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November 20, 2017

Venus under ‘raging assault’. . still

 Assault on all levels continue, we fight back

Even as Eve tried showing her preference. . . back in ‘the’ garden, and was evicted from paradise;  it seems the burden of her fate, nevertheless – – permeated the eternal ether – – projecting forward throughout all time, as we have lived-witnessed it.  Is there to be no forgiveness?. . . so little comprehension of the absurdity/cruelty and absolute injustice to the so-called weaker, more frail of the two sexes?  Was our ‘creator’ really so offended? . . . did he/she actually have such a great need for total obedience/fealty?  To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t know.  As I grew into adulthood and forward,. .  .  my views have deepened and broadened to a comfortable, more global perspective of creativity, divinity, as in both loving force and universal glue.

The God of my childhood, I’m sorry to say was scary,  as I was terrified of HIM. . no matter how much Mother loved, trusted him and so often spoke to him as she poured out her heart.  Somehow, she was born to this intimacy and trust with the almighty  to whom she was totally devoted.  But then, she also adored her father (and she seemed to be, quaintly – his favorite among his 12) tho, he beat the unholy crap  out of her whenever he deemed it necessary.  Some stuff, I’ve never understood. .s’ beyond me.  Was an outsider along those lines, but toed whatever line was laid before me the best I could, because I believed Mother when she said God cold read my every thought. Kid you not – messed with my head, a lot.  Because she “could” read my mind – she said it was right there on my forehead, and  as I  had already learned. . it was and she could! 

But, all this aside.  .  it seems women (Venus) has never experienced true equality with men (Mars).  Sure, we’ve progressed beyond the caveman dragging his wench into the cave on demand, thank God.  But it’s not enough. 

Nature has wisely fashioned us in such a way that we do and will always need one another. . . it’s built into our design.   Spelled  out it’s SEXUAITY.    Of course, there is the physical dynamic which is a big driving force – men and women alike, admitted or not.  But it’s more than bedroom pleasure, it’s  also in daily camaraderie, give and take, the inborn attractions between us.  Some appetites are bigger than others, no matter – – we’ll always find a way toward balance and equilibrium, because of how, what and who we are.  It can be a learning  process.  If we weren’t taught as children to share, and say please. . ya know – get along, .  .  .  we become bullies and just grab what we think  we want – – cooperation not needed.  When these tactics don’t yield satisfaction (no GOOD feelings),  we can start to grope around for something else which can leave us feeling better;  further effort can bring successful living. . no matter what.   s’ the way it works. 

So, the ‘attraction’ part is an inborn given.  However, successful living is based on ethics,  morality, equality and the LAW.  All of this is truly needed for any of it to become norm.  So far,  it hasn’t happened.   Again progress has been made.  Venus has broken glass-ceilings in almost all the professions, arts and trades, the military, .  . . much of it having been hard-won over huge obstacles.  Venus is showing/ demonstrating to the world her capacity, capability, willingness, strength-of-purpose and desire to do what?    Her equality in strength in size or muscle – NO, nothing to do with that whatsoever;  her desire to be whatever she wishes for herself. . .her expression of who she is,  her right to be who and what she is capable of being.  Because, it’s fair, the right to BE, CHOOSE for oneself.   As it should be.  That’s what it is for our sons — why not the same for our daughters? 

These freedoms  – – our so-called RIGHTS aren’t gender-specific,  they are neutral.  .  apply to all.  Even so, certain extremists feel driven, compelled to assert restrictions over female reproductive systems.  Going on for centuries.  We do have laws which allow equal rights to all UNDER THE LAW.  Nevertheless,  as the number of states multiplies who have imposed HARSH RELIGIOUS  RESTRICTIONS with regard to personal choices, medically – – whether it is reproductive or not is totally without basis UNDER THE LAW!  Our Supreme courts do not serve the United States of GOD, . . but instead – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This is a country of people who chose these and make these decisions and America has already chosen to say BUT OUT – this is what we want. The Supreme Court honored this.  It is the Law! 

40 – 50 years ago, I was willing to go to the wall for this law, because it was and still is – THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Yes, I  would have died for this as I believe in it, tho I have no skin in the game.  My problem was always Why can’t I get a baby?    (Married 7 years befor son came along)  Government has no place, reason or cause to interfere with a woman’s right to care for her body and life decisions for her own personal  choice without explanation or justification. It’s nobody’s business but her own (and maybe her doctor).  It is certainly not the business of a bunch of biased, bigoted extremists to decide otherwise.  The bible isn’t into nor does it cover abortion.  But it has plenty to say about giving to Caesar, and honoring the Laws of the Land.

Don’t keep trying to test the FEMALE population of our country – – WE WON’T STAND FOR IT.   For God’s sake, why can’t you just but out – – live and let live?  Surely any 1/2 intelligent person could find something worthwhile to do with all their free-time to enrich rather than disrupt.         


Get so carried away sometimes. . if I touch the faucet – it just gushes out.   Moyers and Company did it to me again,. .and there I go  !          so,  ya can blame him     This is so special;  sorry, it really took me back a few years.  It’s so damned important.  Won’t say ‘enjoy’. . it’s not that kind of thing .    But Bill Moyer’s “NO CHOICE” is relevant and needing action + Bill’s message @ end of it                                                         Thanks for tolerating me            Jan

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