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January 17, 2018

Reclaim USA, nix Gerrymandering


This affects us all as it distorts voting before we do it

The following is from “Common Cause” who serves the ‘common good’ in all they do, was excited because something like this has never happened before.  A federal court has stricken down Gerrymandering as being unconstitutional.  This occured in North Carolina and is blissful to all of us who are fed-up to the gills with this awful, partisan technique.  Much work ahead, but there is every reason to hope – that we just might have a chance at justice working for us again.     

This has been a mystery to me since I first learned how widespread,  dangerous and evil it is . . almost defeating the purpose of voting – – it’s rigged to go one way,  the way the ‘in’ party wants it,  as it is in Ohio.  This state is so rigged – entirely GOP, legislature,  and from the Governor on down.  Everything coming off the books reflects this harsh Republican bias even tho the state has a largely Democratic  (underpaid) population.  Many  just don’t fight it anymore as it seems useless.  Much bragging about how forward thinking Ohio is and how good it is for business, etc.,.  But wages aren’t keeping up, the educational system hasn’t been one of equality  – – discriminating and falling short over decades.  Has been many lawsuits over it.  The charade of Charter schools has been costly and a total failure.   And ECOT is done for all those reasons.

Health care standards here are flat out bad, uncaring and  has an inordinately high loss of infant lives with a very high number not making it a year.  It’s not exactly ‘stone-age’ rule — but nothing to be proud of.  Our Opiod death rate is off the charts – we are ranked as one of the worst states for this. When ya look,  no need to wonder why .  .  .  .     .

Reflection on the lack of attention to the needs of the people (ethnicity, education, blatant incarcerations and it’s endless cycle,  ultra-limited health care facilities [especially for women’s health and the loss of accessible ‘choice’ issues].    When our underclasses are disrespected  – – kinda like we do with factory cattle, and have  little or no education, clustered badly in neighborhoods with inadequate markets to even get food at fair prices and quality . . . well, there is little chance for “a normal life” as many would call it. People aren’t being  seen as worthy of training, education or equipt for that normal life – –  so other elements enter;   life is dangerous; too many die young, wasted and slain.  Drugs are one of those problems, gangs  – – we all need someone.  No mystery there,  but little has changed over the years — how could it?  With substandard living conditions;  limited, poor educational  facilities to possibly inspire drive and lack of jobs for unskilled aspirants. 

But, all is not lost in Ohio.  One of our two Senators is Sherrod Brown, a Dem, and an Icon.  Across the nation, the Democratic party is ‘fired up” and ready to go.  Any republican running against Sherrod, (no matter how rich he is, or his devious  money),  nor the fact that  the buffoon in the White House is pushing him to run against Sherrod Brown, will be able to quell the hunger people are feeling here for some honest, American justice based on  fairness, equality – – a fair shot for the working class.  The rich have already been made so much richer while the underbelly is chafed raw and bleeding now. 

We have a great slate of such desirable candidates for our upcoming Governor’s race. . . I’m literally torn to choose between Cordray (whom I adore and respect) and Dennis Kucinich I have beaten the drum for for years.  Some think he’s a bit weird, but I was all in for Bernie Sanders and still am.  What can I say?  Kucinich is an unabashed progressive and America is gonna need a huge dose of that if we are ever going to gain back some of which the thief in the White House has stolen away from us.  Really liked a woman too,but she withdrew and cast her support behind Cordray. I don’t blame her,  but I was seriously considering her as my choice among the women (who are all quite good and experienced with much to offer.)  Glad I needn’t choose now. . still have a few months to consider.

So if we can get a Dem Governor and a 2nd Senator, Ohio will have a better shot at unravelling the crippling GERRYMANDERING which rules all in our state.  Our Republican AG, Mike DeWine who is also running for Governor, wouldn’t even join the multitude of other AG’s who were trying to fight to protect Net Neutrality – – so typical of the rigidity of the GOP lock on everything here. First we have to pay attention – be aware,   then we have to VOTE . . if we would have a chance for change. 

Now for the article this post is about – the good news.   Started a week ago, but haven’t been able to get back to, sorry. I sent a minor contribution, just to show I care and if it matters to any of you who anguish for state improvement due to Gerrymandering damage and limitations, ya might dig around for a spare buck or two also.  They obviously are gonna need some help to get the job done. Thanx     Jan


Common Cause v. Rucho lawsuit


I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you — just moments ago we saw a MAJOR win in our Common Cause v. Rucho lawsuit;    A federal court sided with us entirely, striking down the state’s blatantly gerrymandered congressional map as unconstitutional.1

This is a MAJOR step towards ending partisan gerrymandering — not just in North Carolina, but nationwide. And it couldn’t have happened without the support of Common Cause Members like you.

Now, with the North Carolina legislature promising to appeal this case, we must be prepared to argue this case before the Supreme Court — and win there too.

This could be the moment we’ve been waiting for to end partisan gerrymandering for good and ensure Fair Maps for all voters. We have decisive evidence of the North Carolina GOP’s ill intent — Republican state lawmakers are on the record that they drew congressional districts for partisan advantage. We have the legal talent and policy expertise to litigate this case before the Supreme Court. And we have the grassroots political power we’ll need to seize on this opportunity to enact lasting, nonpartisan solutions that ensure fair redistricting in all 50 states.

Now, we’ve demonstrated that the Constitution is on our side, but this fight is far from over, and we must be ready for what comes next. Arguing and winning Common Cause v. Rucho before the Supreme Court will take a MASSIVE infusion of resources, and we can’t afford to wait a single moment.

That’s why I’m asking you to pitch in to our Common Cause v. Rucho Emergency Fund right now, and help us end gerrymandering for good.

Voters should be able to choose their politicians, not the other way around. But unfortunately, that is exactly what partisan gerrymandering does — letting politicians pick their voters by drawing legislative districts to benefit themselves, and box out the competition.

Frankly, today’s decision is the closest we’ve come yet to ending this shameful practice for good. I can’t remember a more decisive legal win in the fight for fair redistricting than this one. The court’s ruling backs up every single one of our constitutional claims across the board. And more importantly, this decision is the first time courts have struck down Congressional maps as unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering — which we can use to fight gerrymanders in all 50 states.

That’s why I’m asking the Common Cause team to put everything we have behind fighting and winning this potentially landmark legal battle. I hope you’ll agree — the stakes are too high to do anything less.

Please make your contribution to our Common Cause v. Rucho Emergency Fund today — and help us ensure that fair representation is the law of the land.

This is a major step forward in an ongoing battle — and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this case develops.

Thank you for your immediate response.

Karen Hobert Flynn, President

and the team at Common Cause

P.S. Help spread the word about this big win against gerrymandering by watching and sharing our video about the case.


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