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November 22, 2016

New series “SHOOTER”

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While I am not into guns  –  tho I have owned one, . . . it was at a time when I thought it would be my  solution to the crazy gun violence in the streets. . .  living alone, made sense.  But it’s presence in my abode was a continual threat and reminder and not a solution I could live with.  Wasn’t making me more secure, . . . only insured my vulnerability and  ‘sense of fear’. . so contrary to the way I had  lived and thought.   Referring to being inner-directed and feeling that I was protected already by powers beyond my understanding.   That awareness comes from within and radiates outward,  thus creating the opening of  powerful, positive ‘protection’.  .  .  s’ how the ‘Law of Attraction’  works;  you choose the better thoughts. . . you feel better  with and can be happy about.    Sold my unused gun to a very pleased buyer.        

Anyway,  this is just an aside to wanting to speak about the new show Shooter referenced below.  I’m really not a gun-lover nor do I have any knowledge about artillery and the appreciation/love of such.  Just not my thing, but understand those who take pride is such precision and/or ownership.  It’s part of our background — who we are.  And a good thing, used judiciously.  Guns are a tool, neither good nor bad.  I love excellent tools, important to me.  The artisan or technician is no better than his tools! So I place great stock in quality (scissors, pots and pans, knives, brushes and so on)   Ditto with TV entertainment.  I love “This is Us,”   “Bull,”  “Charley Rose,”   “Mom.”   “How To Get Away with Murder,”  “Conviction,”  “Chicago Fire”  and “PD” and OWN’s  “GreenLeaf,”  and “Sugar Queen,” and the nightly “TD Jakes,”  Already added Shooter to my roster (tonite will be 2nd show)  S’ about character, precision and Phillippe is just so damned easy to look at.  Top drawer for anyone who might be up for another really good show.  . . . .   just sayin’       Jan

Playing sniper gives Ryan Phillippe stage to honor veterans

Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe), an ex-marine sniper in “Shooter”

By Kathryn Shattuck  The New York Times  •  Tuesday November 22, 2016 

NEW YORK — Ryan Phillippe was so committed to his new show, ‘‘Shooter,’’ that he was willing to take a flying leap — off a fourth-floor balcony.The actor performed his own stunts in the conspiracy thriller, including a terrifying plunge from an apartment down onto a car that was featured in the season premiere.‘‘It wasn’t a macho, self-serving thing,’’ Phillippe said. ‘‘Television has gotten so good, and audiences savvier, and they’re looking for that switch shot where it’s clearly not you. I thought if we’ve got this guy where it’s him against the world, I wanted them to see me get a little beat up.’’In ‘‘Shooter,’’ which is shown Tuesdays on the USA Network, Phillippe takes his knocks as Bob Lee Swagger, an ex-Marine sniper lured back into action when his former commanding officer (Omar Epps) brings him into a clandestine operation — only to frame him for murder.Adapted from the 2007 Mark Wahlberg movie, as well as ‘‘Point of Impact,’’ the Stephen Hunter novel, the series was scheduled to debut in July, before its premiere was postponed twice after mass shootings in Dallas and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Phillippe — father of three and ambassador for Hidden Heroes, a support network for military caregivers — talked about the art of the long shot and guns in American society.

Q: ‘‘Shooter’’ has finally arrived after a four-month postponement. How did you feel about the delay?

A: We have a really good show that should stand apart from current events. But I applaud the network’s sensitivity. We talked about changing the title after the show was postponed, but it has somewhat of a built-in audience because of the movie. So this postponement allowed us to refocus the marketing and make it clear that Bob Lee was set up for an assassination that he was not a part of and is in pursuit of the actual shooter. It also gave us time to let people know that a touchstone of our show is to treat veterans with respect, to treat weapons with respect.

Q: What about the role won you over?

A: The first thing Mark Wahlberg (an executive producer) said to me was, ‘‘I love this character, and you’re my first choice.’’ And I found that so flattering. Then I got really into the idea of the action of it. I’m 42, and I can’t do hard-core action much longer.

Q: Is shooting a sniper rifle just like any other?

A: There’s something Zen and meditative about the head space a sniper needs to get into in order to hit a shot a distance of a half-mile or more. The breathing is absolutely essential. You have to gently pull the trigger at the very bottom of your exhale because even your heartbeat can throw off the accuracy of the shot at that distance.

Q: How did you train?

A: I went to (the U.S. Marine Corps’) Camp Pendleton and they took me to the range with three bona fide Marine special-ops snipers. On my second shot, on a 12-inch target, at almost 900 yards, I hit it. And they were dumbfounded. This story can be verified.

Q: After filming the season, you recuperated at the beach in Delaware with your family. Are you a hometown boy made good?

A: I definitely am. Delaware is a state (of less than 1 million people), and outside of Joe Biden, I may be the most famous. (Laughs.) Suffice to say that everyone in Delaware knows my name.


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