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November 29, 2017

Meridians, continued. . .

The Rest of the Meridians

Decided that I would finish the job as I said I would.   Apologise for imperfections in cropping, etc.,.  . . not going to bother my son again for a redo;  he was more than kind to  sacrifice some of his limited time to try to help me accomplish what I was really wanting to do.   Almost done now, and I guess I’m kinda pleased.  Either some readers are into this or won’t be, but I’ve tried.  My purpose is  to help others help themselves.  Medicine today is ‘crazy’. .  .  far too costly to access – – worse to use and often injurious, leaving our masses in need, hurting and sometimes  dead.   .  .  a pill for every pain —  so far from what is needed.   

I’m at this blog just shy of ten years sharing my views on the beauty and wonder of our planet, touching on the arts, sciences and the ways we might find to keep it running smoothly and fairly in consideration of all total needs for balance, equilibrium and health for the flora, fauna, animals (of which we are a part),  and all the solid and liquid parts of earth.   Destroying  parts affects the whole. Every cell of every part of the cosmos has innate intelligence and generally will cooperate intelligently with the whole.  Because, every cell, every one of us. . .is part of the whole – we are linked,   and whether we ‘know it’ or not, we feel it – – s’ how it works.  We are one.

Anyway, Eden Energy is truly a natural (organic) path to bring about harmony within ourselves.  I can’t remember her dwelling on  dietary needs.   Because of her brilliant ability to “see” the body, it’s pathways and flow of energy – -she sees at a glance where the problems are and is capable of moving and aligning those energies into normal rhythm and function.  This essentially is what her books are about – the various techniques and movements in so doing.        I, on the other hand have approached health bliss primarily through quality of food, it’s intake, digestion and utilization.  Have ventured here and there with natural, herbal,  plant-based choices to subdue or eliminate unwanted conditions which many call diseases such as my own six > arthritis, heart/A-fib, HBP, COPD,  and Thyroid – which started it all. 

So my approach has worked for me i.e.. . . being as organic and clean and raw as possible, avoiding all or as much as  possible of prepared anything such as commercial cosmetics, dental care or cleaning products to minimize toxic taint in my abode or kitchen. . . even my small gardening efforts.  Tote my herbal/live  substance to the roses almost daily and scratch it into the loamy soil.  My enormous, happy house plants get about a full rounded 1/2 tsp of Kelp powder in the watering can. I do the best I can, because they love me back . . the way I love them.  When I must heat my place, the humidifier comes out to keep our tissues moist and healthy. 

There are many paths up that mountain. . . whatever works. . . . to each his own. . . we mix and match to suit our needs. . . don’t worry,  we’ll know. 

Back to the Meridians,  they are continued below;  not going to worry if you can read all as I might have preferred, once you get your book. . you can make any corrections or add own notes.     But until you do that,  just wanted to mention that I do  the “Tracings” at least 3 times each . .  sometimes more.  Also, the heart and Lungs, more,  for sure.   

Our lives being structured  as they are currently, some things seem built-in, like STRESSORS . . we all must cope with this.  Too much is or can be ruinous to health, especially to the Adrenals (sitting atop the kidneys) which then materialize in so many body woes and pains. The book details the pathways of energies and one finds the organs or glands involved > then work on those particular pathways, and so on.    Triple Warmer is one which becomes dominant so easily (triggered by all the stressors we face whether they are dangerous or not), TW deems it is,  and fights for our life in a split second  – – could be a tiger behind the next move  – en garde!  So up goes our defenses (TW). . storming away, stress mounts, hurting us more.   TW needs calming down and SPLEEN needs to be strengthened.  So ya learn a few moves. . .carry on,  .  feeling better.  Sincerely hope  you find this helpful.  Jan












































































































































































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