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November 27, 2016

Eden Energy – Help to ‘cope/survive’

Donna shares to help us all

Most of you know that I am a nut for “energy medicine” (goes back at least 50 years), and there are so many avenues open to us, just a matter of our choice – what “feels good,  comfortable.”  Between EFT and EEM. . .almost nothing we can’t accomplish.  I use both.  But Donna’s EEM has shown to me that we can not only right many if not most conditions of the body which plague us, but that  in the aligning of our unique, vital energies into harmony.  .  .   we can also, more easily accept our world as it appears to us.  

Those abroad have already been dealing with huge and frightening ‘changes’ brought on with BREXIT.  Now, we are also faced with what appears to be unsurmountable possibilities.  I’ve been overwhelmed,  and I believe there are countless millions of fellow Americans who are also suffering. We are not going to give up. . . ..cede our values and principles, or just ignore what is.  We will stay alert and do all we must,   to be sure.  But we can’t just force our minds and emotions to behave and do the right things – – ramming through whatever comes!  We shall honor rules of behavior . . . and the LAW!  We must not allow apparent insanity or mayhem to shape our destiny.  

In all of this, let us not forget that our first rule of business in all of life is to be happy and even joyous.  We can’t do this unless our hearts and minds strive in the same direction.   This comes out of harmony within, never force . .. always freedom.  There are times when the stresses of life cause our internal energy patterns to go out of whack – – scramble.  Then we don’t function optimally or even comfortably; sometimes, the right words won’t come out of our mouths or even pass through our minds.  When this stuff happens — life seems to suck – BIG TIME!  But. when we’re there, stuck like that, seems we can’t get out of our own way.    These energies I refer to are dwelling in certain areas of the body, governing pathways called meridians and each meridian seems to have dominion over various organs and inter-relatedness with all the other meridians and organs.    It’s another one of those chicken or egg things — which comes first?  Life causes this. It’s how we react to that which we experience.  How we think.  It’s ALL part of the game of life and how to play it  and we have the free will to do just that – any way we want to.  Personally, I know miserable and I know happy.  I much prefer feeling good.    

Anyway, I do have several Donna Eden Books on Energy Medicine.  Its wonderful reading.  Have a few videos as well showing how she does what she does and has shared around the world.  I fully encourage anyone who wishes  to do likewise.  But this is not required to be able to enjoy the fruits of a few explicit how-to’s which Donna has decided to give out to any and all who want to avail this information.  There are a couple of movements or exercises which she explains simply and explains why they are done;    they aren’t complicated  to do.

I am so touched by her loving gesture, and you will see what I mean as you do the exercises.  Hope you enjoy,         Jan                                                       (P.S. the letter is addressed to Genevieve (what my mama dubbed me)


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