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February 24, 2018

Keep or Reverse Dementia? . . choose. .

Well, obviously, I fought like hell!

And it seems to be working for me. .  . but I’ve been at this for about 15 years.   It’s no one thing  – – it’s the whole shebang.  When I walked away from medicine, I knew it was risky, nor was I trained in any way to act responsibly if one considers ‘other people’s opinion’.  I was fed up with meds which diminished me .  .  .  made me feel crappy,  weakened and dizzy, less energized; the tests, restrictions, costs  — hated it all.  I never approved of pharmaceuticals to begin with.  Just not built that way, and was 100% convinced that meds killed mother who was unable to fathom my perspective on this as she totally trusted doctors as something akin to Godhood.  But she was long gone now – this was on me. 

Of course I was somewhat knowledgeable regarding nutrition and had thought of  myself as some kind of Amazon female who could do almost anything I set my mind on.  .  .  so how hard could it be?  Maybe it takes  that kind of delusion or ignorance to wade into that much of a confusing, mysterious future to try to handle 6 chronic diseases I was being treated for. .  . on my own.  Quite sure my son believed I’d lost it, but there was no going back – I was done with toxic meds, never trusted them back then and am worse now that i have fully turned my attention to how the medical world basically works – – it’s big business. Doctors who figure out something is lacking, after a few years, go on to open up more to natural ways/paths which can allow healing.  These, I honor deeply, for that attitude implies – . .”First, do no harm”   

So my brain and heart were the primary issues – one without the other didn’t matter much.  It seemed to me then and now, that treating one automatically treats the other.  Both have great energy needs – are hungry organs.  (Many past posts have recounted what I do and how I dabbled around, developed my own protocol and cited some of the sources I used).  I’m not a big meat eater (have been ‘often’ a kind of plant-diet-wise person), so I supply much of the needed energy via Amino Acids to these organs to insure their needs are met and oxygen reaches my cells; circulation is being enabled – all to help my body keep on keeping on.  Saw a doctor last June to have my blood drawn to insure I wasn’t on cloud nine with all these efforts.   Apparently the doc could find nothing to criticize, and in fact – all DID look good.  I was pleased. 

When I quit medicine, the very first thing I sent for was NATTOKINASE.  Had begged docs to let me go on Nattokinase, but none had ever heard of it and wouldn’t consider it.  Had protested rat poison for the whole time I was on it (coumadin).  But followed new developments and Nattokinase was far superior to pharmaceutical of any description – with no side effects.  But of course PHRMA couldn’t patent it since it was natural – – so they weren’t interested in it.  And the first thing I got into whole hog was Coconut oil for the Alzheimer’s issue – – used a lot of it – – still use it, but not as much.   I realize that what I do isn’t going to appeal to many of you for any   of many reasons – time constraints, lifestyle and other obligations.  I’m 88 now, live alone and noone to please but myself. And my biggest playroom is my kitchen.  Atop my rather complicated health issues and what I do for them – – I am full-blown into making my KOMBUCHA once again and also the authentic (ancient art) of ‘sourdough bread making.  Distill my daily 2 gallons of water, make Colloidal silver and all own cosmetic and dental products — because I can!  But that’s just me – – I ENJOY IT.  Ya don’t need to do what I do, but if you want to know how and what I mostly do and have been doing.  .  well, I’ve brought over Dr John Bergman who was doing the How to Cure High Blood Pressure Naturally, recently. . which I also loved and espouse.  Here he is again. It’s a ‘big deal.’  Jan

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