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March 8, 2017

Diarrhea or Food Poisoning

Too Much Poop, ‘never a good thing’

The remedy for this is quite simple, but if you don’t know what to do to help yourself at those rare times, it can be be a messy situation. . .and inopportune to be running to the pharmacist for some unknown remedy. Better to be prepared for life’s little surprises.   Over my many decades, I’ve had plenty of those unexpected events.  Can’t always count on your food being as healthful as you believe it is – – too many hands have been involved sometimes.  Or some great restaurant you generally trust.  Stuff happens. 

In my case,  the reason I started using this product was altogether different.  As a Heart patient, doctors kept pushing me to use more and greater dosages of Magnesium.  Perhaps my body couldn’t handle it well, but also, the type of Magnesium one uses can be wrong.   I dunno, this may have been 10 or 12 years ago. I was in a bad way, fading, getting more run down, was house-bound for a long time because I was tied to the bath room facilities.. Literally crapping myself to death and miserable.  My friend Ron Pellegrino in Chicago of Vital Nutrients, who was my go-to guy ( a kinda walking/talking medical encyclopedia) told me to get some BENTONITE CLAY.  He didn’t carry it or sell it, but told me where to get it and I sent for it.  It was a liter and kinda pricy IMO, I think around $28.00    But it has lasted me all these years.  (Came in an amber bottle and I always kept it domiciled in it’s box in the pantry away from light and oxygen deterioration.  

The end of 2016, I finally bought some powder and made my own, but only 1/2 liter was more than enough since I no longer have the previous problem with Magnesium  ( I take Magnesium L-Threonate now as it crosses the blood-brain barrier).  And as I’ve said, I seem to be handling my chronic diseases,   doing fine,  some have reversed, and some are reversing. It’s still a fun and challenging game I play. . . s’workin’. . . 

Following is a link to the product I bought and have been satisfied with it.  This powder is remarkable for its many attributes.  I’m not going into it, but instead recommend you go to the site and scroll down to a full description of its many benefits.  Below this link, also including Wellness Mama’s link (a lady I admire) and you will be amazed at all the uses to which she puts Bentonite Clay.  So do yourself a favor – have at it.  (Be sure you buy FOOD GRADE, since this is for internal use as well as many other great ideas)  I made a pint jar full using 2 C Distilled Water and 25 grams of Clay (2T).  I used a whisk, capped jar and shook it now and then. This stuff has enormous capacity to absorb into itself which is why it so good for ridding body of impurities.  If you get to understand it, you’ll love it.   Jan

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay | Wellness Mama


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