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June 19, 2017

Dr Roach; Alzheimer’s/vit C, DNA test 4 diet?

BEST TO GET FROM FOOD, but we must


No question about it, Dr Roach and his predecessors have been truly great blessings  in spurring  responses from me as I try to reveal my curious tho emphatically workable,  (cheaper by comparison) and fairly easy to do ‘health-care’.  Eat organic as much as you can;  don’t do poisons whether from OTC,   prepared for you food in a box, bag or can or favorite fast food convenience. . .or worst of all – BIG PhARMA. .  .  all contain or are loaded with chemicals, toxins, synthetic hormones, etc., etc.,.   It’s just not that hard to do.    

I committed to do the best for my body as I was capable of when I quit medicine some years back.  The heart issues scared me a bit,  but the way I was going, probably wasn’t going to be around much longer anyway. I’d had arrhythmia most of adult life. . but the stress of A-Fib for so many years atop that really lowered my voltage. . a lot. Mother had been on 18 meds daily for her last decade or so.  I wasn’t willing, no matter what to repeat that cycle for my body.  So I read some books, started learning and experimenting.  Have been deeply rewarded.   Am I just ‘that smart’ ?   No.  Many would say, I was behaving stupidly – irresponsible. If not smarts. . .then what?  How and why?  I know how powerful the mind can be,  ( . . and as a man thinketh. . .)  you get this I know.  Most of the “Laws of the Universe”  we don’t know or fully understand,  but, as it happens — the universe doesn’t need our understanding or approval to do what it does. . .it just does it since that’s how it works.  If instead of locking in on some dire diagnosis, we turn our attention to the desired result and attempt to refocus on this,  we will find  solutions emerging,. . .new ideas, new sources, stuff not considered before.  One’s motivation keeps opening up and leading the way.  Call it what you want. . . (the F O R C E  is with you?),  or just sick in the head ?  Whatever, it beats what I had before I started.  

Not going to recount all again, been discussing and sharing for a number of years now. . .so its all in here – someplace. Sometimes I may have come across as unyielding and set, as if there is only one way to do stuff.  The truth is  — we must find our own way, what we can easily take to – adjust to. There are parameters that are in fact universal. . .like GIVE UP SUGAR in every form.  Simplify in the kitchen.  I’d eat roasted veggies and sauteed salmon eery day if I could,  Budget won’t allow. When I sit down to a sweet potato, baked just perfect, delicately salted, drizzled  with lots of coconut oil and 2 – 3 toes of crushed garlic. . . and a big salad with avocado, onions, lots more garlic, peppers,  walnut pieces and some raisons. . .I just might be the happiest camper  in the world.  I use tons of spices, more garlic than anyone I ever heard of, and I don’t feel at all deprived.   I love the kitchen, everything in it and the fun I have concocting new things.  Still indulge my gorgeous pure chocolate I’ve mentioned. .use the powder in shakes (no guilt) – its very high in Magnesium. (heart people can rarely get enough) Also, have found my passion for garlic has probably made me much more healthy than I have a right to be.  Never ever take calcium – don’t believe in doing so.  Feel that is another mistake medicine makes.  We get all we need from our plants as other animals do.  But I still indulge my passion for cheese and yogurt  (my blood stats are almost unbelievable!)  

So lets see what ‘s on peoples mind seeking Dr Roach’s help.


