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August 3, 2017

Help with Knee/Joint woes

Not pills or surgery,  kinda magic 

In February 2014, I put up a post on Iffy Knee Surgery according to those who study such things, and the consensus wasn’t too encouraging.  We’ve all heard stories about knee, hip and back pain wherein the  results left patients rueing their decision. But so often, one wonders- – what choices do I actually have in order to carry on with a normal life?    

As most understand, my personal views are much more restrictive;  if it must be done in a hospital, I don’t want it. . .won’t go there.  They aren’t safe places to be,  IMO. .  .  aside from the insanely cost-prohibitive aspect and the total mystery of how any sane person can figure out the cost-share, responsibility and what to expect these days.  One can ask, but no-one knows.   All beside the point!          

ROCKTAPE  H2O         

It’s one thing to point out the  facts and or risks as my prior post did,  but so much better to offer an alternative choice (if possible and available – – especially if it happens to be inexpensive as well.)  I’ve learned of a solution from my son Jeff who has always worked with athletes, individuals and teams (especially kids in their team sports).  His personal motivation seems to be with helping them to learn and absorb proper movement skills which can avoid so many injuries in the first place.  On a recent visit  he noticed that I was having a bit of trouble with movement.  I explained the falls I’d had over the weeks and months with the curbs too high for me to negotiate without falling, etc., had been hard on my knees. . . especially the right one.  Something seemed to be wrong with it and wasn’t apparently going away.  So he checked it out and proceeded to tape my knee in a funny kind of way.  He explained how it works as he went and rubbed the tape so it would remain – even through showers.  Couldn’t imagine how that little bit of tape could really help me. . . but it has.  We’ve all used ACE bandages, but this isn’t that.  You don’t feel it at all, doesn’t hinder movement.   It’s called ROCKTAPE (H2O).  

Telling what it is I can do, but ‘splaining, really can’t.  My son was trained by the company and  is able to train other professionals with their clients or athletes.  When I mentioned I found the company online, and bought some, . . watched a video or three, so maybe I could help myself rather than him needing to come over even tho he is so busy. . . he seemed to feel that I should call him, that he is glad to do it.     I can’t tell you what is wrong with my knee.  Some little thing on the inner side of my right knee seems to slip away from the cap, can hear it as it slips out, then knee doesn’t want to work right.  Usually press the foot hard into floor and hand on outer side to move knee back toward center.  Connection has always been made,  Not painful, but a bit scary. It is what it is.  I don’t require a label for whatever it is.  I know its not “healed” . . but may be any day now — why not?  Logic tells me with all that has happened, it is no mystery why my knee is complaining – it has a right to.   Sometimes, between Jeff’s visit to retape, and I go a day or so without it, the slippage thing happens.   But once he tapes the knee, it’s business as usual no slipping out.  The tape holds the tendons, tissue and muscle in place without strain, so it ‘can’ heal.  So for me. . .problem solved.  

For those of you who don’t have a son like Jeff (Turner), ya might find him online at (tell him his Mom said it was okay), or go yourself and see if it makes sense to you at ROCKTAPE and maybe scout some videos.   G’nite folks    Jan


  1. Hi Jan, Ipast Dr. A. patient and miss him so darn much. I too was surprised and SHOCKED and even cried that he left us here in Columbus. I drove several time to Lima, but it just costs so much in gas and the distance is far. I just had to write to a fellow Dr. A. patient. For those that have been helped by him, only know how valuable and rare. I still haven’t found a new dr here. I pray that my health is good until another dr a comes along. thanks for letting me vent!

    Comment by Pamela — August 3, 2017 @ 10:37 pm | Reply

    • Pamela. . . so nice to hear from someone else who understands what a rare treasure Dr Aukerman is and what he meant in our lives. Indeed, a very special man. Of course I had been Dr Kurpita’s patient til her maternity leave. I really liked her and at the time, she served as Dr Aukerman’s physician (so how could she not be good?) Some years ago, since I no longer use the medical community and doing okay on my own protocols trying to serve my actual physical needs, rather than simply manipulating symptoms. . to appear healthy. What impressed me most about both of them was their understanding of how the body works, what makes it tick and to keep it in harmony. Neither prescribed Pharma for me . . .they corrected nutritional and or supplemental needs.

      Apparently OSU gave up ‘Alternative Medicine”. .I dunno. Dr Ruslana Kurpita practices in a different community now, but fairly nearby. My son goes to her and he conveyed her good wishes to me when he started with her. He likes her. You might try looking her up online. . .if no luck, I’ll ask my son Jeff where he went to see her – let me know. Good luck. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — August 3, 2017 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

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