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March 17, 2018

Can we Hack-Fix Ourselves?

So here’s why I’ve been sorta MIA lately

My life seems to have changed a bit in this 88th year.  Kinda started like any other,  but has taken some weird turns. Last fall, I had become fascinated with Dr Morse’s ‘fruitarian thing’. . sounded kinda fun and made a whole lot of sense to me.  Still does.  But I think maybe my timing wasn’t too cool,  Any guy who can get paraplegics and other severely disabled people back up and living fully again, has my utmost respect.  All happened, was documented.  As to my participation in such a plan, well it  was most certainly faulty for me  rather than appropriate,  and I actually should have known better.   I was already in pretty damned good shape for my long years.  My six ‘chronic’ afflictions were seemingly under control and doin’ okay. . .  .  without Pharmaceuticals.  Some might think that alone put me miles ahead of a lot of others.   Maybe it’s  just a question of perspective – – I dunno.  But it IS  the viewpoint I live with.

The concept I wish to touch on here is that I had in fact been devising my own protocol per my rationalized, researched efforts over those years wherein I sought no medical help other than books  written by an assortment of what I deemed “qualified and worthy” MDs you know, those who had allowed life to reveal to them ‘goodies’ available outside the so-called establishment ‘BOX’ such as it is.  Of course, it was bad enough before the lunatic in the oval office took an axe to all things recognizable in our American life.  Soon, there may be very little left which might be worth the struggle to try to muster up the funds to pay for medicine at all.  When I walked away from medicine, I had been a cardiac patient for about a decade.   IMO, I’ve done quite well for my heart and brain.   Their needs are similar – – both have really big energy needs and also require excellent circulation in order to fulfill their various functions.  This takes vital nutrient and clean pathways or it isn’t gonna happen.  It won’t happen with  with symptom manipulation which only is possibly capable of making us ‘Feel Better’  – it doesn’t fix the problems.   But I think the high cost and poor success rate already points this out without my belaboring the point.

Of course,  I am speaking of the Amino Acids  (L-Arginine with L-Citrulline on rising and bedtime), then during the day, I work in Taurine,  D-Ribose and Alcar stacked.   Because of the pollution we must live with, it is advisable to avail something like N.A.C. in effort to offset, while culling out useless, devitalized commercially prepared foodstuff.  And of all the smart things we ‘could do’ for our body – – nothing can equate with hi-octane use of time-tested fighting-tools the body recognises such as abundant quantities of Vitamins C, A, D – always with a K-2 tablet, E – dbl your small amount – the heart and brain love it same as they do Cod Liver oil and Omega 3’s.     Magnesium – – where would I be without it?  I take a lot – 2 X a day.  Have never taken Calcium – period,  and have almost indestructible bones.  And please, please don’t take blood thinners.  I neither clot nor bleed like a stuck pig – – my blood flows freely, kinda normal as I continue to take Nattokinase which is superior to ANYTHING BIG PhRMA has created.  Plus this organic soy product is plant based – with no side effects and is far more effective – – what’s not to like?   These are just obvious well-known items which the medical community enjoys debunking. . . should wonder why.  If everybody ate right, did some simple, common sense stuff like this and kept active enough to keep that lymph flowing like it should – – no one would need doctors barring accidents. 

I’ve started a new addition to the heart/brain care – at it 5 or 6 weeks now. Wanted to try it out before speaking with you about it.  I am satisfied that these two products are in fact very effective.   One is BioPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) and the second is a CoEnzyme Q10  called H2Q an advanced, bio available product. These can be costly depending on where you get them.  Bought at  I almost always buy online and shop for what I want, but also to get best price  The PQQ was first discovered by our space people.  It was a dust they found, researched > developed.  They first found its greatest usefulness with brain issues (including Alzheimer’s). . but then learned it could reverse heart disease.  At the time, I was at a low point and thought maybe it was too late for me, didn’t see how I could make it for two or three weeks which is the time needed to notice any help.  But sure enough, after a few days my body began to show its gratitude and I was hopeful.  Nothing major. . just returning strength and with that – hope.

Sorry, I know I’ve covered  all this so many, many times.  But this post isn’t about my personal protocol. . . it’s about, kinda – – how I screwed it up and why.  And this has only recently crossed my mind, so I wanted to share with you.       

How Sourdough Bread may actually be helping me “come back”

When I sorta crashed, ran outta steam,. . it didn’t seem to be just low energy.  I became weakened, frail, less steady on my feet.  Every thing was harder and I made a lot of messes which also made life harder.  Tended my blog less even tho it remains one of my greatest pleasures.  Remember speaking about my determination to finally satisfactorily make Sourdough Bread.   Now I have baked off 4 loaves.  First two didn’t rise. . .flat little things.  EXPENSIVE little things and they were baked with much love and great expectation. Couldn’t just throw them out – – all that expensive stuff inside them.  Of course they were kinda gummy,  but I ate every crumb. . and I did enjoy them.   Have really labored over all this (like my life depended on it).  On the internet chasing down one more lead and so on. I now await still one more book – Jake O’Shaunesy’s Sourdough book. . can’t wait!  It’s really an old book.  Have been trying to breathe in the air that Sander Katz used in his book Wild Fermentation.  Lovin every minute of it.  The last two loaves were acceptable, almost – they rose more and I used quite a bit of Rye.  Actually pretty good.  Have two more loaves for tomorrow morning’s oven.  This time the “Sponge” turned out just great, . .so I have high hopes.  I keep discovering new things  Sander had written, but it only makes sense to me after I know I did it wrong and now I get it.  He writes well – – I’m just a slow learner as I’m prone to point out. 