High-dose vitamin C supplements unlikely to prevent dementia

Q #1)   Dear Dr. Roach: Is there any evidence that high doses of vitamin C have decreased or prevented the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? I ask this question because none of the people I know who have developed Alzheimer’s have been taking high doses of vitamin C daily (4,000 to 6,000 milligrams). So, I wonder if this safe, inexpensive, natural remedy, found in health-food stores, could have stopped these tragedies by preventing atherosclerosis in the brain. — A.S.
Answer:  Many people have had the same idea, and it has been the subject of scientific study. A recent review of the many studies that have been done shows that a diet rich in vitamin C (and other nutrients) is of benefit in helping prevent dementia (including Alzheimer’s). However, taking supplements, even high-dose supplements, is unlikely to have any additional benefit over a healthy diet. Most of the studies showed no benefit of vitamin C compared with placebo. I don’t recommend vitamin supplementation for the purposes of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
My response:  Essentially, nothing wrong w/Dr Roaches answer and honorably reflects the general attitude amongst Allopathic doctors.  When medical science evaluates natural, herbal anything (which isn’t a pharmaceutical product,  most generally they test using smallish dosages, thereby negating anything potentially positive for the outcome.  One generally assumes that products bought in a health-food store are thought of as “natural” which is not always to say “organic.” Organic must so state on the container.  Universally, “science” tells us that C (ascorbic acid) is C – period.  End of story.  Still, Ascorbic Acid is but one component of the vitamin known as C;  it is a complex as its found and grown in nature.  Vitamin C is never found in quantities of more than approximately 100 mg. . .doesn’t need more, as in its proper, organic form, more isn’t necessary.  Sadly, unlike most other animals, humans don’t make Vitamin C within our body and must supplement with it.  I’ve known this since  the 50’s . . so much to know and learn.  Easy to forget.
In 2015, started to make Liposomal Encapsulated vitamin C;   force-fed it to friends and family.  Powerful stuff. One little shot = to around 6 to 8 grams.  Tastes crappy but was so glad to  have found such a good thing.  Many famous people wrote about it.  Well documented, absolutely fantastic – could cure anything including cancer, etc. What’s not to like?   Until my hair started coming out with every brushful.  I’m not bald, but 1/2 my hair is gone.  Be aware, this hair thing is only my [un-proven] reality, not a fact.  May not do this to anyone else.  Hi C was the only thing I had done which was different.   My parents had full,  thick, normal beautiful hair Dad @91 and Mother @85    I AM WOMAN – still a trace of vanity! Quit the LIPO-C and tried it with organic C.  Tasted much better and I knew it was safer no matter what, but the cost factor was prohibitive.  Ascorbic Acid C about $20 for 8 to 10 months  span, and $30 for little 8 oz jar of Org Powder got used up in few weeks —  just couldn’t do it.  
I still do make the LIPO Glutathione tho,  and am grateful as I m sure it has helped  with my Alzheimer’s and maybe everything else.  One thing I had been using for some time which  helped improve my focus was the Coconut Oil as reported by  Dr Mary Newport as she struggled to restore her  husband whom she was loosing to Alzheimers; he was too far gone to get in on trials she tried to make available for him.  Made sense to me and I started immediately.  So I added these  FATS  to my protocol.
With regard to supplementation,  as one might expect,  I feel supplementation is totally necessary in today’s world.  With less than perfect food grown on depleted soil with many toxins added in, we need all the help we can get.  Some of the hands down necessities we might need would be:  Fish oil,  Vit D3,  K2 taken together with some fatty food like cheese or an egg, avocado, etc.  Vitamins A, E, C, the whole gamut of B-Complex, Good quality Trace Minerals  (I use Icelandic Sea-Kelp powder – goes in my shake)    I also take a lot of Magnesium (anyone with heart problems – any kind).  I use powder form – easy to put in shake [hard to swallow pills – always buy powder  if can find].  In my case, I take a great deal more since I concoct own meds with all my amino acids and other supplements for heart,  COPD, blood pressure,etc) and my alzheimer’s etc. Do not forget, almost anything one takes for heart disease is also equally vital for the brain.   Brain and heart are the the two really hungry organs – require much energy
Q #2) Dear Dr. Roach: I was considering getting a DNA test in order to get personalized diet recommendations. It’s very expensive. Do you think it’s worth it? — J.B.
Answer : In theory, it’s a great idea. Knowing about our precise genetic makeup might allow for personalized recommendations not only on diet, but also on exercise, medication and medical treatments. But in practice, the science is in its infancy. There are a few genes identified that predict better outcomes with one treatment or another and that can identify metabolism of medications, but for the specific indication of choosing the best diet, I don’t know of any good evidence that the diet recommended by the results of genetic testing has any better outcome than a diet that would be recommended for someone in general. 

Until there is solid evidence of benefit, I’d recommend saving your money.

My Response:  The holy grail of testing has always been the “Blood Test.”  This is a universal concept, not some hokey, new-age idea with no feet or legs.  Almost anything one needs to know can be found in the broad array of standard panels which alternative, holistic and/or naturopathic physicians use as routine within their practice.  There is no other service or product as valuable as the fully comprehensive, detailed blood workup.  It can be and is customized to the patients needs.  

With changes afoot in medicine and current insurance instability, it’s anybody’s guess what will continue to be provided.  However, I just recently saw my first doctor in 7 or 8 years, wanted a blood test (as I keep them and labor over them myself).  We all need to do that; and get a copy of them for your own records to establish the markers of your health.  The health and make-up of your blood; interactions with the organs; glandular secretions and interactions — all is spelled out on request. One must maintain this file trough out the life.  No better detail, information will ever be worth more.  We change, as all life forms do – over time. It is GOOD to know when stuff changes and why and what it means.  Your doctor can do all this for you – talk to him, then you know and it time to take personal action of learning what to eat.  

My doc, interestingly was a huge blessing.  Respected my weirdness and independence yet, he didn’t throw me out of his office when I chose NOT to see another cardiologist. . . what for I responded,  won’t take any PhRMA and never any surgery. And the blood test?? It covered all the bases, gave me what I wanted – whole 9 yards.

Q#3)  Dear Dr. Roach: I have a family member who is an alcoholic. One year ago, he stopped drinking copious amounts of beer on a daily basis. Since then, he drinks only non-alcoholic beer every day, but continues to consume large volumes of this. Even though it contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, is this harming him in any way? Is he addicted to it due to the fact that there is still a very small amount of alcohol content? Is it OK for a recovering alcoholic to drink this? — C.R.

Answer : Non-alcoholic beer has very, very little alcohol, and at least one brand, Kirin Free, has no alcohol at all. It would be very difficult to become intoxicated with non-alcoholic beer. A typical non-alcoholic beer has about 1.5 grams of alcohol, meaning 10 of these beverages would have the alcohol in one standard drink. Intoxication is unlikely, due to the stomach and liver having the ability to metabolize the alcohol. However, these beverages do contain sugars and calories, so drinking 10 isn’t recommended for overall health.

That being said, your family member has made a large improvement in his health, and I think he would benefit from support, encouragement and congratulations.

My response:   What can I say?   Dr Roach is correct. The alcoholic relative is entitled to a little  encouragement.  Ya can’t change people, they gotta want to do what is best for themselves – because they want to, . . .or just be left alone til the spirit moves them.  We ARE all different.    Whadayathink?   Jan

Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to or request an order form of available health newsletters at 628 Virginia Dr., Orlando, FL 32803.

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