SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

July 15, 2017

. . but I’m sorta (a) Zen “cheapskate”

Cheapskate ZEN works for me

(Aldi’s, 80 to a box)

When one goes from being an independent, iconoclastic breadwinner, able to allow a quirky, sustainable lifestyle (enjoying almost every part of it) — and then segueing into a lifestyle supported only by ‘social security’ . . many – – well,  most of us must do some fancy footwork on our budgets.   One can learn to economise on many things in order to have choice on more important items.      

My husband and I were weren’t “cheap,”  on the contrary, we had  fairly good taste. . . tho simple needs.  No furs, pools or Porsches necessary.  Simple home with ample land and gardens, flowers and trees. . always pets.  Had a whole lot going on. . . parties, dinners, friends, kids doing everything and Marty and Me doing our separate hobbies .  There was balance, fun, beauty and leisure and we both needed plenty of space and me-time.  Both fairly devotional. It worked – – what can I say?. . .was happy.  Logical by nature, I was a good budgeter.   Didn’t worry over money or needing “more”. . wasn’t a concern.  Fine for Marty, he didn’t like doing books or budgets, so no worries for him.     Point is, I didn’t struggle over nickels and dimes. . didn’t have to, had a budget and it was fine, comfortable,  met our needs.  

Somewhere along the line,  my son evolved into a discerning man of taste and quality for whom unimportant little things are just brushed away as non- existent.  When he had popped by one day, I was putting a new plastic bag into my garbage container (a 2-piece wooden thing with a flip-top lid).  I had been gingerly trying to separate the layers in order to open the bag so that I could flip it a few times to open it up and lodge it comfortably in its abode. After watching me silently for a minute or so, he expressed that he could no way go through something like that. . . why was I doing it?  Responded that I’d rather save on something like this rather than spend so much more money on the stronger, fancier, more costly bags equipt with those black pull-string handles.  Guess I thought I heard him ‘thinking’. . geez, what a waste of time and energy.  But of course, I heard no such thing.  Nor did I tell him how calming  it can be to be still and patient while scanning the edges for a place to start, then deliberately, gently undoing the folds to finally engaging the belly of the sack before flipping wide open and inserting – then finally pulling the four ear-corners down over the lower part.  All kinda Zen.  .  and nice.  But then one takes those simple pleasures where ever one can find them.  .. . something about expanding awareness.. .just sharing       Jan


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