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December 26, 2017

Going to Canada over US (now)

We may be bruised, broken, bleeding – –

but not Dead

 For so long, America has been the destination of choice for those around the world seeking opportunity and a better way of life.  Of course,  that’s still true, but it’s CANADA now, not the United States which welcomes them with open arms, opportunity with an accessible path to fulfill their dreams.  It was never a cake walk. . . it took time, access, paperwork, patience and much effort, but it was worth it.  And so it has been.    But this is no longer the case. 

USA has been turned upside down and inside out; ripping apart at the seams of all that we held dear and deeply valued.   Our institutions (sacred to most of us) and governmental departments which were in charge of assuring that our national wheels ran smoothly and safely to the benefit of the entire nation from top to bottom so  that equality and justice prevailed in every possible venue – – have all but closed down, been left unmanned, disabled or defunct.  Regulations have been thrown out as intrusive and a blight on industry.     Truth, honor and decency is no longer used or honored in Washington.  Hatred, bigotry and lies have become the new normal for those trapped in the maze and must try to survive – – but to what end?   The GOP today isn’t what it has always been – it’s gutless core  has been hollowed out as they try to appease the mad man/child and fall in step with the raping of America as they set up an eternal death-trap of debt. . . for the purpose of increasing the wealth of the obscenely greedy and permanently impoverishing the under classes to a life of need.   This is just a few of the topmost evident changes we’ve gone thru;  . . other, deeper relevancies  are cruel injustices, slurs, hateful bigotries, baseless laws, rules of travel in or out of our country, discriminatory judgements and of course- the denying of medical care to our masses.  Immigration remains in turmoil. . fluctuating with the rise and fall of erratic  behavior on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

It may seem like we are in our death throes, but I don’t – can’t accept that!     It’s true, the truant in the White House has seemed to dismantle all just as he planned to do. . the way others have done as they overthrew unsuspecting countries.  It remains difficult to understand just how he has gotten away with it so long.  This is the most untrustworthy individual imaginable who deals only in lies and imaginings.     So yes, he has hurt us badly, we bleed, but not dead.  Our allies and friends have been forced away by the chasms this truant has wrought.  The GOP controlling all in government has allowed this to be and sustain and grow.  Even if they hate it – they have condonned it and are a party to it all including this raping of America. I fear it is the end of a once glorious party who will never again have the power of the vote.  Shame alone should see to that.        We have been a great nation because of who we are and the wonderful people who have come here to round us out and enrich us.  What has happened in this year has changed all this making us so difficult and confusing  and “unattractive.”     

The following is a link to a story from Tracey Lien of the LOS ANGELES TIMES recently run.  It describes why people are now flocking to Canada instead of here;   what’s in it for the lucky immigrants and what Canada is doing about it and rising to the task.  Well done!  Jan

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