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December 8, 2017

Looks like both parties R in ruins

I’M A FRANKEN FAN,  he’s a gent, true, fun, SMART

Maybe I’ve seen it all,. . .and maybe I’ve done a lot too, haven’t felt left out – -for sure.  Guts to spare passed down from Mother who doted on me – never put me down!  How could I not thrive, nourished as I was in her aura of love, creativity and brilliance?  And apart from the love – we were friends. 

There was no ‘ugly’ in the parental genetic line, so as I faced the adult ‘working world’. . possibly, like most any other fairly attractive young woman, I too faced ongoing ‘advances’ most of which were easily dismissed.  Not that I didn’t have a trauma or two which were sobering from which any of us can either wallow  or learn, but they weren’t work related.  Had it been, I would hope that I would have followed in Anita  Hill’s footsteps as she stepped forward to testify against Supreme Court justice candidate Clarence Thomas, braving chagrin and  criticism which resulted . . . just trying to do the ‘right thing.’  Tho stunned, I was floored she would so willingly be exposed to this public  experience and knowingly go through the ensuing ridicule. They seated him anyway!     How was such a thing possible?  But it was Anita Hill who showed us what women must do if we are ever to claim equal status, we must stand for it.

Indeed,  women have long gone thru indignities, lack of respect. . .unfair treatment.  To speak out could be difficult or even dangerous and sometimes livelihood-endangering.  The less important employee vs the well placed boss – no contest. 


Well, YES, I am pleased with the current surge of recognition over the lack of balance within our human ethical social evolution. .now in the works.  One would hope that some logic, balance, ethics  and adherence to principles of harmony be kept in mind.  In other words,  let’s not paint all men with the same paint brush – – let’s flush out the details. . check out  the so-called offenses!  Me too is acceptable for its usage with regard to volume-quantity.  But is not illuminating (or in my mind- relevant) without data, details, dates, etc.   

There is also a need for spelling out what it is which is NOT ALLOWED.  A  little kidding around is not the same thing as sexually molesting underage girls. . e.g. – an adult male (?) 30-year-old professional attorney whose chronic ‘hang out’ is a plaza where young teenage girls gather.  Not being privy to the workings of his mind/intent,  it does seem peculiar, if not devious;  that perhaps he sought pleasure, contact and sex with them.  Intent is questionable to say the least.  No parent of girls could overlook such behavior.   And, there are those charges and stories and gathering evidence. 

With the cascade of  ‘stories’.  .  .  tortured memories of countless women are suddenly finding courage to rise like a thundering herd to be heard.  It is almost overwhelming.  I do sympathize, having been similarly wounded emotionally as a child.  Children, generally have no tools with which to cope or understand.  Often, afraid to speak of it but carry fear and shame which aren’t merited.  Colors one’s perspective and ability to find ease socially.  “Life” is not cruel. .  .  all have much to learn, each in our own way;   most of us make it through. . and find purpose – – desire pushes us forward in order to carve out a path that works for us. . has for me.  Don’t mean to dwell on memory lane, for that is not where I find joy, but in my current pursuits that fill my life and give me reason to be.   But I do get it and truly welcome this rising change.

There is no question that we will be grieved to lose Conyers.  This can’t possibly deny/remove the value of his contribution but neither can we ignore the ‘charges’ against him.   Sadly he steps down (tho with denials).  Of course the entertainment field has really  rocked our boat. . .Charley Rose,  Matt Lauer and so on.  From the President on down – – all these men flatly deny any/all improper behavior altogether.   Deny, deny – has always worked. 

About Al Franken

But when you throw in the likes of Al Franken. .  a hugely popular comedian whose profession was schtick . . . how does one equate the humor of pretending to grope the breasts of his sleeping  co-performer as she slept, hiding under a helmet.  She clearly accepted his apology at the time for what he did – it was in fun, as both acknowledged – – they were entertaining,  on tour for our GI’s. The kiss she hated was  part of their skit.  She  had a right to NOT be subjected to that if it was her preference.  As this became an issue (recently), let’s remember – that was then, before joining the senate, he was taken aback and grieved and first to seek  an investigation of charges.  He owned up to it, never denied. . but felt it was being viewed (out-of-context)   His books are full of humor and smarts.  This man is a valuable mouthpiece as his interrogations on committees will attest.  What he did and admits to in no way compares in either intent or action to those who ARE invading women’s space and attempting to violate them for personal pleasure. . . and some of it is so beyond my understanding. 

Am not saying leave him alone because I happen to really like and appreciate who and what he is.  I’m saying please, for God’s sake, use some common sense – wake up and do this right.  This is not “TIME TO BRING DOWN THE MEN.”  We as a species must cooperate and understand more, respect more. . in order to BE more.    Get serious and lay some ground rules – – no one size fits all.    We’ve got enough crap going on now, can hardly keep up with the daily madness coming from the White House resident!

“Dozens” of senators want Franken to step  down.  .  .   demanded he step down!   What happened to “Innocent til proven guilty”?  Where is the  process that is supposed to happen – the investigation?   Why are you sacrificing one of the most decent men I’ve seen from Washington without first checking it out?   Can you not sense decency when you look at it?  Don’t some of you (at the very least) see and know truth when it’s there?   Franken is not a Rose or Trump or Lauer or a creepy judge from Alabama – – indeed, he values women.    I literally wept as I listened to him today describe what he was being asked to do.   This is crazy and cruel that any of you would so easily sacrifice this honorable man (and I might add – depriving the party of one of our most valuable thinkers and able go-getters), creating an even larger imbalance in Washington when we can least handle it.)    I am ASHAMED of those of you who jump at this chance to take down one of our best.  Do you really think the Dems look superior or righteous at this point?  To me this is a clumsy attempt void-of-virtue at its worst.  You are backstabbing one of our own — without proof.  What a pathetic stupid move.    Jan

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