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August 14, 2017

How to cope w/No-No Foods

For Those of us who are NUTSY  over Bread

This is in response to what has been occupying much of my time lately – – the message of Dr Gundry and the devastation so many of us are actually ‘doing to ourselves’  eating the scrumptious foods we grew up enjoying.  We love our breads (for me – it is the SOUR DOUGH. . . to each his own).   In the talk I watched  between Dr Mercola and Dr Gundry. . was very pleased to learn that soaking, sprouting  or fermenting were all options to mostly remove the injurious Lectin which is playing havoc with all of us from in-vitro to old age.  We weren’t born with weak immune systems.   They are being damaged by so many things which you have ALL heard me rant on and on about over the years.  No matter how good or perfect our genes are or were,  the expression of them is altered by anti-biotics,  vaccines,  the environment,  the foods we eat,  how foods are produced e.g. GMO’s,  and toxins in cattle’s feed and so on. . plus the rising cost of all these essentials.   Then we get sick and seek help, but 95 out of 100 physicians haven’t a clue about any of this.  Even Dr Gundry — the man who, wrote this book, didn’t know. . .he had to stumble into it by accident. . then trial and error.   And he is possibly the greatest heart surgeon ever, with more than 10,000 specialized heart surgeries.  {Ordered the book – it’s coming!)    

Of course, the thrust of the moment is my passion for sour dough bread.  I’ll have to deal with the other issues like peppers, tomatoes, cukes, lentils and seeds and nuts – – all adding the stranglehold on our beloved, necessary part of ourselves called the immune system which we think we are trying to protect, but are in fact causing the major problems we face.  And it pays to learn what if anything we can do to offset this certain ‘slow death spiral.’  There is hope;  stuff we can do, independently or together as a family.  The Mediterranean area of our world still makes bread the old fashioned way – more labor intensive with airborne yeast, and it take quite a bit longer. . .as is done in fact in many parts of the world. . because that’s how it has always been done.  These places don’t have the lectin problem breaking down their health. . never have.  But in America, as bread became mass produced,  they did away with time worn routines (that worked), because it was cheaper to get it done faster, and using so-called baking yeast to kinda raise the dough. This was quite early last century.  Who knew?  Looked good, tasted fine. . . the auto-immune factors started to become an issue. . but by now, almost everyone has major problems no one seems to understand what is causing.   Sadly, this stuff is passed down in vitro, so many little kids grow up with asthma, weakened immune systems, infections, coughs and so on.  

Many of these issues on other veggies long thought to be good and healthy, can be made acceptable with a few adjustments.  I’ve known for years that nuts and seeds need to be soaked for hours or over-nite to be healthy.  But I don’t do it.  I have!  But not as a rule . . and I do eat these.  Gotta get organized.  Nuts and seeds have a number of anti-nutrients in them, so it really should be done. The husk is where so much of the toxins are.  Tho Almonds are less harmful than many nuts,  the husks should come off.  

You can get this book at your library if the budget won’t allow the purchase.  I found Plant Paradox online – used, for a great price thru Alibris who found a cheap price for me at a Good Will store in Seattle.  Imagine.  I have a budget which ‘really’ doesn’t need extra burdens, but I gotta have this book.  But until you get your book, there are a great many excellent small videos online (have seen quite a number of them – each is different. . same story, different details.  Can learn a lot.  

But this post is supposed to be a little help for any who could use it or need to,  Am bringing STEPHAN GUYENET back (been here a few times over the years).  His  background as a writer and  consultant in Health Sciences equips him well to discuss nutrition and food how-to’s, as he is highly credentialed – – with his PhD, guess we could call him Doctor.  He knows what to do to get the best out of the food we eat.  For this particular discussion, the subject is GRAINS.  I hope you are helped by it and that you can enjoy it.

Before I close, want to mention that the young man I enthused over at GREEN BROTHERS EATS online (youtube) with the how-to on KOMBUCHA, also has other videos up (watched quite a few – love to cook). . he teaches how HE makes SourDough bread and also the starter. . even has one he calls sourdough Porn. . its gorgeous – really got a rush from that one! . . just sayin’        Jan



  1. Dear Jan I’m loving your posts as I deal with health issues! There is so much for me to learn. I’d like to know if you’ve ever written about ovarian cysts. I was shipped off to an oncologist as Gynae unhappy with three cysts and blood test – oncologist wants to remove them and send for testing. It seems so drastic! If you have written about them in your health care could you please let me have the link. So much love to you , your friend in South Africa xxx

    Comment by souldiaries — August 14, 2017 @ 2:47 am | Reply

    • Souldiaries. . . Viv, dear, dear friend. . you have been on my mind so much lately. . have wanted to reach out to you; should have known – – I guess the old connection remains, deep and loving. . . the heart/soul thing. This 88 year old brain, however, tho still in tact and carrying on, is less able to draw freely from the storage banks at will. Have not done a post per se on uterine or ovarian cysts, but only as part of some therapeutic discussion related to causal area. Let me see what I might be able to come up with and get back to you. Your Gyn is doing what they are trained to do, kinda standard procedure. Being on the receiving end of such news is frightening, nevertheless. I would feel the same, no doubt. . . but then — dig in for facts, why? and alternatives to standard procedures. . s’always my MO. First – what it is, why, and what’s the cause. Unless we know the cause, how can we really tell what to do?

      All things change Viv. . . nothing is static. This is going to have some offensive dietary component – which can be altered! But deeper and behind this is an emotional one. Put yourself up there as NUMBER ONE. Whatever is going on around you. . to you, . love your blessed self as #1 on your list of priorities. Love and ACCEPT yourself – every part of you. . the beautiful and the flaws – it’s ALL okay. Acceptance and a loving heart allows the presence of “joy” which is the reason to live. Fear, fretting and worry will only bring you down – away from your goal. Bless you Viv, I’ll get back ASAP. . love Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — August 14, 2017 @ 11:46 am | Reply

      • I love you so much Jan. I can never express how connected I feelTo you and how grateful I am You came into my life.
        Thank you for your sage advice. Oh how I wish you were living right here. 88!!! I could only wishxx so much love – do you still have my email address and are you on Facebook? Thank you for your love and encouragement xxxxxx

        Comment by souldiaries — August 14, 2017 @ 2:51 pm

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