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March 11, 2018

CA’s Gov Brown still wows me

CA’s Incomparable Gov Brown

In the early 70’s, I had become involved with astrology, seriously.  A friend had told me of her recent experience of a so-called reading from an astrologer which she deemed amazing.  On a lark, I also went to see her. . really not expecting anything – I wasn’t too much into weird sciences, being kind of a traditionalist.   But this lady knew stuff about me which should have been impossible to know. She literally knocked my socks off.  How was this possible?  How could anyone reach into my heart and soul and secret places and ‘see’ such stuff?  Once my eyes were opened to ‘other’ possibilities,  I was driven to learn more. 

So I did.  Studied with her and so many others, including at the ‘Temple of Astrology’ downtown Los Angeles.  I was blessed to have studied there at such a reputable academy. I regarded this ancient, relevant, noble science as almost sacred.  A calling, if you will, if practiced with the dignity and ethics it deserved.  I however, never felt compelled nor comfortable to practice as a professional.  I felt conflicted with regard to free-will and my total acceptance of that supremacy above all else.  Why would that matter?  What do I mean?Maybe it’s not relevant – – but it bothered me.  So often, we go to something  outside ourselves for answers we should find within us.  We feel unsure and possibly vulnerable and liable to believe another who may or may not have a ‘truth or direction’ we seek.  The crystal ball was not what I was after – the divination thing, but instead. . wise choices based on understanding.

Free will and choice are God-given. . . part of who we are.  And part of who we are is to find out ‘why’ we are here.  It is for each of us to find those answers — for ourselves, per our needs. . .at our own pace.   Which is why I got into the study in the first place.  As I went forward, I truly felt there was no better path to self knowledge;  understanding self and others, and with that light into consciousness. . . the falling away of critical judgementalness of others, who are also just trying to be the best they know how to be. 

Anyway, it was during those years of my immersion therein, that friends would ask questions or want answers to one situation or another that a friend gave me Jerry Brown’s birth details and asked if I would draw up a chart and let them know what I found. . if he had a chance at winning in his run for Governor of California.  I had never heard of him, but I fell into total adoration of who he was thru his chart. This was an ethical, moral, almost saintly individual, who had few personal needs, required little, slept on the floor on some kind of mat.  I saw nothing blocking his path.  When he won, his path forward earned him high praise for his service to those in his state.  He was always for the “people.” 

And all these years later,  he’s doing it again.  He doesn’t really ‘walk on water’ . . . but oh, I loved him then and I still do now.  He is one remarkable person.  (How I miss California – – still think of it as ‘home’. . . where I grew up.)  You’ll see what I mean with the article I have below as he defends against tyrannical Washington and their rampant terrorizing of our country and it’s laws, ethics and morals. . . . . is there no end in sight?    Jan

Gov. Brown blast Sessions over ‘sanctuary’ lawsuit


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