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October 2, 2016

GLOBAL Distrust of “Vaccines” (NVIC)

Good to know- IT’S NOT JUST ME

Bless NVIC — always keeping us in “the know” as this happens to be my #1 Hot Button issue- VACCINES.  Not just wrong, but criminal and obscene and cruel for all the damage they’ve been doing to us for decades.  I understand that I differ from the majority on this point and am probably deemed some kind of inane or even dangerous health nut.  Well,  I may be nutty as a fruit cake,  but if so, I’m still healthier than most any who simply do as they are told by the medical profession.  At 87, ingesting NO pharmaceuticals at all including OTC stuff.  Eat only food coming from my own kitchen, my own hands. . .and this last few years, greatly simplified – more juicing, salads and veggies. . .and sardines and nuts and lots of eggs.  My budget can’t tolerate too much organic meat (grass fed cattle and free-range chickens w/o corn and soy. . .why? (because it changes ‘what they are and what they can yield to us in nutritive value).  

Admittedly, I probably spend more on my (so-called) protocols for  heart, COPD, Alzheimers  and arthritis  and  thyroid– none of which bother me today. .  .  because I’ve made the effort to  learn what was missing in my body’s needs and am as scrupulous as can be regarding all toxins, whether it be additives in store-bought foods, cosmetics, shampoo, dental care or cleaning supplies.  The doctor who set me on the path in the first place was Dr. Hulda Rugher Clark in her book “the Cure for All Disease.”   Weird title, but got me started to become responsible for my own health. I owe her. Can’t overlook that I am somewhat past the  usual expiration date.  While if I were to take a blood test, I would not be surprised to learn that all my markers fall in good to excellent range.  Inflammation seems under control (naturally), am not having pain with my arthritis, seems to be no trace of my documented COPD anymore,  heart is still functioning fairly well (it was beaten up pretty badly 5 or 6 years ago). . .and then my brain truly seems   back in charge again.(the crowning achievement and what started it all)  But I’m slowed way down, don’t move as fast or as much as was once normal for me.. (the sin of comparison).  So  it takes longer to do what I want to do.  

I was a child in the 30’s.   Was able to live, grow, explore and discover because in those days,  FOOD WAS FOOD.  And  tho it wasn’t discussed, it was all organic.  Phony chemicals  hadn’t taken over at that time.  Fields were tilled and rotated plowing the old crops back in,  fertilizers were natural. We weren’t being poisoned by our farms.   Vaccines were rare and not a big deal.  I was mostly raised without them. My genes were allowed full and natural expression– they knew what to do (it’s built-in).  Excluding all other ‘what-ifs’ – its these two factors alone which allowed me to be active, on the go,   afraid of nothing and able to achieve whatever I was up to.  And all had that same chance.  Not so today.  Our children are debilitated in many ways which I place at the foot of medicine’s BIG PHARMA and it’s insatiable greed.. .and those who have bastardized our foods with GMO’s in keeping with the high-sounding need to feed the masses more cheaply.  Vaccines are dangerous IMO.   Which means my opinion of Gates running all over the world getting infants vaccinated wherever he can is anything but praiseworthy or noble.  He is highly lauded as if ‘sainthood’ should be just around the corner.  I curse him and consider his efforts evil.   Everyone needs healthy, natural FOOD and clean water which would allow them to find their way and survive.  Vaccines will hurt them in so many ways; dinged nervous systems,  injured brains,   impaired immunity which cuts anyone off at the knees before even starting.    

This article from NVIC isn’t overly long or detailed,  but it clearly shows that all the European nations individually and collectively have a totally different take on VACCINES than we do over here. .  .  with France holding the lowest view (trusts them less).  Makes you concerned why that is.  Don’t think we are just more gullible or uneducated.  Can’t handle more political talk at the moment. . .just read the artice and be sure and take in some of those comments – – they carry it further than I have and better.     .   .   be informed,       Jan

This first paragraph is one of the commenters:

K ShimmReply

September 20, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Yes, vaccines are not safe or effective in most cases. The CDC has admitted that “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe” but they aren’t pushed on the public to cull the population, rather to make billions for the pharmaceutical industry, which is not liable for damages according to an act of congress. There are far more effective ways to reduce the population, such as lax gun laws, chemical-laden food and water, and rampant pollution.

Here’s the link:


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