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December 1, 2016

TRUMP Drama Continues . . .

Look Who’s having fun and Enjoying it!

Looky, ,  ,  look at what I  did!   I said I’d do it and now I have. . . and I’m not even in office yet . . . whoopee.  Lets celebrate – – this is so much fun!  

This is so absurd, thoughtless and loaded with long-term consequences.   Trump has vowed to bring jobs back to America, but such stuff must be done within legitimate legal parameters and this is not that. Washington’s money is there because of taxation,  for the purpose of paying for duly processed agreements, enactments and/or  laws. To run our government and pay for things, processes and functions for which the people clamor and agree upon.  This is not that.  We should never be paying people off to stay in our country;  on the contrary . . . there should be really big prices to pay for betraying our own people by using the freedoms, facility and forces built into our magnificent country, to build and establish a business functioning well, but deciding that moving to another country would be more financially beneficial for them.  . .  and just pull out ignoring the pain and unemployment left behind.  This is not equitable.  .  .  not the American way.  

What Trump has done ignorantly opens the door to hundreds if not multitudes of others who feel they could do the same thing as a way of getting  big bucks for threatening the same thing (whether they intended this or not).  Trump also wants to lower the corporate tax rate down to 15% and claims that it will be offset by removing other so-called tax abatements and goodies.    Yeah, sure.  AND he says he is going to give tax breaks to the working-class  people.   Nice – once we get over such a shock.   Which leads one to wonder, how do we pay for all the things our government is now trying to do? (and has been failing to do for decades now).    It takes MONEY.   Which is why the GOP has been after privatizing Medicare (that would kill it off, once and for all),  and modernizing Social Security,  by raising the age limits and limiting the benefits.  Where is caring, fairness and concern for all those who have done the best they could all their days?  Where is choice and fairness for our elders?  Many would gladly leave the planet, and could,   if we happened to live in the one or two states which allow . . . end-of-life euthanasia — that not being available, what choice is left?  Starve, suffer, sleep on park benches?  Lets please try to muster some common sense if not compassion.  

An additional item TRUMP wants to get rid of (or fix), is the problem of REGULATIONS. I want it fixed too!   Regs should work to do the job which was intended – – to insure safety to the buyer or consumer.  The public no longer has any sense of security regarding so many things previous generations took for granted. .. . such as food grown by farmers (Monsanto hadn’t taken over the world yet),  . . . when a doctor advised one to eat or do something, we did that (eat better, drink less, exercise more, etc.), .. . but now, doctors aren’t into lifestyles much other than simple cliches,  instead, there are prescription pads and pharmaceuticals – all of which carry their own gift of woes.  We no longer have SCIENCE on our side to point to knowing that what we are taking/doing is SAFE.    CELL PHONES blow up in faces;  cars can leap ahead into crashes without provocation;  every body and his agent or representative shares your private information wth anyone who will pay to acquire the info.   We are all sitting ducks in this horrible game of business “SMARTS”. . . and we no longer have any privacy or protection from prodding eyes.  Not a comfortable place to be.  But regulations work to an extent. . . not enough to be sure, by an effort s made.   The EPA is shot down by Governors and local governments as a burden – too costly and a financial drain.  (been detailing the Great Lakes disaster for so many years now and its not getting better — this is one of our greatest resources.)  Of course now-a-days,  its the Consumer Protection agencies landing on the chopping block. Too expensive!  WE NEED THIS,    

My fellow Americans, how do you like the way TRUMP is cleaning out the swamp?  I dare not discuss it, I’ll lose my supper.   Jan


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