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January 7, 2017

ETHICS – lives IF we stay alert

Alertness needed to survive “One Party Government”

which promotes Authoritarian Rule

The link below from some of my favorite people (Bill Moyers, etal) reveals the details of such an issue as alluded to in this title. For reasons of self-preservation, I am and may remain unable to manage (without self-injury), such discussion . . . for it throws me into despair.  This is because I care too deeply, loose perspective and so on.  But I can’t mull on it or give any of it much time. . .who knows how much time one has left?    Still do sign petitions for issues I’m in favor of. . you know support the noble principles our government was founded on,  .  .  justice for ALL, . . citizen’s rights, etc. .  .  support what I can.  It seems many are just beginning to have their eyes opened to what is actually going on and the coming jolts may be painful to deal with.    But there isn’t much logic to grieving for the delusions now, . . it’s gonna take whatever we can muster to just be able to stay alert enough to avert a disastrous attempt as each emerges.    As soon as Americans remember that we are in this boat together – ALL OF US, there is nothing we can’t overcome.                

We’ve already seen how PROTEST Stopped the Predators in the link which follows, so please give that a look see.

Last nite as I watched MSNBC’s  Rachel Maddow show @ 9:00 p.m. she delivered a shocker on the “Russian Hacking” with her accustomed “real low-down” on why it was done – – what the actual cause was for all the flack thrown at Hillary. . .and it is an eye-opener.  She said it was posted online (on the 6th) in it’s entirety for free;  that it was only five pages long and we could go and DL it for ourselves.. Near 5:00 p.m. on 7th, and I can’t find it. . . but she showed it, discussed it, read (kinda) from it  – – so it’s there.  Either I misunderstood or am now too damned dumb to figure stuff out, I dunno.  If your TV service allows you to see prior episodes, go check it out.     . . .just sayin’,          Jan


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