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December 26, 2016

Health odds – back-then and now

 Malnourishment or Toxins do us in

Some of us have been around long enough to have witnessed some of the differences.  Born in ’29,. . . (please, the depression wasn’t my fault). . I was reared during the “depression” years when life was very hard for most.  Mother never stressed that part to me.   She filled me with stories of her  very different life, born on a farm.  She strove for quality  over quantity.   She didn’t speak of  ‘lack,’  but infused our lives with what we had and made the most of it by emphasizing the fun of stuff, and in other ways;  teaching me  ‘first things – first’,  ‘doing it right the first time’, and celebrating anything and everything we could.  She too, had an innate sense of beauty;  if we had lived in a shack, she would have made it beautiful.  Don’t know if I was just that kind of kid or it was because she was just that kind of mother – – but I would have done anything in the world for her just to please her.  It was like that.  My life was good, but it wasn’t  for most adults, I’ve heard.  

FDR put people back to work,  built an infrastructure and an economy – almost a modern miracle.  Then the rumblings of war abroad.  Of course it was a great hardship, costly; there were shortages of meats and shoes (I really noticed that as a pre-teen),  stuff was rationed during world war 2.  But the people!. . .the people were a mish-mosh of everything back then just as they are now.  But the common bond of being American was evident.  People were generous, more willing to understand the next one.  Not saints mind you– there were all the usual differences of color and ethnicity and petty prejudice. . . but a bond of our common purpose seemed to be more meaningful then.  

We had not become chemicalized in the thirties or forties, therefore all food was ‘organic’ the way it was meant to be. . .wholesome,  nutrient- dense.  The soil it came from was teeming with natural life, rich and fertile.  There was no autism,  weird allergies and food sensitivities and I never heard of Alzheimer’s. People went to doctors when  something got broken or hurt to get bandaged back up.  Doctors were affordable and meds were  generally closer to nature – they helped, didn’t further make you sick.   The doctor – patient relationships were trusting, kind and beneficial to both  It worked..

So different now;  few but the wealthy and the indigent among us can avail the medical community, for it has become almost unrecognizably different.  It is a reflection of the changes which currently rule brought about by the elevation of the worship of materialism (money-greed), corporate domination and the political power structure which allows it.  Medicine and BIG PhRMA rules have pervaded almost everything including infringing our individual rights  and freedoms (which are constitutionally guaranteed),  through mandatory “health dictates” on inoculations, vaccinations, etc.   Citizens are being forced to submit to these rules or face NOT having their children allowed in school;  their doctors refusing to care for their little ones unless they are vaccinated!  All this continues even though huge majorities are rebelling and refusing to submit and go along to get along.  When devastation follows with increasing numbers of autistic children,  help is not forthcoming or acknowledged and no one is liable.  Families are ruined; life is unfair. . .but hey, those corporations are on a roll.   Keep making  so much money, it is beyond all reason.  They are killing us, maiming our little ones because they know how to play the Washington games.   The on-going saga of ever-increasing pharmaceutical pricing is beyond insanity.  I say ‘get rid of them all’ and go back to teaching doctors how to BE doctors again.  

Natural, plant-based and herbal medicine is CHEAP and “it works.”    But doctors are conditioned  (thru their educational training)  by BIG PhRMA, who sets the agenda, etc.  This is why Pharmaceuticals are the dominant answer to anything which might take one to a physician.  Because pharma is chemical in nature,  made in laboratories,  —  it is not recognized   by the body  (or body friendly) and this  results in some degree, to adverse body reaction or so-called side effects. It is ‘stuff’ the body endeavors to rid itself of.  People have come to accept this as if that is all there is. Most do not realize that pharmaceuticals generally don’t help much as they, by and large,  just manipulate the symptoms – – do not cure anything.  To heal, (a function of the body, for it is alway the body which does the healing),  one must address the cause which essentially is either a deficiency (lack of nutrient),  or some kind of toxin which now permeates our modern world.   What this means to the body is that it must fight off this foreign invader. . . and so, reacts, which in itself is a further burden to the body.  

