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June 14, 2017

BC Pills, STD, HBP or Gland issues?

Everyone wants to be healthy, enjoy life,  be rich and live long

W H A T    A R E    the   C H A N C E S  ?

For those who paint with broad strokes,  it’s pretty easy to see that we are still essentially the same now as, for example,  50 – 60 years ago.  Of course there are changes, has to be. . .progress, experience, growth all demand this.  Our view of ‘what is’ has also changed.  There used to be principles and platitudes which most could count on,  believe to be true.   Hang in there, work hard anyone can achieve their goals.  No one can deny the possibilities, but it’s  a whole lot harder now.  There is not now, nor will there ever be a shortage of ‘stuff’  or a shortage of the material ‘stuff’ is made of – – including the dreams and desires which create it in the first place.    

(1)  The collective consciousness seems to have changed.     (2) Family structures have changed.  (3) Personal mores seem to have re-shaped.  (4)  Truth is still out there, but it is for those who care enough to get and claim it.      

First,  (1)  We grew as a nation not as our brother’s keeper, but there was much more “all  for one, and one for all” attitude which was a kinder, safer way to live.  We’ve always had Laws that ‘worked’. . .  .   most tried to honor that.  Warped, weird and strange have always been amongst us too, but nothing like the insanity we’re being forced to live with today.  Stuff can be so unrealistic that it makes us doubt our own sense of reality.  Missing today is a true equality and sense of  proportion, dignity and fairness.   This presses in on  people which causes reactions many would prefer NOT to manifest.  Changes who we are.  Much strength is required to rise above the slings and arrows which can impair our evolving into our better, desired selves and life expression we seek  

Next  (2)  A troubling trend over some decades now is the break-down of family.  This has always been the cornerstone or Hallmark of humanity.  Actually, ‘most’ animals are in fact clannish. S’ just the way it is.  It is how and why we survived and thrived.  Having those who love you, care about you, need you,  share hopes and dreams together.  The glue.   Keeps us  ticking and understanding who we are.  Teaches humility and selflessness  Without all this, there is no sense of belonging, being a part of anything.  Eventually no one gives a damn anymore,  float around in disconnectedness and into some degree of psychosis and/or altered behavior.  For many, this can lead to such extremes of altered behavior as to end in self-destruction.  Suicide has climbed in the ranks of death causation through all ages, professions and sociological levels  from young teens to the lonely and aged.  The numbers are serious and frightening, indeed.  These desperate endings are a reflection of the tragedy of waste brought on by (so often), the break down of family.

Still another aspect of the splintered family is the stranglehold largely reflected in the children who are trapped therein.  Lack  of role model,  lack of support, supervision, caring and showing the way by example thru thick and thin.  Nature abhors a void, something must fill it.  And other things do; generally, the results aren’t pretty.  The single parent also suffers greatly.  This kind of pain — long endured also changes who we are  And who we all are is who America is! Today, too many of us are pulling in opposite directions without our needed glue and the love that is naturally bestowed.  Words  alone can’t do it;  love without action, isn’t love,   it’s inert – like . .  dead.      

Now   (3)  Not asking for more money for still more research about what our problems are.   Each of us can feel what’s inside, how we feel, what we think we want.  Many are really dancing as fast as they can.  Working on solutions.  Kind of part of who we are.  We are collectively and individually – unique.  We must grant ourselves the same courtesy we would grant to others as a rule.  Let LOVE RISE  Start with yourself.  Seriously, be consciously generous with yourself.  Acknowledge your efforts, forgive the foibles and/or messes.  .  .  (as Abraham says – ‘we’ll never get it done’ ), so there really should be no hurry or demands;  take time to enjoy the trip;  do what moves you, pleases you.  If ya don’t know — figure it out. . .keeping reaching out.  Like yourself.  Love and respect yourself.  Be aware of the wonder of who you are . . and love that.  One of my favorite thoughts from an ad on TV I saw years ago “I’m  worth it.” was a help for me to start working on full acceptance of self  (not always easy).   No matter what moves you or you desire — go for it,  you’re worth it.  

Some of the consequences of all this ‘love and acceptance and joy’ can involve unanticipated consequences.  Whether sexual appetites are full-on or itty-bitty, it is part of the package so one must consider intelligent choices in order to maintain a life of your choice.  Sexual options are much richer and healthier now than in my heyday. . . speaking of choice, desire and freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you choose.  The human form has been designed as it is for good reason; to guarantee the propagation of the species. .. which is why we enjoy sex so much (the drive and passion kinda make us do it.)   To believe or pretend otherwise is kinda loony.  But this doesn’t mean one drops into bed at a mere suggestion or invite,  one gives thought to what is most propitious.  

As is the norm today, females of all ages are using birth control pills believing that unwanted pregnancies are thereby thwarted and freedom to do is enhanced with so much less effort.  In theory, this may be true,. . .but in actual fact one is ignorantly injuring the organic, hormonal system, those precious glands are injured, disease ensues. . .In the end, we’re all gonna die anyway — BUT WHY SUFFER NEEDLESSLY?  

Finally  (4)  Unaccustomed as I am to ‘preaching’  or ragging on the medical community (sic),  lets just seque into health issues and get down to the nitty-gritty of the reality behind BIRTH CONTROL PILLS  I am not going to do the ‘splaining  on this subject as I’ve never experienced any of it.  It took me til 30  trying to get pregnant.  Am bringing over a mini videos from Dr Eric Berg speaking of glandular issues and what to do for them.  And a 2nd Doc John Berman (quite animated and fun to watch) – really gets into the BCP and the damage to the glands from them.  Most know how much I REALLY like Dr Berg,  but Dr Berman is also highly informative.   There is just so much we don’t know;  have been deceived by from the very people we have trusted to help us.   Maybe most won’t matter much longer – no one will be able to afford ANY MEDICINE at all.  My desire is for as many as possible to learn how to help themselves,  what we must do to survive ANYTHING MANDATED with regard to health.  IMO that is a criminal thing to do.  No government, no individual has the right to force another to ingest toxic stuff against his will.       . .   .     .     enjoy,          Jan


The first one here is Dr Berg Explaining a biggie – -HBP Just started doing this (hi-dose) Saturday, gonna stay on a few weeks > drop back down to one each. My stress levels have almost done me in recently, so this is answer to my need. . . thankfully. Docs had me on 3 prescription to no avail for years b4 I gave up medicine. . and eventually got it normal on my own.  But this last 7 months has been dreadful.


Dr John Berman  on   ADRENALS and THYROID    (and Birth Control Pills – the effects to health)


P.S.      Today’s “Abraham” was so relevant, that I MUST add it to last night’s post.

What others are doing around you seems very important when you have not found your own steadiness. You want to say to them, “Don’t rock my boat! If you rock my boat, I can’t be steady.” But the truth of it is, you’re the only boat-rocker in your world. Only you can rock your boat.

Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ on 2/1/14

Our Love

Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


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