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December 27, 2016

The life “Well Lived”

Carrie Fisher, gone from us

The world mourns, is stunned, . . .  far too soon.  Her passing is almost torrential . .  .  hard to accept.  For she gave us so much,  so many possibilities  through her entertainment in the movies, her books and her musical talent.  The Princess of Star Wars. . .  .  with all the different ways to think, be  and see.  

Her accomplishments were almost beyond ordinary ability to comprehend . . .acting, writing, music with philanthropic pursuits also thrown in.  She was so deeply admired and LOVED by all.   That she was a “one-of-a-kind” is overly simplistic,  but true.  She blessed all by her mere existence.  How do we deal with that?    

She ‘knew’ love, passion and pain and torment in degrees we can only imagine.   It didn’t destroy her.  She explored her depths and heights undoubtedly. . . and she grew and expanded through it all.  She leaves behind who she has been while recording for us her journey and desires.   They were good.   We are blessed.  We honor who she was and what she gave to the world.                

But is there more we might be gliding over and not noticing?   Being Carrie Fisher wasn’t a “walk-in-the-park” easy. She applied her energies fully, deeply and consistently.   It happens that who she was — the life she was born into was a very public one. The limelight quite naturally and frequently shone on her. . . so all she endured. . .became known.  It was what she did with what she had which so endeared her to everyone.          

It may be that some of us are prone to shrink back as we can’t help but notice how mundane our own lives seem to be if we are  careless enough to ‘compare’ what we have – live, with someone such as Carrie.  By this, of course – I mean that such comparison will generally prove futile,  sometimes, bitterly destructive, for one will appear to be found lacking.  This is NOT  a good thing.  Any of us are capable or even prone to this (kinda by default), but it can be pitiful if it strips away the courage to act, do and be by dooming the effort to achieve and follow natural urges (desires). . .lest we fail and not measure up and so on.   We, all of us are worth so much more than that!   The urge, the effort borne of desire – – they are our flavor, and why we go on.  

So honor, love and miss this lovely lady, but she will go on and BE whatever she chooses – – down the road.

Below is a rather “wordy”  Abraham to mull over                                                              Jan



We like to explain that only a part of the Consciousness that is really who-you-are is focused into the physical personality that you believe is you, so that you can then begin to consciously consider the larger part of you, who continues to remain Non-Physically focused.

Once you remember that you are a physical extension of Source Energy, you can then begin to consider, and consciously tend to, your alignment with your larger, Eternal, Non-Physical counterpart.

As you made the decision to focus into this physical time-space reality, you understood it to be a spectacular arena of balance and variety and perfect contrast.

You understood that there is no competition for resources, but only opportunities to give birth to your own ideas—and you understood that once an idea has been given birth, the means with which to fulfill it will follow.

And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy—focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended—exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.


Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

Our Love,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)             Today, 12-27-16, we learn that  CARIE FISHER has moved on with her journey. .  .   .


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