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December 2, 2017

Trump – “Stop stripping USA’s goodies away!”

N E T     N E U T R A L I T Y

We’ve worked long to make our country Great and “fair”

 via 100’s of years of dreams and effort.  But in less than 1 year TRUMP is messin’ with all we LOVE.

CAN WE CONTINUE  to  ALLOW HIM this freedom?

I’ve touched on this subject a time or two (since Obama’s reign) because it seemed important to me (especially), and anyone else who delights in the wonder, freedom and privilege of searching the world – online.  When I was a young adult and homemaker, I wouldn’t even have imagined such a thing. . . having such power within reach of my own hands, almost instantly.  Nor such ability to reach out and touch others this way.  .   and occasionally, to hear back from some.  Pure magic.   Yet today, we all take it for granted.   

Anything we question, perhaps confused about,  all we need do is go online and there it is. . . easy, free to do (providing your monthly bills are paid). . we get the answer and move on.   Path cleared for decision or action.  Works the same for all, don’t need to be among the elite or privileged. . just the way stuff works – NOW.   If we “assume” anything, we suffer, can lose much,. . gotta take action for this as it is a real biggie, and time is short for the ruling   Please, be familiar with the facts here and take action on this movement to take away our freedoms.   Don’t rest on the fact that almost everyone in our country is opposed to this dreadful trouncing of our rights as presently existing,  and let them give control over to the corporate structure on this too!  Nice article follows from Bill Moyers and Company discussing the whole background we need to understand.   It is worth your time.           Jan


If Trump’s FCC Repeals Net Neutrality, Elites Will Rule the Internet — and the Future

“This naked corporatism is Washington at its worst,” says former FCC commissioner Michael Copps. By John Nichols


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