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November 27, 2017

Still morphing w/Fruit thing

Love the Fruit, but needing some protein 

The Fruit thing –  –  not ready to say I’m rejecting it. . . still accept and get the reasoning behind it.  That’s why I’m doing it.  At 88, perhaps it wasn’t the most natural thing I could have done . . say at 25 or 48  or whatever age.  But how could I KNOW unless I tested it in the only laboratory I have > my body?  After a few weeks I had to start adding back in my (kitchen sink) kind of salads. . . why?. . well of course I missed them, needed them.  Was overjoyed and strove on.  Had also had to include, one by one, of my personalized protocol I had done my best to develop, test – then do (rather successfully. . I might add). . ya really gotta do what it takes when it comes to the blessed heart, no farting around with new theories; already done that when I removed myself from allopathic medical care. . . periodically, even have experienced normal blood pressure. . which my assortment of docs and specialists couldn’t do.  And of course, there’s nuthin’ to be done for my COPD or Alzheimer’s issues, right?   Still, what’s to be concluded from the still functioning pulmonary system? . . or the valiant brain, still kicking-butt [at least, limping along] for over 15 years.  My June blood test was professionally done. .  . as close to XLNT as ya can get for ‘any octogenarian’.     So I wasn’t near death’s door when I started all this. .   .   just wanted to see how much ‘better’ maybe, I could get.   What follows is not proof of any kind.  It’s just one elder playing around.. .who maybe shouldn’t have been, I dunno. . .  .  

. .  . .  so, for whatever it’s worth;  if one has  even a limited degree of self discipline, .  .it works,. . can work!  I’ve done it  only adding back in more raw veggies for salad, .   .  at other times, kale and cabbage, onions, peppers, garlic, cauliflower or whatever else is in frig to the mix for a ravishingly  delicious omelet fried up in butter from grass-fed cows.  Oh, my Gawd  – to die for.  A time or two, have roasted (minimally) cauliflower, zucchini, peppers, etc about 20″ to go with a  sweet potato topped off with coconut oil salt and garlic. . get weak just to think about it.  But per Dr Morse’s book, fruits and veggies are the desired, optimal preference for humans,  so all okay.  Am living primarily on fruit tho and generally satisfied.  So how am I doing?           Actually, not so good.  Still trying to keep up with everything as before and it’s much harder.  Low on energy, drive, desire to do.   Usually have one project fighting another,  for time and attention (Gemini Moon, ya know – afflicted by Saturn – – for any interested in such stuff)    The thing is,  not really any protein; gave away all my animal proteins . . and nuts and cheeses, and sardines since I knew if this stuff was in the house, I’d search them out no matter where they were hiding.   Lastly,  what confuses me  – -my pee is still pretty, pale yellow and clear as a bell.    Supposed to be some sediment or ugly stuff in it – – where the hell is my garbage going?  I don’t have any cysts, tumors, congestion, bulges or lumps.  Tho I look pretty darned healthy. . my struggle isn’t seeming to be worth it.  It’s over two months and countin’. – you’d think I’d have some other stuff in my pee by now,  but there either isn’t any.  .  .  or  maybe I have simply misunderstood something relevant and perhaps, this path may not be as good for me as I thought it would be.   It isn’t possible for me to be any stricter on this effort without falling on my face,  just not willing to test it that far.  Because I do enjoy the fruit and it’s type of higher-vibrational energy, that I have experienced, I’m willing to continue with it – – but modified to include some animal protein, nuts and cheese here and there.   I can not overlook the loss in energy and desire to do.  It equates with going over the hill.  Very uncomfortable. .  . as if  I’ve given up.  Not a bad thing if that is one’s choice. . .  but didn’t think I had.  Gonna struggle with this a bit more for an acceptable solution

When my son stopped by today, after hearing my quandary and noticing my lack of energy. . ventured a brief, humorous logic which I recognised as his way of engaging a difference of opinion minus the lecture which clearly reminded. . if ya need energy, eat some protein.    It was good to see that he was speaking what I had already begun to accept.    Then, he took care of my dilemma of  ‘how to get my illustrations for a post I have been trying to finish for over a month on Tracing Meridians I learned from Donna Eden.’   So  Monday, I’ll try to get the job finished. . .which I gotta tell ya – will sure make me happy. 

You know, God only granted me one kid, but he sure has been a good one. .  my gratitude, beloved son                             Jan



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