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April 3, 2017

Expert advice – “Confuses”

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Keep up with Medical norms

All of us must stay on our toes,  remain alert and use our gray matter in order to combat not only our toxic world pressing in on us, but also, consider deeply the less than wise advice we see and hear from our so-called “experts”. . .those who have not only studied these problems of health and nutrition – but usually have degrees to prove their smarts.   Maybe this whole fiasco is as much our fault for placing such high trust in so-called ‘authorities’  instead of what our experience and even our body tells us.  If we just trusted ourselves a little more and possibly — more discerning about what authorities tell us, I dunno.  

In my case, lacking such degrees or credentials,  I have used my body as my laboratory in conjunction with a good deal of  poking around, studying, evaluating.  By and large, I’ve done okay and feel blessed to have had the freedom and ability to do as I pleased.  It’s my body! and my health!. . . so I do my best to get it right.   But that’s not to say I haven’t messed up  a time or two  (One recently – I used my own urine on my hands skin as a commenter on somebody else’s blog had suggested. Seemed reasonable to me, so why not?  After more than a week, started to get what  looks like psoriasis and have been trying to repair my abused hands ever since.  Making slow progress, but I guess – serves me right!)  Hard to believe I did this to myself. May have to call on the Naked Chemist to help myself.  

So, in a sense, the following was gathered from the newspapers this weekend on trends and bits of advice for women in particular.  The first one while intriguing, was off-putting to me, so am not putting it up – – was on women eating their own after-birth placenta by steaming, frying with garlic or having it processed into pill form for ingestion.  This is an ancient, often practiced procedure in various parts of the world (including here) and its referred to as “placentophagy.” Sorry, it was too hard for me to digest.  (sic)  But the one below is obviously well-intentioned, meant to help and from those trained, educated to speak on such subjects.  This suggests the crazy world we live in wherein few ‘experts’ agree on anything, and are often totally out-of-step with either old truths (seemingly now forgotten),  or not up on latest scientific thinking.  

As luck would have it,  I chose to put it up and run my comments (if any) after each section (in blue, so you’ll be clued in as to who is opining).  As far as I can tell,  our ‘free-speech’ thing  is still permitted isn’t it?  Hard to tell these days with the state in Washington being what it is ?  ?  ?  Jan


First-Aid Kit | What women should keep at hand to stay healthy   

JoAnne Viviano

The Columbus Dispatch

When a woman gets sick, an entire household can fall apart, said Dr. Angela U. Tucker, clinical assistant professor of family medicine at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.   oSo it’s important for them to make sure they have what they need to stay well.

“We know that women are the driving force for health care in their family,” said Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu of OhioHealth Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians in Hilliard. “If the woman is healthy and building her immune system, it affects the rest of the family.”

Tucker and Osuagwu offer these suggestions for what women should keep on hand to stay healthy:


With many people staying away from red meat and pork, Tucker recommends that women eat a good source of protein, whether it is from other meats or plant-based foods.    (Since so little is said here – hard to comment;   one might  hope for suggested percentages for optimum health and perhaps recommended inclusions such as cheeses, nuts and/or seeds or  fish (even sardines if $ is a problem).  Just stay clear of GMO’s (like Soy stuff which is mostly  genetically modified).

Fruits and vegetables

Keep a fruit basket on your counter and/or wash and package fruits and vegetables and place them at eye level in your refrigerator. That helps people grab those items first, Osuagwu said.

Some good choices include blueberries, which are high in antioxidants; apples, which can help with blood pressure; and bananas, which have a lot of fiber.        (Focus here is fruit.  Obesity and/or diabetes are HUGE issues now which requires limiting fruit – why?  SUGAR!  All fruits and veggies fall into the carb category.  Carbohydrate reduces to sugar in the body. Sugar messes with insulin.  Many of the vegetables have FAR LESS sugar and HUGELY more of the precious minerals and vitamins, enzymes which lead to health and superior nutrition.  Sugar is a killer. . .train taste-buds OFF IT!   The more Kale and  other cruciferous veggies are eaten – – the more the body is satisfied and the LESS cravings for sugar will be experienced.  FIBER is the biggie here – eat more greens in morning shakes;  for snacks and huge salads for lunch and dinner.  Budget made me give up most fruit that I love because fruits are so heavily sprayed with toxins (especially grapes and small berries).  So unless I can pay for organic, I do without.)


