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April 28, 2017

Psoriasis, how and why (4 me)

What I did with those mean RED PATCHES

So this eternal student is struggling here. . and nobody to blame but myself.  I LIKE doing stuff, ergo, have been kind of a DIY’er all my days.  Finding out how is half the fun, isn’t  it?  Have to tell ya, this hasn’t been that much fun — this problem I caused myself.  Wasn’t cautious when I should have been at least curiously cautious.   

On January 23, 2017, put up a post called “NAKED CHEMIST knows skin” . . . proceeded too swiftly when I found a commenter on Samantha’s site (somewhere) recounted what he opined regarding urea (a manufactured construct for urine), how-to-do. . . with a few cautions.  This seemed to confirm a story I’d heard from Mother when I was quite young, but unmoved by [and dismissed].  So I reasoned “why not?”  Gathered, bottled, refrigerated and sprayed hands daily. Seemed fine, no problem. . .until there was!   After 7 to 10 days of this new  routine, which I of course followed with other oils, I awoke one morning to find smallish circles of blotchy red patches on the backs of my hands.  About the size of a nickle or quarter.  Mystery.  Both hands.  Nothing else was different or new in my regime.  Had to be the urine use.  Of course, I quit it.  But it grew larger til the entire back of both hands was red and angry looking.  It itched and sometimes felt kinda burning.  So new research, seems this was psoriasis for which there is no cure. . . just ways to control’ it.  

Went back to the Naked Chemist and dug in hoping for magic, and did start using Jojoba oil and Shea Butter – both organic along with Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Seed oil all of which helped.  I had decided on these choices from her list of oils and their known uses,  but not a particular KNOWN cure for psoriasis was addressed [that I found].   As an aside,  just in case I had been attacked by some bio-hazard or invading bacteria — I sprayed with Colloidal Silver which can  kill anything alien to my body.  It neither healed nor worsened this condition, so it seemed logical to discontinue that path as, apparently, I was dealing with an internal condition, – not an invader.  

So I hit the very special Orthomolecular Medicine tomes that I have (Hoffer, Saul – – in the book Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone,  and also The Natural Pharmacy with some top hitters as well, like Gaby, Lininger, Austin, Brown,  and J.V. Wright. . plus a couple of others.  General consensus is that this must be corrected thru addressing  internally.  Thought to be nutritional, even malnutrition.   Orthodox medicine says that Psoriasis is one of those “etiology – unknown” diseases.  Seems logical, if we don’t know what causes something, it is easy to see that it would be hard to cure it, doesn’t it?  This is one of the major distinctions between Orthodox Medicine and Orthomolecular – – how unharmonious conditions [or diseases] are viewed and what to do about them.  In the so-called alternative field, the focus is  CAUSE as a manifestation of some abnormal condition, generally brought about by either an adverse situation of lack-of-body’s needs being met [nutritive] or an over burden of toxins . . either of which can interfere with your health, or conversely prevent the body from “healing itself” (when needed), which only the body can do.  Must say, had a great time and it helped me pick up the slack of some things I had let slide.  . for example, the A.M. shakes are easier and cheaper than juicing and don’t really like tossing all that fiber (waste product of juicing). .better in my body.

Let me refer you to a page I found online (anything which is not ORTHODOX MEDICINE is soundly debunked as well as very hard to find on line – you have to know what you are looking for).  Go to:  “DoctorYourself.Com”  on Psoriasis. Was quite helpful to me; upped my quantities a bit, and got back to a bit of juicing. . but still do the AM shake.  I am on the mend, My rough-textured hands are no longer rough and flaky/scabby, but smooth; the big red patches are quite faint now tho, still almost there.  Further study @ Samantha’s, after rereading shows me there is nothing wrong with urea or urine either – -but  the percentages must be  dealt wth.  She advises around 3% to 5% as totally safe. . even up to 10% for some.  When I sprayed on 100% (straight), that was a big no-no.  My goof;  acid mantle hurt — needed repair.  

Am once again using my free stuff in proportion. Put in a small vial ( maybe 2 oz or so) with dropper lid:  

     Jojoba oil,  1 tsp,        1/2 tsp Rose Hip Seed oil,       1/2 tsp (vegetable) Glycerine,      5 or so drops urea (or own).    

Using a small vial, this can be left at room temp on counter where you will use it conveniently.  Not preserved, so shake each time use it.  Drop a few drops on area to be covered.  Don’t irritate or scrub at all. . just gently dab on.  Then dab on some Shea Butter (I scrape a small bit which clings to my finger-nail top as I drag it over the butter.  Gently rub in.  Feels good.  May look greasy, but gone in minutes – sinks in.    I started with 4 or more times daily plus on rising and bedtime, and even during the night when itching would waken me.  Lately, just couple time a day.  Its been two months now, but a few weeks with this simple approach and  frankly,  I’m kinda pleased. .  .  seems to really be working.  Didn’t put Aloe Vera into vial.  If and when I use it now  – I dab on first,  then use the dropper bottle to let the working oils get busy,  then cover with Shea Butter.  Easy, quick. . 1,2,3- done.  But should mention that I also increased my Zinc to 100 mg (which any skin condition requires – even acne),  upped my Omega 3’s (fish oil) and tho hard to believe – upped my cruciferous veggies (either steamed, roasted , in my Shake or in salads every day).  Inside – outside, total attack on this intruder.

I do still advise familiarizing yourself with Samantha’s site.  When you understand the principles of having hurt the acid mantle and what you need to do to repair it – there’s the oils which heal,. . . .but you can’t get there without going deeper to moisturizing the skin because those sub-layers must begin to heal, and they will heal on their own time – as they are ready. That is a MUST.  S’why  I ventured back to the urine (because it moisturizes); is free . . . one less thing to buy.  What can I say?  It works.  Think  of me what you will.  You have the Naked Chemist workin for you. . .Dr Saul’s  so if you have strange unwanted red patches (not worth getting hung up on labels) – – give it a go.     I am not entirely sure that we need all these labels. . . it can be just one more thing to worry about, and what good does that do?  Becoming informed will benefit every time.  You may learn something else which helps you more than what I’ve laid out here, because you’ll be open to it, where as I sometimes think I know more than I do and get in my own way.  Why should we accept or believe that there is no cure for some of these woes?  Well, in fact, I guess I CAN think of a few things.  Many believe its love that makes the world keep going around,  but there are others who would say and believe. . .it’s money.

Maybe its just a question of what floats your boat and what you choose to believe.  I’m healing, wish the same for you    




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