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December 8, 2016

In 6 Wks, can we fix this mess?

Where are Washington’s Legal Brainiacs?  

Watched Rachel Maddow last night (6th) as she described  the 15 and 16 century history of England’s King Charles who may have been kinda lecherous (12 mistresses and kids with them all) aside from his queen.  Nearly broke the bank on his spending and it was serious.  Struck a dicker with the king of another country (France, or was it Italy?)  He needed money and he promised to become a Christian if his friend-king would give him a heavy endowment for as long as he lived.  A plot like this would never sell in today’s market!  Frankly, unbelievable.  She’s not a Rhodes Scholar for nothing,. . .she has stuff like this coming out of every pore.  Most interesting.        

Anyway, by the 17th century when all the future Americans showed up, scrounged around, dug in and carved out a plan for what kind of country and government they would want – DEMAND,  .  .  .  there was going to be a whole lot of provisions to keep stuff on the up and up, legitimate. . . . with extremely strong strictures on government service people (including everyone ieven the president, etc.) Their history still burned in their guts,  so they took great pains to spell it out – -CLEARLY.    There was to be no receiving of gifts or other items of value to completely prevent anything  which could smack of “self-interest” in any and all dealings.  Rachel and others have discussed ’emollients’  which apparently is a field which covers many of the ins and outs of all these and various other situations, like divestiture of business interests  which TRUMP had been taunting Hillary for – even tho she and Bill had already agreed to this divestiture and blind trust measures.  TRUMP spoke of doing the same,. . . until he changes his mind.  Says he can do both at  the same time  and one wouldn’t interfere with another.  

All this is long-standing tradition.   It would/should produce a fairer  result in the way government works.  TRUMP wants no part of it.  He will do his business and is already making international contacts  to insure his own future fabulous wealth.  He’s already doing it! and so is Ivanka.  But he’s not into daily briefings from the inner workings of government — he has no interest and rarely avails this important function to run our government..  It is frightening the way he is bringing in Generals to run everything!  This is contrary to our principals of having NON-MILITARY officials to run even our military.  No one wants a police state.  Thats the crap that caused World War 11 – a military state.    This is not going forward, it is deeply retrenching into the past, of which most of you know little about.  But additionally, many of these so-called new leaders are anti everything, racist and haters.  What good can come of that?

TRUMP’s claim to be a president for ALL AMERICANS was the biggest lie of all, as any who actually listened to him could easily see.  We now have every sort and section of people calling their local officials because they are scared as hell.  One can’t rabble-rouse, divide, belittle and discriminate against groups without this being the natural result.  With this much hatred, bigotry division and disdain, how can anyone bring our country together?.  .  .   well of course,  if you’re gonna run everything through Generals – military control, guess there’s a possibility.    This man may sit in the white house one day, but he’ll never be MY PRESIDENT. Each day brings more anguish, sadness and sense of loss.          

Is there no one left in Washington who is ballsy enough to  stand up and put an end to this misery?  He is breaking all the rules of ethics and responsibility.   There are tons of reasons why he isn’t fit  to be president  aside from his greedy, despicable nature  which actually only serves his own needs  (ego, financial or otherwise).      

I don’t look forward to facing the New Year if this is all there is.  I have loved my blog for almost nine years.  Health, joy and the good life which encompasses the wonders of this beautiful planet.  Humanity is destroying it for the sake of greed. TRUMP doesn’t believe in the ‘climate change’ theory. . . as his cabinet choices clearly show.  When he has taken all the good things we’ve accomplished and trashed them,  it is going to be so MUCH harder to claim the hard won mileage back.   I wish you all well and that you can find hope for the future.       Jan


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