So why is all this helping me?   Because I was so darned weakened.  Barely had the strength to get from one chair to another while using a cane and bouncing off walls to hold self up.  Picture a cardiac patient with all that kneading!  Absolute insanity. It’s a lot of work.  And I love it.  But I’ve been in love with kitchens since at least age 5 or so.  and there’s my inner Pit Bull. 

Fortunately I don’t require labels to be happy and secure.   Aside from the fact that I believe “What good would it do”  (to run to doc, get tests up the gazoo just to get a label.  Why?. . .so I could fixate on it?  In so doing, maybe pull myself down even further or be talked into useless medicine?  Not a path I choose.  My gut or intuit is still good.  And throughout life, have honestly believed that I’ve enjoyed an abundant share of blessings, and that remains.  So I’m good.  If I’m needed elsewhere, I’m good to go, but til then. . life is good. 

So, How have I hurt myself, and what’s the plan?

IMO, I had been playing around with all my ideas and would only put into or onto my body substances which were organic, healthful and of which I approved. . so there wasn’t a lot of risk in my choices.  When it made sense,  if it worked and I seem to be profiting from it – – I kept it as part of my routine.  If there was no change or improvement – that too, was an answer, so it  was dropped.  Over time, my protocol was customised for me and what my body seemed to need.  For many – ya couldn’t ask for much more for an octogenarian. I was happy and doin’ fine.  It was foolish to rock my stable boat. . there was no reason to do so.  One can appreciate another path without having to join it to prove appreciation.  I believe the radical changes from a balanced successful nutritional path (for me) was not in my best interests.  I have paid a rather steep price.  It’s been about six months now. 

The single worst affliction I’ve ever encountered is this Psoriasis thing  which I continue to struggle with.  Its ugly, wretchedly mean – itching, burning, skin cracking and even bleeding.  It goes from the back of both hands and now has reached above my elbows.  I keep dreaming up new formulae and it’s getting better.  Had to buy some H-Psoriasis oil from Healing Natural Oils online, which is rather costly, but is plant based and effective. $60 for 1 ounce (or so).  Have been so busy with the bread, wasn’t into trying to make this too, so called them on phone and told her I was going to make it myself as I had looked up the ingredients and can do – no problem (just not right now). . but needed a healthy discount as there was a whole lot of profit in this formula.  No argument.  So 2nd bottle here soon now.  I WILL NOT  go to medicine for any RX or light.  Doesn’t cure either and is costly.  I plan to knock this out in due course.  It is a simple reflection of internal  imbalance. . and when I figure it out, it’ll probably be gone on its on.  I have given my formula out on what I do for my skin several times.  I use HA and C-Serum after oil cleansing – thats all.  But I put a lot of good stuff in my creams and lotions.  The C-Serum is REALLY helping, big time.. . just sayin’    It’ll help til a true fix comes along  Anyway, I believe this skin disease did come about due to the upset I created in my system with the radical change I put my body thru.  It wasn’t smart, but I will not abuse myself over it.  We live and learn, hopefully, and we can’t do that well if under recrimination.   So love starts in self, for self and gladly radiates outward as a natural consequence.   . . . works for me       

Noticing Self  (or Body) Hackers on Internet (a number of them)

Reading online, it seems to be the new thing these days of Self Hacking  or Body Hacking.  I know it sounds strange.  What is meant by all this;  people have learned that x y and z is truly helpful for correcting, fixing – – bettering (Hacking) whatever problem you may be experiencing.  Some of these people have really gut-wrenching stories, which seems to make their sales pitch more appealing I guess. Whatever works.   But in a recent one I was kinda getting into  I noticed that everything this young man was willing to share with you costs somewhere around $36. or $39.00 – – after joining the VIP club becoming a part of it all.  The club price was up there too. Can’t tell you what a turn off it is to someone like me.  I do what I do as a labor of love, a giving back for the good life I’ve known.  When I find stuff that works,  I share it as that is my joy.    When a physician has distinguished him/herself in ways I admire and they write a book about it,  I’m only too happy to buy their book.  In their books, they are sharing what they too have learned – because it helps others. 

I got to thinking about this. . why, I guess I’m a hacker too.  True I haven’t “invented” a new path or a medicine, but I sure as hell was  into wading thru all the ‘stuff’ out there to see/learn what might serve me best for this or that. . .and why.  Finding it, then wanting to share.  I think it’s a great system.  I have a shameful amount of books (forgive me. . I’m a Virgo)  and I’ll need another 5 or so years to finish reading all my books.   One jumps to mind right off, a book I truly love in every possible way from 2015 by Alberto Villoldo.  He is praised highly by so many other medical voices for “Leading Edge Nutritional Science”  and “an opportunity to move beyond mis-perceived limitations and write new, empowering stories for our lives” and  “demystifying age-old wisdom with practical cutting edge science.  ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE  is the big answer to our health-care problems in the 21st century.  This book will change your life.”  I couldn’t agree more.  In One Spirit Medicine, Alberto speaks of  “hacking” the body as well.  The way he spoke of it, was uplifting.  Jan

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