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September 7, 2017

Dr Bob Marshall, live Radio show

Dr Bob Marshall/Healthline Radio Show

ask questions, get answers

Are you ready for another resource?  This one is Dr Robert Marshall, PhD.  Got quite an earful from my dear friend and advisor, Ron Pellegrini of Vital Nutrients in the Chicago area.  We’ve been friends so long now,  feel as if he’s a relative – a comfortable one, we go on for hours.  When I need the true low-down on something – anything healthwise or supplement-wise, he’s my go-to source I can trust. . . but he does that for any of his client/customers who turn to him for supplements and advice. He is hard-core into health directions and trends;  who does what best and how and why – – going back  (probably, over 40 years), tho I’ve known him for 12 to 15 years.  So yeah, I trust Ron. . how could I not?  He has helped me thru much. Any way, tho he’s told me about Dr Marshall before. . somehow it got my attention today, so I went online and got wowed with Dr Marshall, regretting all the  years I had wasted not being aware of him.  

Of course, I’ve heard of Dr  Marshall over the years, but I never dreamed that he was such a resource,  with so much to give when asked direct questions and able to help so many who are besieged with health problems. confusion and worrying stress.  He has a radio show monday thru Friday and one hour on Saturday where people can call in,  speak their minds and get answers to their questions, what to do, what to take and so on.  Most are patients of regular doctors, but seem stuck or need clarification or whatever.  .   He has resources, trained people doing different things and of course carries products to get whatever is necessary done.  I haven’t personal knowledge of what all goes on there, but Ron so highly regards him and what he is doing and listens to his radio shows too.  Giving you a link to a page which takes you to his site, replete with picture of him. . . . 2 separate pages follow giving the times and radio stations at different places around the country where one can participate if you choose.  Call in numbers are given and something is also available online for listening.  I downloaded all – spent a bit of time listening to the last week in August (approximately 30 minutes each day).  Kinda nice, could cursor back where needed to get my notes right.  

Really enjoyed this man’s insight, and integrity, emphasizing that they must see their MD to ascertain their actual diagnosis and work with their doc where necessary. I was impressed with the shows and very much enjoyed the daily theme (one was on skin issues, one on hair, another kidney and quite a few details about adrenal how-to’s,  morning sickness was discussed – haven’t a way to tell Prince William’s wife about it, sadly. . she is pg with her 3rd now and having a bad time with it. Clues about bags under the eyes, swollen ankles.  Dr Marshall always had answers – – short term and long term. )   Frankly, I was wowed. Check out the schedule if ya need to ask a question yourself, or just go online and watch like I did today.  Ya just might like it.   Jan

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