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December 13, 2016

“Hope” w/ 12-19-16 ELECTORAL ‘vote’

ELETORAL COLLEGE Final tally Dec. 19

Watching so little TV now, hadn’t heard til  friends called to extend a reason for ‘hope.  As I mentioned in previous post,. . am doin’ my darnedest to re-focus from the political scene in order to preserve the threads of normalcy and allow me to function.  Like I said, I was kinda up there with some who preferred jumping from a rooftop, or migrating elsewhere (destination hazy – just,  not here).  But, lets face it, that isn’t practical or helpful in any way.      

I said Hillary has won the vote by more than two million,. . . .that’s closer to three million as of now as some of the final numbers come in for various reasons.   Apparently more recounts are being demanded as well.   Also, hearing that President Obama is demanding a sped-up report on the “electoral final vote tally.  And also, a great many Republicans are highly agitated by the Russian involvement in messing with our political system to benefit their friend, Donald.   No American should tolerate such interference from another country let alone an adversary of such incredible,   terrifying reputation.

It seems the December 19th wrap-up is a usual function which allows for a count and/or recount in order that some of those electors can recast or change their vote.  This has been going on since the days of Hamilton, through which the exorcise of, would be the assurance that no foreign government could influence this  our  most valued of all freedoms – to vote into office, the choice of our people.Their vote is supposed to reflect the voice of the people in the state which they represent.   This may be more important than ever due to the changing totals and the recent noises we’re hearing. Might not hurt to call those party leaders in your own state to show your concern that full attention should be paid to this matter and all goes according to Hoyle.

In such a short space of time we have slipped from being a sorta unified nation based on honorable principles with laws to back them up. .  .  . to having become a warring nation — WITH EACH OTHER;  great frustration, anguish, fear and really unnecessary pain.  A nation divided!   We all learned in school, a nation divided against itself, cannot stand.       Nor should it, if that is the base from which it functions — with hatred, bigotry and unequal justice for all.  The president-elect’s ‘cabinet choices’ are frightening, indeed, as they clearly show Don the Con is NOT thinking about the little guy. . .the struggling, sinking underclass of you and me.  

See,  I’m staying  cool. . . .  not blowing up too much, nor am I weeping as I sit here. Wearing blinders like they put on a horse. .”don’t think of the planet,” . . . . .  “don’t think of the planet’                           .  .   .    .    just sayin’             Jan


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