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December 22, 2017

Which s best – RAW or COOKED Food?

Those like me LOVE most all food

It isn’t just that I LOVE FOOD,  but I love “playing – in-the-kitchen” . . without apology whatsoever!   Always have.  How anyone could be oblivious to the possible magic which comes from the kitchen, is frankly beyond my understanding.  For around the first 30 or so years. . it was just figuring out “how to do stuff.”   Following that came the genuine zeal for what was actually BEST for our body –  and I’m still workin’ on that.  .  .  .  yeah, why not?   Forget the age, it’s fabulous to be a work in progress.  And or But, I’ve learned – – there probably isn’t any one definitive answer to any of it.  Lots of opinions to be sure,  and ongoing theories, with conflicting ‘scientific’ viewpoints,  but oh,  how much fun in all those glorious soberly offered illuminating discussions.   

Here is one of the best I’ve enjoyed which I found on “youtube” featuring one of my most favorite gutsy intellects in the person of Susun Weed (any and all things HERBAL) dialoguing  with equally charming, effective and logical Brigitte Mars who impressed me. Their topic?  RAW FOOD vs COOKED FOOD debate.   This may not be earth-shaking, . . . .  but it sure could change the way ya think about stuff.         enjoy,              . JAN

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