SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

October 6, 2018

We shall survive – find fixes

     Still here .  .  but so drained

So very many  of you are hanging in there, doing what you can or feel you need to do.  I admire the effort, fortitude coming out of your deep convictions. . .   .    for I have them too.  But my energy has failed me;  doing little more than shuffling from room to room. Made a really big pot of soup so I wouldn’t have to make choices,  while still maintaining health.      I can not accept the status quo any more than most of you,  but our day of being able to fix or undo this flagrant abuse wrought by our Republican fellow Americans. . may be coming once they have been ousted  in November.   Or maybe Dr Ford might like to go ahead and press charges against Kavanaugh now before he can take office.  That is an option she has always had but didn’t pursue.  Bless her noble heart, she may not want anything further to do with the whole shebang – – just look what she has been thru — for the sake of the country!         

What our country is going through is something none of us ever dreamed our own nation would  –  could ever go through.  A breakdown of decency,  trampling of established procedure,  the lies and the coverup,  (one party rule has changed everything).  The will of the people is not being heard or considered.   The indifference with which an accused man is allowed to segue into our Supreme Court without an honest and thorough investigation is so much more than opening Pandora’s box.    It is unspeakable.

We must seek balance,  protect ourselves.  .  so that we CAN fight another day.  I’m gonna watch my ‘Buckeyes’ @ 4:00 p.m.. Do something nice for yourselves,          Jan  (pic above is shot family took on my 86th birthday (think I showed in, maybe in Stuff Changes 2)

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