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November 20, 2016

1 Good thing re: TRUMP

Willing to look at TRUMP w/new eyes

Perhaps I’ve just lived too long to keep on keeping on;   for what ever reason — the flavor seems to be missing and all seems to be more than I  can handle, or want to.   In case you’re thinking someone needs to put a firecracker under me. . . (well, someone did!)   Don’t really ‘know’ my current viewers as I  did yesteryear as a prolific blogger,  so don’t know if any  understand my general circumstances in life.  Who I am and why I do what I do.   So a mini recap may be in order.  

As a long-time respecter of health and the belief that  all are entitled to good experiences as I have known; and coupled with being a ‘sharer,’  and the good fortune to find helpful people and books which led to my becoming more equipt to be able to handle my own physical needs competantly. . . some years ago when I saw that I was becoming my mother and going down the same path which did her in,  – – I called a halt to it all and determined to find a more natural way and to not ingest any more pharmaeutials.  I had been a difficult patient for any doctor, to be sure.  I questioned everything –  expecting answers which made sense to me, that I could digest and work with. The meds dotors made me take delivered all kinds of extra problems for me that I hadn’t known before.  I’ve shared most of these details over the years, so not going to rehash here.  But I was guilted into compliance. . . what would my granddaughters do if I just keeled over – what then?  Who would care for them as I had been doing the previous decade?     (Heart disease, big Thyroid problems, COPD, HBP, arthritis and of course, the Alzheimer’s thing. 

I wasn’t gettng better,  I was getting worse and told I needed even more prescriptions.  I was no dummy,  had been learning about alternatives in healing therapies.  Knew of  options  that to my mind were superior, preferable.  In fact were more in keeping with my way of thinking and living. Naturapathic and other alternative practitioners believe that one must stop the toxins from from dibilitating the body to be just as important as feeding the body the food it was meant to have – clean, organic, non-poisoned foods. (the way all food was  say, 50 years ago).  Put another way, it is generally two simple cause areas which lead to the majority of health problems. .  .  lack of or bad nutrient and the other is toxic interference in the body’s ability to right tself and heal from afflicting conditions.  It is always the body which does the healing, if it is allowed to function as it should.  Again, I’ve done this to death. . .so only a few-word nut-shell.  

Have done okay for my body/health,   far from perfect, but considering the medical community couldn’t bring my blood pressure under control in over ten years — it’s in normal limits now.   A five year trauma of A-fib and all that goes with it, hospital tests, treatments even a stay to load up on meds,  well, don’t notice the A-fib anymore. . .but my heart was pretty well beaten up and enlarged from all that it went thru, so there is that, but I sleep well w/o that awfull beating/fear that it brought.  Feed it well and it comes first. . . thanks Dr Harry!. . . for teaching me what to do in your book.  COPD no longer a problem, breathe easy now.  Both parents were wheel-chair bound with arthritis and died with dimentia.  With all I do for my brain and heart  (both hungry organs),  it is no wonder that they have responded.  Lots of coconut oil, fermented chocolate, amino acids I learned about from two cardiologists – naturopath Dr Harry Elwardt (Let’s Stop the @1 Killer of Americans Today) and of course, Metabolic Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra  (The Sinatra Solution).

When one sees how swiftly the body responds, with no side effects other than getting better, stronger. . . no mystery there.  The whole body is interwoven together with such beauty and magic; each system functioning hand-in-glove with the other – in harmony.  Needs are being met – ENERGY NEEDS!. . not chemicals to slow the whole thng down.  Of course there is diet, and choices and the desire to accomplish – to be willing.  Since I have been the eternal student, I have continued to be alert to the new and possible.  Some of the first hurdles my mind had to accept and use was the reality of the importance to our most vital organs (brain and heart) of FATS.  Didn’t stick a toe in the water – I jumped in and went deep – all in.  How wrong so many advisors have been.  Just consider how dreadful the cost to so many thousands or millions with the unsubstantiated  ‘science’ of the low-fat diet.

My latest and most scrutable, beneficial  effort has been the Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C and separately – Glutathione.  I take huge amounts of both daily.  I can not explain the gratitude I have for both.  While I still have many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s;  still can’t recall the name of someone or something when I want to, at times.  Stress can destroy me now turn me weepy, where as through life, I could handle everything, somehow manage to take all in stride and be strong, Not so anymore.  But I have to say, it’s a small price to pay because I still know who I am, what I think and how I feel.  It’s very clear, I’m still me with that infernal tendency to judge according to my own tendencies or pre-dilectiuons.  aarrgh! .  .  . who needs perfection?   

But this election run-up and the horruble results nearly did me in.  I wanted Bernie, not Hillary; but I voted for her over the man whose name I find it hard to equate with “president” in any way.    This has taken a toll on me.  A deep one.  UNTIL TODAY. (I loved Dr Harry’s book, learned to help myself so much, credit his words for my recovery, so I looked him up online and saw he had a nonthly newsletter and have been getting it for a couple of years.  Not a biggie.  Has about 5 issues he addresses with eah one.  He dwells in an entirely different subset from anything I have known, so I find it interesting, tho not crazy about his delivery. He seems to be privy  to information I’m not hearing otherwise.  No matter how he sounds or what he says, He shall remain on a top shelf with me beause of what he has given to me and my life.  Wasn’t prepared to hear him speak of Hillary and Trump. Had to listen twice.  This email had been sitting in my inbox since before voting day as I had not been taking care of bsiness too much lately (in the dumps).  

So Dr Harry isn’t a Hillary fan and he sure spelled it out. ..stuff I never heard, but it fits and I don’t know why I didn’t know of her  involvement with Monsanto and other bio-chemical companies and close alliance with the vaccine mandates etc.,.  My God in Heaven!  There is nothing I put above the importane of the individual health of people, not just our people — all people.  I knew about Wall Street and the banks etc, but this is insane.  And to think I voted for her!  He goes on to say that Trump is very much into organic and against GMO’s.  On that point alone — he would have had my vote.  Which is not to say I believe he’ll do 1/2 the stuff he said he would do.  He is too unstable and self absorbed for my taste.  Sometimes, we can’t have what we want, when we want it.  If we stay vigilent and pay a bit of attention, we’ll probably survive.        Jan  

The link to Dr Harry is below:


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