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September 20, 2017

What’s ABRAHAM say about food?

If  interested, a clear message

Perhaps this is kind of unfair to do to you (because I’m really very fond of you all and consider you my friends on this always changing path we travel, called life).   Yes, I’m quite sure it is unfair.   See, by choice I have been enjoying  “Abraham”  his books, . . all those wonderful videos one can find online and youtube, and so on.  I learn a lot about myself – – it’s been a fabulous tool  – (GIFT),  to help me learn and understand that it is always me who does everything to me – – not life randomly bollixing stuff up just to frustrate or taunt me.  Can be quite a learning process.

How to explain this. . . ? . . much perhaps, like me,  – always saying– “you are what you eat,” .. well, Abraham just might suggest . . “you are  what you’re thinking about”    And of course- I DO  understand that. . write about it sometimes.  But then, today I find this  beauty and it almost pulls the rug out from under me!  And I rock back and ponder . .Just how slow I am to  learn stuff. . yet this puffed ego thinks I already know.  Not only that, but I feel I’m entitled to broadcast what I think I know to everybody or anybody who will listen.  What a wake-up call.  So yeah, I’m a tad dinged right now, but I have a whole lot of thinking to do.     

However,  gotta tell ya – – I loved this message, every minute of it.  I laughed a lot and had real fun.  I do so love Abraham. . .    .     .

ABRAHAM HICKS  — What Foods Bring Negative Emotion  (Apparently, this is a subscription thing, I can’t fix – -so copy and paste in your browser)

Hopefully, I’m not done, will simply need to have a more intelligent delivery, focusing on the positive and eliminate perceived injustice,   you know. . .  live and let live.         Jan

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