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October 30, 2016

No Cure for Shingles? . .wrong!

There’s help + pain gone in hours

Yes, I’ve addressed SHINGLES  several times  (making tolerable with EFT) and so on.  But there is no real help for Shingles per the medical community.  Tho I have not experienced this, I’ve known those who  do suffer with it and it is particularly cruel.  They say this viral infection springs from having had chicken-pox during childhood, and this  experience left behind (somehow) traces, deep inside certain cells which then can activate much later as an adult.  There is  no explanation offered with regard to why some become afflicted later with shingles and others do not.   It is not known what then ‘triggers’ the disease to flourish and traumatize some and not others.  I had chicken pox, and also  3 times with measles.  Not fun to go thru, but helps to build a tougher, mightier immunity. . so a bit of give and take.  

A post or two back, I was detailing that my health picture throughout my life was marred by colds, flu and pneumonia, til in my 60’s,  learning about the efficacy of Vitamin D3;  then getting my  level up from 13 to 75 and how grateful I am that I have benefited from an improved pulmonary system — no more colds, flu or pneumonia. Guess I actually forgot what a cold feels like as I haven’t had one in so  long.  

Last nite I retired early, quite tired, w/o washing face or brushing teeth – – just couldn’t muster the energy.  Then proceeded to have a terrible night.  Began coughing.  Nose was stuffy – hard to breathe.  Kept waking me. Not too sharp when I’m groggy.  Throughout the night, I was rattling around trying to figure out what was wrong.  Made some tea with Honey for my irritated throat, took about three Oregano capsules (which I always used to take with C. for a cold or anything having to do with an infection.   A COLD!  Impossible!. . .but just in case I grabbed the LIPO C from the frig and started dosing.  I took 2 ounces or more about every hour or so.  Had wrapped my neck with scarf after DIY mentholatem was applied. (my choice of yesteryear was Vick’s Vaporub, but uses a mineral oil suitable only to the automotive field- not healthy for us).  When I arose late morning, was good as new – no more cold.  IN MY LIFE, I NEVER LOST A COLD SO FAST!  

I recalled the advice of Dr Levy who introduced the Liposome-Encapsulated C (and Glutathione, etc), that one must continue the dosing thru completion  which generally means another day or two after being symptom free.  One not only feels better right-a-way,  but if pursuing correctly,  it is then a done deal – gone.  Eliminated.  That includes (incurable) Shingles, too.   Just sayin’. . . .   .  so, to this end, want to give you a link right to the horse’s mouth:


Reverse shingles with vitamin C


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