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October 27, 2016

GMO foods or “Health”?


Those who know anything about me, know that this is the ‘primary thrust’ of most of what I write about.  I believe we should work “with” NATURE and not try to overcome or defeat it.  Why?. . . because all that we can see, learn about or even imagine/dream is there and has been designed by powerful,  creative “force/energy”  with  wisdom and integration beyond the ability of our limited though magnificent , individualized complex natures to fully comprehend.  Some of us, sometimes, catch a brief glimpse of the “All That Is.”   And while this can humble,  we also resound. . .and realize we have been blessed. . .  we want more,  more of the knowing that our steps are heading in the direction our natures are instinctually, intuitively leading us toward — that which we desire. 

Just words, I know. . could relate to anything, any part of life.  You and I and the next one can be quite dissimilar in appearance, daily habits or choices,  goals and desires, ethnicity and food choices.  We are however, constructed in essentially the same way and our biological needs, again, are essentially the same. The variables and differences are delightful and to be appreciated and respected.  So no matter what part of the world we hail from,  what we need to survive is there.  The grand scheme of things included all  that,  we just have to find and utilize it.    That’s how we survived through eons of time.  Nature has in fact worked very well for us.  

But for some  — that wanting more takes on a whole different slant,  has become problematic and disproportionate.  It is GREED and it seems insatiable.  That the  health of people is being ruined (fact, not theory),  that the earth’s  composition is being altered leading us into a  possible 6th extinction (that means ‘no return’) and that we all are suffering, being violated;  our choices stripped from us over LOUD protestation over being poisoned, maimed and killed because of the very food-stuff we are accustomed to eat and should be able to continue eating.  Referring of course,  to all the Chemical Companies. . most especially MONSANTO who have made their living thru destruction, killing and sadly, through playing Russian Roulette with re-inventing new and cheaper, devitalized, toxic, injurious  Genetically Modified Foods.  GMO’s have never been shown to be safe, let alone be.   In fact, some of the best minds of the  last 30 – 40 years have PROVEN to the contrary – that they ARE NOT SAFE and are dangerous.  These highly respected scientists were fired, vilified and sued — ruined.  

Citizenry has signed petitions up the gazoo DEMANDING labels on food.  People have the right to know what they are eating,  what is in it and where it came from.  Thats what labels are for and is protected by law (or was)  But I guess this all changed March  25, 2013 when President Obama signed the MONSANTO PROTECTION ACT which allows  GMO’s to be planted without Federal over sight safeguards in place to protect the environment, family farmers or the citizens.  I didn’t realize this until recently.   It sickens me of course as he will no doubt go down in history over this.  This agreement can and should be overturned — we SHOULD ALL DEMAND IT!  Furthermore,  Hillary will have to provide healing, protective action to overturn this and protect the people of our land, just like the  leaders overseas who DO protect their people.  GMO’  do not Rule abroad – people won’t stand for it.

Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of our Lives on Vimeo › Raudne Tervis › Videos


This is “Genetic RouletteThe Gamble of our Lives” by raudnetervis on Vimeo, the home for high quality …


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