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August 26, 2018

How/Why we get sick

                      My Favorite speaker, Dr John Bergman

To start, how and why we get sick is so huge and vital to understand. . . I must warn all, that it ain’t easy, but if health matters have peeked your interest,  I can think of no better person than Dr John Bergman to carry this spark fully and successfully through to being able to experience radiant, vibrant health – – on your own. . . and able to do whatever you need or want to do. 

Saying ‘it ain’t easy’ isn’t meant as a put-off to scare you with how complicated it is, for it isn’t that. It’s pretty straightforward and simple. Thru our lives, we’ve been spoon fed and raised per modern, medical protocol which has been fashioned, structured and taught thru the med schools throughout the entire allopathic community and carried forward without constraint with the force of law.  This is our mutual background.  As a child, I was essentially raised in my Aunt and Uncle John’s home (He was a prominent medical doctor where I lived then).   And, he was one of my favorite people.

When little, we don’t question authority.   Like everyone else, I had those shots (got a nickel when I didn’t cry);   my tonsils removed and eventually, my appendix and in my fifties, my uterus.  All standard stuff . . . .  right?  The doctors ‘know’,  we don’t. . so we go along.  Even tho I was definitely blessed with fine genes, a healthy environment in which to live, grow, explore and be,  one wonders why it was necessary to lose these body parts! (in retrospect. . of course – never occurred to me then) 

Also, an advantage that I didn’t realize that I had then over our current medical standards – kids got single shots as they were invented and come along, we weren’t being bombarded with complex, combined multiple vaccines simultaneously.  These days, by the time  our youth become 18. . they’ve had 72 doses of all this toxic vaccine intervention with the body’s ability to build and try to maintain its OWN immunity which has been being destroyed shot by shot since birth onward with stunning regularity.  Yes, this has been going on. . seems forever. .  . I’m gonna be 89 in a couple of days, so I’ve seen a thing or two. 

I could ramble on and on about ME,  but I’d rather share John Bergman who brings his precious humor, levity and balanced judgement as he discusses Autoimmune Diseases.   I’m a glutton for his wisdom. . so wish I knew about him when I first gave up doctoring  years ago, could’ve made my path so much easier and less worrisome.   I jumped in fast, but had no idea what to do or how to do it. . . or if there was any order to it at all.  One of the things I “love” about Dr Bergman’s talks – –  he discusses the body as an entirety, cohesive, interdependent, interwoven – – and he keeps doing that so that we remember to think of ourselves as a whole. . complete. . .not ‘treating symptoms’ through some pharmaceutical manipulation which NEVER  solves anything, but instead – makes more problems, which then need more ‘solutions’.

I have watched this a few times, and no doubt will again.  I gain more each time I see it.  Would advise you DL’g and saving it for yourself and do the same if you’re into autonomy, saving money. . oh, and better health.  Please enjoy him. . .it’s allowed.   .    .     Jan



Dr Bergman – AutoImmune diseases

Dr John Bergman 8-14-18

Live – True Health Tuesday – AutoImmune Dis-Eases

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