The spice is good helping with glycemic control. Osuagwu heaps a tablespoon on her morning oatmeal. But choose Ceylon cinnamon, from Sri Lanka, over cassia cinnamon, which is high in coumarin and has been shown to cause liver problems in high doses.  (Amen to the Ceylon Cinnamon.  I use much cinnamon.  A favorite snack 4 me is sliced apple, sauteed gently in pastured butter topped with cinnamon > plated w/dollop of sour cream from pastured cows. . .yummy)


It helps control blood pressure and cholesterol and can help with infections. But be careful not to take too much, especially before any surgery, because it can cause problems with blood clotting.    (Garlic is my most favorite addition to everything but my coffee. One can safely use 1 to 3 big toes daily, i.e. 600 mg to 1200 mg. . though I often use 5 -6 toes in my various concoctions daily.  My HBP is normal now, tho impossible for medicine to lower it for a decade or more.  Garlic will shorten your  cold and flu sieges and if used regularly – – probably won’t get colds if your D3 is also being taken daily. But it is also very protective against cancer)


It helps limit nausea and vomiting. Osuagwu suggests it to pregnant women who experience morning sickness.  (Along w/garlic and Turmeric,  I use Ginger in my morning shake (no one believes all the stuff in my AM shakes).  Ginger  helps us in a thousand ways. It’s anti-inflammatory, aids the immune system, is a wonderful digestion aid, effective w/IBS. colic, bloating, flatulence, can nibble on a piece of ginger to offset car-sickness  or upset stomach.  For those with gallbladder stones, however – be aware that Ginger increases bile flow (which is a good thing for those with skin/acne problems, etc), but should speak w/your doc if have internal bleeding or those stones – need guidance or caution.)


This spice, used in Indian curries, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps alleviate pain, Osuagwu said.  (Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, and I use and take them both for my joints and bone [arthritis] and also my brain [Alzheimer’s] and/ or cognitive function.  It is anti-inflammatory; aids cardiac function,  cognitive function, helps with mood -balance and assists one’s skin.  What is not to like?  AM Shake gets 1/4 tsp curcumin plus rounded tsp of turmeric.  The curcumin also needs the addition of piperine[black  pepper concentrate] to hugely boost the curcumin’s capacity. This is a big one)

Vitamin C

Take it when you think you’re coming down with a cold, Osuagwu said.  (Humans are the exception in the animal kingdom re Vitamin C as we are the only ones who do not make C internally — we need to take it  daily for health.  Science says Vitamin C is the same as Ascorbic Acid.  Ascorbic Acid is only one component of the complex known as Vitamin C which is made by nature, and has other important components within it’s complex. Nature does not make C in high volume, won’t find it delivered higher than around 100 mg.  It isn’t needed.  But Ascorbic Acid can be bought in very high capacities – in the thousands.  Its  easy to mix in water and drink, but hard on the tummy to handle and the intestines rail as well – producing diarrhea. . .referred to as bowel tolerance. Which is better?  Judge for yourself.  Organic C is costly – $15 to $35 for an 8 oz jar – lasts a month or so, while Asc Acid around $20 for 6 months to  1 yr – big bag.  Both work. Choice thing.  We need it — be sure you’re taking C.)


These can help with constipation, Osuagwu said, and recent studies have shown that they also can be good for the bones. ( I don’t have this and have only rarely experienced this problem.  Its your diet folks  1) not enough fiber (fruits and vegetables). . we need maybe 65% to 80% green leafy daily to be human and feel good.  or 2) perhaps you are taking pharmaceuticals or drugs which bollix things up and thats one of the costs.   Maybe you can take some more Ascorbic Acid . . . just kidding)      


This can help ease the pain of menstrual cramping, Tucker said.  (Not a fan of OTC or Big PhRMA, so always gonna seek ‘holistic.’ Why not try some soothing GINGER TEA? or be sure to use monthly during the expected few days.  Or buy and keep powdered Curcumin powder (plus Piperine).  For isolated pains I take 1/4 tsp curcumin + 3 – 5 tiny scoops of piperine > few drops water and mash w/spoon til smooth, adding more drops of water as needed.  > I add some yogurt [scant spoon], mix and take – so good, want to  lick the bowl. No dopey feeling at all, just in a while, you feel better. No side effects,just nutritious and helpful

Stainless steel tongue scraper

Tongue scraping can help with digestion and bad breath. Dental problems, Osuagwu said, have been associated with heart disease and preterm delivery, so anything to improve oral hygiene is important.  (Eh!  Oral hygiene IS very important, but that means healthy clean –  – alkaline, not acid.  No anti-anything in the mouth.  Use sea-salt and/or baking powder  to dry brush with, then oral irrigation with baking soda [floss when and where necessary]  I do more [few more parts to my powder] and use a neem concoction to keep gums healthy and tight. . .[I’ve shared this stuff over and over thru the years]  My teeth are pretty good. Don’t make mouth sterile with any store-bought solution . . it works hand-in-hand with your gut- home of  your immune system, and needs natural, healthy flora to do that.

Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Especially if you are pregnant, Tucker said.  (We’d be dead w/o our water, and some of us are dying because of it.  Try for clean water.  I’v made my distilled water for almost 30 years now. It’s an extra chore, but  so worth it. Last couple I’ve bought I got from Ebay [refurbished, hey- ya do what works, right?]


The mineral is helpful in bone health, but try to get it from food products, green leafy vegetables or fortified orange juice, Osuagwu said. (Nix the Juice, –  [loaded with sugar]. . . stick with the leafy greens.  Never take calcium in any form.  Few people anywhere have better bones than I have and I’ve never taken calcium.  Man is the only animal to consume milk beyond the infant stage.  We don’t need dairy for calcium.  All the huge animals of the world grow those huge bony frames off the grasses of the field – we do too. You might go back and try reading Cordain on a post “Paleo on Dairy”  [7 or 8 years ago].    (cancer  eye-opener)   

Women’s multivitamin

 In case you fall short of getting these in your foods, take a multivitamin for women that includes folic acid, which can help prevent certain fetal neurological problems and iron to help replace hemoglobin lost during menstruation.   (Not big on the recommendation to take iron, we need to get it from food.  Hate beets if you must – but learn to eat some beets often- even daily [organic of course – these are big on GMO lists now].  Can make borscht, or just buy canned julienne and put a few in salads – that’ll do it.  Most vitamins are made with synthetic crap unless buying top-drawer stuff, in which case ya might as well just buy organic to begin with.  Most manufacturers use minimal [almost useless quantities].  Ensure that you are digesting well so that you can utilize the nutrient you are laying out the big bucks for.   1/2 to 1 tsp of [Braggs] Cider Vinegar  in a little water 30″ or before your meals will give you a big shot on that score,  cheap and easy.)

Antibiotic cream

Think of it as a helper for moms who need to tend to the cuts and scrapes of little ones. One that includes pain reliever can be an added aid, Tucker said.    (Oh, my Gawd NO!  Colloidal Silver is one of the  most potent anti-everything, yet totally non-toxic and healthy enough to ingest on a daily basis, let alone put on gaping wounds, healing burn victims and/or scrapes and wounds of all kinds.  Doesn’t hurt or burn and kids aren’t afraid of it.   Been making my own about 20 some years now.  Raised my grand-daughters on it.  

Resistance band

Use a resistance band or another tool to help with exercising, Osuagwu said. Include four aspects in your workout: aerobics to get the heart pumping; strength training to help with bone and muscle strength; flexibility; and balance.   (Good advice.  Wish I could, but I don’t, sadly. Still use my mini-trampoline and not much walking now w/o Heidi )

A book and a tea bag

Women need to make sure they take care of themselves, too, Tucker said. Self-care, she said, can help prevent illnesses and keep women emotionally healthy.  (couldn’t agree more,  if we love and respect ourselves as we do others, we’ll take the time to show it, knowing that what goes around, comes around.  So our world is better, more beautiful and far more rewarding to all. One thing I’ve  learned to do which I dearly love from the ayurvedic practice is  the magnificent oil-massage called Abhyanga  following a bath or shower.   One of the benefits of it are that the practice increases production of oxytocin.  There are links online showing the use in practice if you wish to learn how for yourself.  

Essentially, use choice of oils [I enjoy Sesame, avocado, jojoba, etc.,.  alone or in combination}, warmed, using hands to massage from top to bottom of body. Move in direction toward heart;  up and down  strokes on long-bones of arms and legs, circular at joints, i.e. shoulder, elbows, knees and ankles and so on. Special attention to hands and feet (toes – individually massaged) as all organs have an ending point in the feet – which then affects then whole body.  Slowly massaging entire hand while rubbing/milking each finger.  Luxuriate in the warmth and comfort of the warm room, allowing the sensual, relaxing manipulation to fully engage your deepest sense of euphoric well-being and contentment. This is so transformative and loving that it can’t help but uplift the very essence of your world.  . . a lovely gift to self and those we love.  Jan

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