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June 15, 2017

We have anger in our land



That my last post came out on such a coincidental timing with “the” horrific ‘news day’ seemed strangely weird and upsetting.   I had been simply drawing a sketch, if you will of what I see, have been seeing. . .but with a very broad brush-strokes.  We have all witnessed this evolution in big and small ways either personally or with those we know or care about.  So each of us is aware in our own way.   Ya can’t just say . . “that’s life”  and flick it away.    The shooter at the practice ball-game of our senators must have had something or many things stuck in his craw. Maybe he couldn’t take it anymore.  Most mayhem comes about via ‘snapping’ or too-muchness.  Of what?  I dunno, we’re all so different.  For some, perhaps nothing ‘ever seems to have gone right’ for them.  Maybe our adrenals are exhausted and we snap at everything. Love gone wrong;  some kind of betrayal. .  .  could be anything.    

But, there are far too many Americans who are in the forgotten class,  they don’t get their stories repeated in the newspapers too much;  some of those are the ex-workers of closed factories of which we once had many — making all kinds of stuff.   There’s the closed mines ending generations of work, which funded the economy of their home communities and way of life.   Promised that solutions would  follow, but never did.   What to do?  .  .  wander?. . . explode? . .die?

There possibly could have been solutions. . maybe still could. Was talk of retraining, but that didn’t happen – nor couldn’t,  maybe. .   . these are a few examples of the forgotten people (who are Americans) and should be included in the overall scheme of things because they are part of us, who we are.  Is there any doubt about why they may feel left out?  If one can’t earn a living,  how can he,  she or they live?  But what happens to equal under the law?   Where’s the ethic of it all?  What does this mean?

A huge swathe of people are about to  loose their health care.  Insurance companies are pulling out of the market as they can no longer maintain an adequate  profit margin.   Clinics have closed,   doctors aren’t taking new patients.  Go figure!  So what’s the future of ‘medicine’?  (An aside:   . did anyone stop to consider how well SOCIAL SECURITY has worked – all these years?  That’s what Bernie said was necessary — give it to everybody – he had a plan,. . .but was so totally shot down; even Hillary couldn’t embrace it. . but came nearer), anyway, that’s history now.  

What are we gonna do?  Try as I might, we’re not going to get people to turn into Jan Turner and start DIY self-care from the ground up.  It’s not hard, but it’s based on wholesome food — NOT GMO’s;   GRASS-FED cattle —  not hormone-laden corn-fed imitation food no cattle would ever choose on it’s own.  And pasture-raised chickens, not caged, corn fed drivel.  Organic food (what all food was 4 or 5 decades ago) is now too expensive for the large masses of our people – – mostly this is for high-income people, sadly.  Because factory farms are being subsidized by government to grow GMO’s.   However the reasons which started this was to cut costs  and raise yields, using weed-killers, insecticides etc and also  synthetic fertilizers.  This causes depleted soil (unable to provide nutritious food-crops) which has been proven to be more costly – NOT LESS and the yield has been LESS – not more!  Farmers are cheated (but get paid – no matter what);  Monsanto, etal, make out like bandits of course  – but who suffers? WE DO.  We are filling bellies, but being robbed of nutrition which makes us sick – and causing us to HAVE to see doctors and they give us PhRMA which is also toxic and with risk factors. . .and can’t heal our problems  If it comes down to “no doctors available to us” – many will wind up in ER’s (hospital), stuck with massive bills whether you can pay up or not.   This’ll  get people’s attention.  Yet still, people won’t believe how easy it is to have routine good health, plenty of energy and live mostly pain-free – like me.

Most of our problems stem from life-style activities – (not moving the body) and of course – poor FOOD CHOICES which provoke inflammation to come about – primary cause which triggers most of our chronic diseases cardio, pulmonary, dementia, arthritis,, etc.,    Main culprit – SUGAR  The body can use FATS or CARBS  as it primary energy source, and/ or both.  Carbs however convert to sugar in the body.  We need the carb family because that’s where all the minerals and vitamins are, but if we also add SUGAR in any of it’s various forms. . .we’re courting disaster leading to a diseased, shorter life-span.  

