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March 1, 2018

Pet Euthanasia file is gone

Post was defiled, then removed; original disappeared, . . was dismayed/rued. so wrote the following – trying to explain.    Inexplicably,  I see the original has “showed up” again, where it has been since written.   I remain confused;  nothing more to say on the matter.  Let your own conscience guide you. . too much bizarre stuff for me to comprehend.  Someone playing games with me?   Maybe WordPress is trying to tell me something.   The blog-style I chose to use hasn’t been supported in years and they have suggested I choose a new one. . but do I have it in me to go thru a whole new learning process.         I donno.  .  .   too much stress lately, probably not.  .  not today        Jan


I have no idea what happened to my post  about my precious pet Heidi and her suffering (and my own) over her illness which ended in her death February 1, 2017.   According to the records I keep manually, the post was called ” PET EUTHANASIA, Painless, safe – cheap” and dated 2-05-17.  There was a photo of her.    I cannot go into it all again, nor do I have the stomach to even try for it. 

Since it was so very painful for me to go through, I had tried to keep it simple – – not rambling on about what she meant to me, nor fully how it impacted me..  I just had in mind to offer to others the means I had found during that night online as  I had been searching for an answer  for weeks to end her suffering as kindly as possible .  . . which, that night, I did. . but she died about two hours later.  I had not been able to ease Heidi’s pain and suffering.         

The intelligent, thoughtful advice I had found  was sincere,  thoughtful,  most loving and had,  from his personal experience carried out this process for his own family’s  quite difficult experience.   He had given anonymously and I had finally found it.  Since it was too late for Heidi, it seemed – – it was probably meant for others. . . which is why I posted it.   When I perceived recently that readers were coming to see Heidi, 2 .  . .   I wondered what that was, so checked on it.   Somehow, it had been retitled.  Showed only Heidi’ picture, no story or reason for being there.  Tried to edit and there was nothing else there.  So I went to my posts and DID find the original – it was fine. Very confusing to me – – where did this  intrusive, damaged file come from – –  how did it get in my blog? The original is still there!  So I went back to the errant replica, which had a distinctly different name from the original . . trashed it.      Returned to original to duplicate it and bring forward , but it was gone.    In retrospect, I should have contemplated such a possibility, but. . .my brain being s bit compromised of late. . it didn’t occur to me until too late.  So all I can do is offer my apology and tell you what I know.  Don’t know how or why this fiasco happened, but I killed this post which was to be of help to others.  I am sorry.    Jan

P.S.   I had searched the internet for weeks trying to find this  kind of information.  Only advice I can suggest is to broaden search word efforts. . remember thinking – it wasn’t where you’d think it would be –  –   I found it – so anyone else can too.  

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