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November 12, 2016

Doin’ your duty can do us in

Yes, this was a miserable voting season

 it’s gotta get better


The results of the election are most certainly not what more than half of the people of this nation were expecting.  For so many reasons.  It is easy to empathize with all those in shock, disbelief and outright dispair over our fates and future.  Where do we go from here?  What’s next?  This is bigger than BREXIT and even our world is atremble as the major economic/moral leader of the world seems to be up-side-down.. . .so yeah, this is big.

My hysteria has stopped, tears  too, but a long way from standing on firm ground. My experience with the Bernie pain has taught me that this won’t kill me.  The world goes on. And if we can muster even a bit of equilibrium and grace that Obama and Hillary have shown with their intelligent, accepting and gracious speeches to the nation,  then yes, we too can survive.  

What seems so strange to me in all of this is the utter confusion as  to “why”  this could have happened.  There seems no known or even remote cause for this inexplicable outcome.  Which  in itself. . .reveals the answer.  Whole lot of talk about the college educated  males, females;  the non-college men and women;    the latino community, the  non-white and so on. . ..  

For so many decades we have rich getting richer,  the poor getting poorer;  promises all over the place about most of it – – We hear you, help is on the way.  We’re gonna fix it.  But fixin’ never comes. . . often gets worse.  Generations are being reared in uninhabitable environments (by any normal and fair judgement of standards).  Where is freedom of choice? relief of pain when sick?  Where is fairness in consumer protection (the poor paying thru the nose with high interest rates in the 20’s and the wealthy with the cheapest rates or ‘0’);  the children of wealthy with great school districts yet deeply lacking in poorer  districts, leaving these unprepared for life as an adult on any but unfavorable terms. . .even unable to read.  But this is a subject too big for a simple one-line reference.  We have Government such as Flint Michigan where poisoning people’s water to save money goes on without attention . . The people have not been made whole nor has the Governor been made to account for it.  There are laws to prevent all this. . .but what good are they if not enforced  (like the bankers of Wall Street who never were made to be accountable either).   PEOPLE ARE BEING INJURED HERE!   but where’s the fix?  

But of course,  there’s another way to say this. . .it’s the “working class”. . .the blue-collar workers,  those in unions, and forgotten folks like 2nd and 3rd generation miners.  I’m for the green movement too, perhaps more than many others.  If we are to save the planet, we can’t continue doing what we’ve been doing. . .we must stop depleting the earth’s natural resources via flat-top mountain mining and ‘fracking’.   But what about all those people who proudly did these honest and worth-while jobs?  Where is the fairness in removing their livelihood and not providing an alternative solution?  Nothing about this is equitable.    I have written about this subject frequently; not everyone can or desires to go to college.  Many like to work with their hands and/or move their body.  Trade schools are of extreme importance.  I continue to read of companies  who cannot meet the public demand for what they offer because it is next to impossible to find help in the so-called “trades” to build or construct — not aqueducts or monuments, but simple stuff like windows and siding, etc.  The need is out there.  

Anyway,  there are massive numbers of forgotten people who have voted year after year for their party and no matter how good, clear or convincing they sound,  far too little gets done for accomplishing and/or fixin’ stuff.   They wait while life and their dreams pass them by.  It is no surprise that they might be willing to give this non-political guy a try (no matter how unrealistic or unprepared he may be to do anything of merit)   Anyway, I see why they want to give it a go.      But I couldn’t do  that in my case, because Trump has clearly shown us all who he is, and I believe what I have seen.  

For my part, I can’t think or feel the way Obama and Clinton have so beautifully expressed cooperation and willingness to assist Trump prepare for success in the WhiteHouse.  They have no option, being intelligent, sophisticated political ‘experts’. . they must do this, and know how, even if it kills them in the doing.   I can’t!   All that I have said about Don the “con” is still the same and grows worse by the day as I see his  repulsive demeanor go on and on speaking out of both sides of his mouth at once.  My angst rises and I am grief-stricken for this beloved country.  I cannot understand how this bully can push his way into the midst of Washington, do any damned thing he wants to and get away with it.  No genuine medical records;  no true financial records or income tax returns;  he is bringing in the worst slime out there he can find to run things with bigotry and  bias and discord; also bringing in his whole family to run things and pick out his cabinet.   We didn’t vote for his family to all be put on payroll too.  

This man is the worst kind of charlatan imaginable.   he doesn’t know the first thing about running our government.  I believe all of us are going to rue the day so many have been taken in by this pathetic excuse of a man.  All who voted for him are going to greatly regret this slip in judgement,  tho I do understand what prompted those desperate votes. . .hoping that “anything” is gonna be better than the same ole, same ole that leaves us all hanging out here in limbo, without a chance.  

This is OUR country, yours and mine. . . all of us together,  I implore you to stay vigilant…   .  don’t assume ANYONE can make it all better,. . ..   .  .  it’s gonna take us all being alert and keep an eagle eye on every step taken.  This is not a toy for trump — it’s our country, our home. .  .  and we’d  better protect it.  (Wish I could be out there with all of you as you protest nightly — thanks for doing this.  I’m with you in spirit, heart and mind.)  Jan


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