Medical science sometimes gets it wrong.  Earlier last century it was incorrectly understood and propagated that FAT was a killer – eat lean!  This brought about massive cardiac deaths and severely disturbed glandular problems. Now we know that FAT is the preferred energy source; is more satisfying and lasts longer and (is delicious), etc.  The heart and brain demand huge amounts of fat (the right fats — grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chickens and their eggs – as many as you want; coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.  Commercially raised cattle and caged chickens are fed grains and this changes their fat content, giving us too much Omega 6 which we don’t want.  (Dr Aukerman taught me that, didn’t make sense then, but I get it now).  My point is – – hopefully, the age of LOW-FAT is dead and buried.  It takes fat to burn fat.

Why do I belabor all this?  Because its one more way we as Americans have been cheated.  Why does our government subsidize this inferior form of food crop?  The old revolving door thing – payoffs – corruption.   Those sent to Washington to serve our needs, protect us with laws that ensure we aren’t injured, too often learn how easy it is to earn a whole lot more money by enabling those with the big bucks to get the ruling they want (no matter who gets hurt).  All while the struggling ORGANIC FARMER toils away earning far less, doing things the right way (but harder)  – with no subsidies whatever.   They can’t afford to grease  palms in Washington, but they do work they believe in. So many, many people have signed petitions  proving – we don’t want GMO’s.  It gets us nowhere,  We are the masses – – the PEOPLE!  And we are  ignored.  It means a great deal to me.   Don’t think I’d ever Kill over it,  but it really gets to me if you know what I mean.  So, there’s a whole bunch of people like me with some gripes. And who the hell in Washington gives a damn?  Ya never know – don’t catch me on a bad day.

But there are hundreds if not thousands of ways that our elected Congressmen, Senators and yea – even Presidents have let us down.  Almost everyone leaves Washington a whole bunch richer than when they got there.  I believe ETHICS needs  to be restored in government.  We must ask a whole lot more questions from any who aspire to “serve our needs” to make sure they are willing and able to do that over their own financial gain.  We must take part of the blame.  We must be sure that integrity and the respect for LAW are truly evident.    

We shouldn’t be turning a deaf ear when stuff like Flint Michigan arises and is allowed to go on for years without addressing it.  Where’s the outrage?  This is America – not Cambodia.  When communities knowingly allow affluent areas to boast elegant, well-stocked schools. . .yet across town, kids might be lucky to just not be beaten up  let alone have what they need in either protection, supervision, textbooks or interested teachers  willing to discern problems where they exist.  Is this a way to bring up our kids? . . to live in trepidation and fear?  Where is the morality , . . .justice?  Who cares enough to do anything about it?  

One final speculation must be dealt with.  We all understand that government is a costly thing.  Where would we be without a form of governance that we have fashioned ourselves from our very beginnings, for choice, freedoms, rights and laws which will (can) keep the balance. . .respecting all?  We need it — its a given.  Governance is paid for thru our taxes.  We don’t (can’t)  all pay the same.  Wealthy pay more since they have so much more.  Reasonable, of course.  Yet over recent decades, wealthiest corporations have wound up paying less and less and even nothing.  The carping and bitching goes on – they are paying too much!    They  NEED and are demanding tax overhaul.  Our Republican dominated president, congress and senate are in agreement they’re almost set to go on it.  Corporate structure needs a break.  

Another Aside:  Of all the modern nations of our world,  America is at the bottom of the list now we once led for leadership, building wonderful structures, buildings and roads which were the best;   our trains, our cars;  we led the world.  Now it is disgraceful.  They are saying Government is doing too much, needs to be smaller; get rid of all those departments;  even our leader who doesn’t accept the concept of scientifically proven “climate control.”   The chorus is “Shrink, cut taxes, eliminate.”  They’re cutting everything. There seems no interest or an ounce of compassion for those who suffer, have no hope;  for our crumbling infrastructure; for unrest in the cities, for gun-control even as the mayhem escalates (leading the world in homicides by gun).   We need far greater investment in infrastructure, education and of course health-care availability which is affordable.   ACA was not affordable, but Social Security could be managed to do the job.     So if this Tax reform occurs and Corporations get even more tax reduction, who is left to pay for any government at all?  The middle class is in name only – all are suffering financially.  This is a giant Fiasco.  So tell me,   What’s there NOT to like about our current America?    Let me count the ways. .  .  .    Seems our government doesn’t even like us, let alone care about any of us.   I get why someone, anywhere sometimes flips out.             Jan


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