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November 27, 2017

Eden Energy techniques

Tracing Meridians

I started this post almost a month ago, seriously wanting to complete it.   So much stuff.   Computer problems. . .mouse died needed replacing.  Missing warmth and Sun (and California’s blessed weather – at least it was when I dwelt there). .  these bleak, wet,  darker days filled with unwelcome news  – – mostly more of the same,   but it does seem it’s building toward much anticipated conclusion; one can hope!

Most “smokinchoices” readers know that I highly endorse Donna Eden’s  “ENERGY MEDICINE”.  Have used it over the years  and feel that I have profited much from it. One can’t synopsize the content.   Nor does it capture ‘all  she knows’ – – possibly, nothing could.  For as she would probably agree .  .  she too is a work-in-progress, as is everybody else.  Tho she inherited many weakness and a frail body, a saving element was her family were ‘all sighted’  (so-called subtle vision),  as humans all once were, it is said  – and may still be. . I dunno. We have so many things to deal with when we  are new and small . . . how to use our body, . .figure out all we see and do and can’t yet find words for. . .unless there is verbalization and acceptance of it woven into our growth path. . . this ability, unused, generally fades til  seems gone.  But she covers her  youth and experiences which eventually forced her into deliberate trial and error as she was unable to secure any meaningful help to survive.  Medicine as we know it could not help her at all;   she was on her own.  She could see all her scrambled energies and set out to experiment and learn, continuing onward  until she became what we see now, an incomparable healer. .  .  bestowing those energies and lessons everywhere they are sought.  Our good fortune.

Have wondered [since owning her books], why my own sighted mother didn’t ever discuss or encourage along this line.  But even as I think about it, I feel I know ‘why.’  Her natural (?) visions and stories brought her much trauma, beatings and berating  – her own mother, calling her a witch!   Her stories were called lies, even tho they proved true. Mother had been second born of 12, and undoubtedly one of the most helpful and trustworthy of all their children.  In fact, as the awful illness which plagued our world in 1917,  developed and raged, flattened and even killed so many, little 7 year old Amaliana was the only one standing who could tend her family’s incredible needs.  Her excellence with chores and tending the oncoming babies secured her preference in those duties within the family.  Such things are mystifying, to say the least.    However, with this family history, it is logical that perhaps, she wouldn’t have wanted her own daughter to suffer as she had,  for no reason. . for speaking truth as she saw it.  Nor did she have to learn to see and say – it’s the way she was born. 

As I got into Donna’s  ENERGY MEDICINE  book, I was forever making notes to myself.  Learning that the techniques really worked and I enjoyed doing them.   Certain of the movements were for me, complicated to do and  commit to memory;   i.e. . .there were 14 meridians, each with it own paths (and rulerships of organs and energies) with starting and ending points.  The sketched renderings were on certain pages and the relevant direction in ‘words’ were found elsewhere.  What I needed, were the sketches and ‘how-to’s’ on the same page.  I wanted to craft a collection of these positions/ instructions, on a separate sheet devoted to each meridian –  at the same time.  This would allow my doing certain ones as needed, or some,  or all of them together with greater ease I could avail at will, without too much head scratching and flipping pages.  My artistic abilities weren’t as crafty or practised as once had been, but hey, it worked for me!  Printing each out, then pairing  as an example, I could have the LIVER and KIDNEY, back to back, secured in a sheet protector;   ditto with the HEART and LUNG;  the SPLEEN and TRIPLE-WARMER. . and so on.  It helped me a lot.   

One, of course, still needs to read the book carefully in order to “get” why we would even want to do this stuff. . learning the  full relevance as to why anyone would do it in the first place.  So, all those ‘paths’, their relevance to certain organs and learning the flow of energies;   how any meridian may be blocked and/or  unblocked. . . (one can dominate, block or usurp the energies of another meridian – – as in spleen and triple-warmer).  If left unrecognised, one can remain in almost perpetual fight or flight syndrome.  But resolving those energies with her ‘Tracing techniques’ (and others like strengthening some or reducing the levels when overactive) can then harmonize one’s energies to a place wherein we are free to move, act and choose according to our best judgement.   Anyway, for those who are maybe something like me  (can’t just inhale new stuff, easily), my plan is to bring these sketchings  such as they are here to “Smokinchoices” in order to share with any of you who might wish to try them for yourself. . .  .  but with a caveat —  please get the book in order to know what you are doing and why you even should.  So go for the book. . buy,  . lend from library,  . borrow it or steal it – no other way to really utilize this stuff for your greatest benefit.   . .  .  just do it                 

My son came over, put them into his phone, created a file, put it on my desktop so I could access for input on “Smokinchoices.”  So, let’s see if I can do it


So hard to read this one,   here goes. ..   .   Place fingers under ball of each foot, middle finger in line with space between first and 2nd toes.     Draw fingers up to inside of each foot,   circle behind the inside of each ankle bone;  then go up the inside of the legs and front of the body to K 27 (which are) the Kidney Points beneath the clavicle at the top of the sternum.  Vigorously massage these points.


































































































































Well, I’ve gotten this far. . but I’m not overly happy with images.  Cropping is off; Originals are crisp black on clear white sheets.  This post is gonna run too big (long).     If anybody is 1/2 way into this – tell me, or else. . I’ll have to think about next effort.    Jan

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