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September 12, 2018

Hurtin’ a bit – just a snag,

So, I hit a rough spot. . 


“I know, I know..  .I am prone to say  “I don’t suffer with pain,” and mostly – this is true.  But ‘Stuff Happens’ doesn’t it. 

A routine simple dinner of roasted veggies smothered in garlic and herbs along with a gorgeous sweet potato which had already baked 1/2 hour — now ready to put the veggies in oven for another 25″  or so. As I pivoted, turning to the oven. . I dunno, must’ve caught my foot in the kitchen rug near the sink, any way – – knew I was going down – leaning back not to loose all my panned beautiful veggies, my rib-cage plunged  into the countertop’s edge.   Lost a few of the veggies, but also knew I had hurt myself.   

I seemed to feel that nothing was broken, but have to admit, my ribs weren’t happy.   Before I sat down to dine on my assembled delicious  foodstuffs, I was literally weeping  for my back and ribs while swooning over how delicious all my gorgeous food was. . .wishing everybody could enjoy  their food as much as I seem to. Had I been able to stand back and witness such a spectacle. . I might have laughed.

Couldn’t make a move  without engaging some muscle or other which impacted my back and ribcage. Knew what a nite I was in for and no idea how I was going to cope.  How to get into bed – and out of it? How to use the potty and lift myself from it? Tried this way and that .  .  let me just say, there wasn’t a good or easy way., so I crawled in – head,chest first, lowered til supine.  It was gonna be a tortuous night.  I did one simple thing I remembered how to do, and that is to take 100 mg (0.15 cc scoop)of Cucumin Powder with a tiny dose (4 mg) of Piperine. Since these powders don’t mix well in water, I had learned to mix them in a dollop of yogurt,  mix it up – its delicious.         As I lay there, hurting. . I thought of EFT- – FINALLY!   

When I started Smokinchoices a decade ago, I had been using EFT daily for sometime because I liked what it did for me and others to whom I had introduced  it.  Even then, I didn’t have much pain, but it was a powerful tool;  I’d daily tap in my gratitude over the blessings I continually saw and the more I did. . the more blessed I became.  It was simply a big part of my life.    Of course EFT was a much bigger ‘deal’ then than apparently it is now.  Everybody and his cousin was writing books of their own about it — so called “how-to’ BOOKS.  But I was content with how Gary Craig gave it to us. As it evolved, I wasn’t inclined to continue on with changes.  Gotta admit, as I lay there hurting and then remembered  it, – was a bit stymied. . do I remember how to do it?  Perhaps, old habits do die kinda hard.  Next thing. . ya know,  I began tapping on the outside of my hand and  pouring out my heart – to my body as  if it was my closest friend/adviser who really cared.   . . .  . 

 .  .  . I was admitting that in my conscious mind , I was incapable of helping myself further – what to do, but that it didn’t matter because, thankfully. . .my body did know – exactly what to do and that I was extremely grateful for its glorious intelligence that it had always shown throughout my life in taking care of me in every conceivable way.  I trusted it completely, and knew that I would be safe now. (do I have to tell anyone – – there were lots of words, on and on).  Meanwhile, I’m tapping on the head now and proceed on down to the armpit then up to top of head and on down again – repeatedly.  As I continue, I’m aware that release has begun. . so I address this and beseech the continued release of all tension from my body which I had caused thru my accident;  . . the release of pain, tension and stress from all muscles, tendons and sinews- – back to normal and harmonious flow of energy.. . releasing all into the ether– into the light.   . . .and on and on. When ya enjoy it and you’re feeling kinda good. . there’s  no sense of hurry.  Guess I went to sleep    Up around 4:30 for potty break.  Really not easy to do.  Rose around 8th hour.  Whole back seemed to hurt.    Every move took my breath away. I was hurtin’

Went to my computer to relate my injury to my son and add an item or two to a grocery list I’d  asked for as I knew I’d be unable to go out myself for who knows how long.  Had turned in last nite without cleaning up my kitchen – which under the circumstances, is forgivable.  So I was facing that and hadn’t figured out what to do first.   Was doing some more Curcumin. . and planned on more EFT, but here comes Jeff with my groceries. Guess he was a bit concerned, so wasted no time getting over here. Tho was embarrassing, had to bare a bit of body so he could see and understand better.   Working amongst athletes his whole life, he sees injuries routinely.  He used ROCK SAUCE rollon  which reduces pain and left it with me to reuse as needed.  Strict instructions to relax and go with it. . its gonna hurt for a while and I may be restricted in what I can do – – not to fight it. 

So, between the EFT,  Curcumin and the rollon and tape  he put on the ribcage . . I’m feelin no pain.  Am I blessed or what?  So, I’ve lost a little balance, I’m somewhat clumsy now rather than a deft artisan and my memory isn’t probably anywhere close to what it used to be. .  .  but, ya know – life is good. . . yes it is.            Thanks for listening.             Jan

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