by those who endow them with this privilege – – those whose wealth, ownership and demands are calling the shots.   Doesn’t happen overnight, for this kind of devious construct is built, block by block,  contact by contact,  year by year.  .  .  over whatever time it takes.  We all kinda know a bit about such stuff. . . few ever understand it        What most of us do know, because we are forced into it,  is how to survive – whatever it takes.  Sometimes, that takes all our effort with nothing  left over for the heart and soul.. . and this sorta leads to what we see everywhere – the great disparity.  (Read that as “not equal”  or “not the same”), whether its ‘under the law’ or income, or education, opportunity,   or having enough healthy food,  or choices  in pleasure and recreation.  Indeed, we are NOT all the same.

Can anyone be blamed if we aren’t all bright enough or ‘trained’ enough to figure all this crap out?  Isn’t it enuff that we Vote? No, not really.  The insiders count on our ‘lacks’ (time, knowing, understanding or even interest in all this small stuff),  so it’s easily pulled off. So there ya go. .  .  with those at the top – the deciders, pulling the strings on the leaders at the top; who then directs the flow of all that we see happening.   And it looks like we are stuck with it until and unless we can vote the present (fully paid for) leaders out — then, choose more carefully. . i.e.  ask more questions – really grill them. . .  .  til we get it right again.  That means, our representatives WILL ACT in our behalf, not more fully restrict our choices. 

Almost everyone ‘gets it’ . .  .  this was an egregious act by Congress, the President and the Senate. They have worked cohesively to get what they were after.  It broke all the rules!  It was indecent, amoral, and I’m believing it to be illegal. . .no matter what they say. Trump repeatedly lied stating he HAD  given authority to the FBI to do whatever was necessary!  HE DID NOT!  He has maligned the FBI since he took office. . . guess he is hoping this will do them in altogether.  DO NOT BE FOOLED.  They do know how to perform; they were simply restricted by Trump – the CON.   

All DON the CON wanted from the git-go was to destroy our government, way of life and to set one against the other. . .read that DISTRUST of everyone and everything.  Brothers and Sisters of all stripes, hues and colors, of all religions/faith or none,  of any political persuasion – Republican, Democratic or Independent – or Green or purple etc.,. . . remember who we are.  We are ONE COUNTRY, one nation under God. . . many feel ours is (was) the greatest country on earth!  That’s something!  That’s US.(or was) Take a look at our streets now.  Observe the vitriol, the language, the distrust and  a whole lot of hate!  THAT’S NOT US!  Nor should it ever be.  As Americans, we can and often do disagree (as we should if we are thinking, healthy beings) – – but we REASON together and work stuff out.  We make sure one hand washes the other – we don’t cut it off!     

None of this is your fault or mine — don’t for a minute forget that.  Don’t waste your precious energy on fault-finding, it is non-productive.  Instead, find inner calm any way that works for you,  .  .  then solutions will come.  Out of loving gentleness, all things emerge. . .including joy, health and yes even prosperity. . .  if we allow it to happen.  Can’t happen if we don’t cooperate.     Jan

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