In the 21st century, few can escape the onslaught of toxic chemicals. . . no matter how careful one might be in food choices and preparation.  Much vigilance is needed,  so ultimately, the burden remains upon us individually to do the best we can in this regard.  Takes awareness,  becoming informed and much diligence.  My regular readers know that I am caring for my own 6 chronic diseases on my own, not  having seen a doctor in over 6 years or so. Doing Okay (for  87) Alzheimer’s, arthritis, hypertension, heart issues, COPD and thyroid,  w/no OTC or PhRMA.   All are now under fair control and some not even noticeable these days.  The need to cope w/Alzheimers which had so crushed me to a pitiful state was the impetus which got me on this roll of self-help  and I’m so glad I did.  My brain is doing maybe better than some of my other parts as of now.   

Doctors are no longer the trusted care-givers of old who sought cause areas and natural, body recognizable solutions.   Now they have become little more than shills for the BIG PhRMA cartels who rake in billions.  When the patient sees his doctor with complaints of illness or woes, the physician responds with symptom-supervision by means of the prescription pad.  it may be that doctors don’t understand enough about the body to be able to connect the dots and find cause areas, which most generally can be treated with changes in diet or nutritional deficiencies which then effect some, one or all of the hormonal systems which in time, if left untreated, will rob the body of any chance to expect a normal life back again.   And this is much more than just a double whammy, because, it isn’t just that pharmaceuticals are laboratory-constructs — it also that we are being injured by corporate and governmental greed with regard to our very food with genetic modification (GMO’s), farmed fish,  cruel raising of our food animals with un-natural feed which is unhealthy for them. . . which makes them unhealthy for us, since we eat them.  Not to mention the deprived soils, which unless they are “organic” farms, have nothing to brag about.  Those who can’t afford to see a doctor, generally, also can’t afford to eat organic.  So the masses are existing on nutrition-less  rather than nutrient-dense food — and when ill, get toxic chemicals called medicine. . . which compounds the problems.  

Here and there I refer to doctors in general terms as if they all are in the same club, or think the same way. . .do the same type of routine — just prescription writing.  This is a fault and it is careless and over-simplification.  I admire doctors who serve with their heart,  brain and intelligence.  So many get into the practice of medicine  to help – – that’s  a given.  I will say however, the state of health and medical care in United States of America is deplorable and has been since before Obama.  Our president tried desperately to do right by us – sought single payer system which I was for, but as all know – he was shot down on almost everything he tried to do.  There are many, many physicians who becoming dissatisfied with their practice, chose to study further, then enter into more holistic, natural methods which in fact – truly helps people.   Allopaths are NOT the only answer.  My latest find who literally blows me away is not even an MD, but is a chiropractor who has been in business over 25 years and teaching Nutritional medicine in hospitals, medical schools as well as maintaining his practice.  Have never come across someone who DOES connect the dots like he does and is helping people all over youtube, in lectures, books and online. His name is Dr Eric Berg.  If ya wanna learn how to help yourself, . . .check him out.

So, along with the addition of Chemical companies like Monsanto etal, who are doing a great job of poisoning the soil itself and all the plants growing on our lands with the huge assortment of life-robbing elements;  between these and the multi thousands of other chemicals used in our clothing, cosmetics,  cans and other containers;  in our water systems,  infusions in the air we breathe. . . . we are faced with a bombardment from  chemicals on every front.  It is a wonder that we are surviving as well as we are.   Our species is remarkable, strong and perfectly designed.  We are the highest form of intelligence on the planet.  But what individual deliberately burns his own house (planet) down?   It is long past time that we once again put our good minds to work for our own survival.  Somehow,  our people are going to have to deal with all these various issues collectively, intelligently. . . for the good of all,  which is to say, there must be dialogue, scientifically based with the intention to preserve what we know is correct and reasoned on facts.  This is not political.  This is survival.  In China and some other places, masks must be worn to walk or be outside.  That’s no way to treat our planet.  Like someone we all once loved said some years back. . . .” can’t we all just get  along? ”         Jan


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