SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

October 1, 2016

Who are the pundits kidding?

Themselves,  not US

Why does everybody keep talking about the fact that so many young people are reluctant to vote for Hillary?  From all this, it might seem that the answer is some arcane thing  which perhaps only the few could understand.  They generally refer to how much better Obama did in this state or that. Well, duh. . . he blew the entire roof off any opposition 8 years ago as the populous clamored for his “new, clear voice and message.”  We liked what we heard.   That was then, this is now.  We are living in an entirely different dimension now.  While probably, most all of us still greatly admire this  able, courageous man;  the fight/task before him was not exactly ‘fixed’ — it was seemingly, set in stone.  The GOP vowed to curtail every effort, stop every advance designed for  “the greater good” rather than the select few (corporate structure).  Our hopes and his efforts were in almost each case, blocked or severely altered.  .  .  . and if that wasn’t enough, they continually claim he did nothing, was inept and so on.    Sure they HURT him,  but they HURT US MORE!    And our WORLD.  Science tells us that our weather is the hottest it has been in 120,000 years; is locked in to hitting it’s hottest mark in more than 2 million years.   Yes, science IS keeping track of such things.   Even if we don’t consider such stuff – – our eyes, ears and pocket books  can tell us  – – there’s something disturbing going on.

But the issue I take at this moment in time has nothing to do with Obama’s legacy.  Believe me when I say it has everything to do with what WE  (you and I) WANT  and NEED.  It’s the needs relative to ordinary everyday living issues that I and MILLIONS more like me who actually ARE able to discern what it is that we need and are entitled to,  or young,   and hoping to be able to make the life desired.  Young people especially are of great import, for it is with this class to whom the future belongs.  All this refers to the 90% – those below the financially elite of the world,  most of whom have  pretty much what they want, when they want it.  .. . the usual little blessings, you know,  healthcare, education,  shelter, food clothing. . . justice.  All those things add up.  

It’s this “mystery”  aspect thing going on which triggered my hot-button today.   There is no mystery to it at all. (smokin(CHOICE)ers will get it that I take politics very seriously.  Along with millions of other Americans, I heard the clarion call when I heard BERNIE.  He gave form to what we all need and found lacking in our governance.  He spoke truth to power,  gave us hope and  engaged us all in what was necessary TO DO and how to get it done.  Did it scare us off?  No way, now we knew how and what to do and he would guide us.   Who else has EVER done anything like that before? We were on a roll and each and everyone of us gave what we could in energy, time, voice and even our few pennies we could scrounge. We had our man, ethical to the core, true as they come.  Bernie wasn’t building an empire for himself,  he was showing us how to take back our governance and shape it to reflect the needs and well-being of ALL OUR PEOPLE. . .for the people, not the corporations.  

I am not against business success or making money – even in huge piles.  The way it has worked out has become hugely corrupt with political games being played to the detriment and deficit of the working-class people. . .inch by inch, little by little  until it has become intolerable.  We knew of the corruption but how to fix?  We learned we have to get that down-line thing going STRONGLY *  if we would have a chance to have our bills enacted rather than the corporate demands winning by economic default (buying their position)  on almost every possible item that we can take issue with. Which is why we can’t get rid of GMO’s – they’ve been bought and paid for.  Same with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers,  insecticides, amalgam in teeth, hormones and antibiotics in our food animals and feed.  This is all important – why?  Because it’s making us sick;  instead of being nourished, we are being poisoned with all kinds of things toxic to our bodies.  All this synthetic, toxic crap is destroying our personal health and destinies. . . and mostly, people don’t even know it.  Get sick, see a doctor, who (often) also doesn’t know, get some medicine (no advice),  but that med is also not body-recognizable – why?  because the medicine is a laboratory creation, not a natural herb, plant or substance — ergo toxic to the body, so does no good.  BIG PHRMA is happy, the docs aren’t (because their patients aren’t getting well) and some burn out, alas – must  do what they know. Still the sick and suffering are left in the dark and left to struggle.  Unless ya put the time in, how’s anyone to know?   So no,  I’m not against big business, but strongly stress — new and stronger guidelines are necessary FOR THE COMMON GOOD. Anybody, Big AG, FDA, CDC   But even all of  this is’t cast in stone.  All of these are either conditions or agreements which have been granted or laws which have been enacted.  Just like they were done — they can be undone, changed. In essence – we don’t have to accept the status quo.  If we gather our strength and know-how, we can fix these BIG THINGS  as well. We won’t have to maim and sicken our children with these toxic vaccines;  take flu and pneumonia shots for the elderly which stimulate and excellerate Alzheimer’s disease – the dread of us all. To me, all this is as important as Global Warming which IS REAL!

Just when  millions of us were really getting excited and we could finally sense the nearness of an amazing win in the Democratic party for the man of our choice –  BERNIE SANDERS,  we were cut off at the knees. . . knocked to smithereens, and sad to say, some like me – to bed (for days).  There are few who didn’t fully understand that the wealth and political machinery of the Clinton arm of the party is and was the culprit behind the pitiful skulduggery of Bernie’s fall.  Don’t want to reiterate every nuance  ‘again’.  Those who were for Bernie, wanted him to be our president – help us get there!  Achieve our goals. From the git-go, it was obvious Washington didn’t approve of America’s choice in Bernie.  It wasn’t until the notorious email theft at the Democratic HQ’s after Bernie’s “defeat” that the truth we all knew (or suspected) came to light. I had been anti Debbie Wasserman Shultz for some time.  Her power was too stringent and biased to her own predilections rather than to the good of the party as a whole. For a few years I had big issues with her.  Here in Ohio I had found a wonderful young man Sittenfeld in a northern city of OH whom I tried to support.  He was quite like a mini Bernie – really like  him.  Wanted him for Senator.  D W S wouldn’t even let him on the same stage or even debate the issues.  Year before, Dems felt like we were totally abandoned.  The major thrusts came from DWS,  not soon to be forgotten.  Guess they’d be damned before they’d let some Independent take over the Democratic party.  Til then, I had not understood how fond the Pres was to DWS and how close they were..  Sorry Mr President, you fell way off your pedestal on that one.      

But today,  as I heard Hillary in Florida,  publicly thanking DWS for her valuable friendship and so on and on – – I got sick to my stomach.  Had to turn it off. To all the “choicers” out there who also may be having a hard time getting behind Hillary, gotta tell ya,  I understand.  So often, I feel I can’t do this thing. . . can’t!  It ain’t easy for me either– she is not my choice,  has never been.  But can we just stop there?  Is your fight gone?  Your will to TRY TO BRING ABOUT CHANGE?  (my son trying to help ease my psycho-pain over these things offered recently one of the two alternate choices. . especially the lady doctor).  I love her thinking on vaccines-right in keeping with my own.  When I read further on her other views, simply no way, not for a president of this country. Scratch the good doctor. The Man a Governor, gentle speaking, kind, soft.  Well, the Aleppo thing and no idea about ANY other foreign leader he approved of.  With such a limited grasp of the ‘world view’ it might be inappropriate to burden such  man.   

No,  the fact is, we have few choices –  like it or not. (see  prior post)   Hillary is the best choice based on nothing more than her experience.   At this point, we should thank our lucky stars that we have her for we need an able body to perform quick-witted, very difficult, cohesive work with unimaginable demands.  She will not embarrass us globally.  She WILL command respect based on her breadth, knowledge and sound judgement.  She knows the language and the rules.  I and others feel she may be a tad hawkish (still do);  but many are crying out these days that we are long overdue in this area. I’m so opposed to war and strife that I am no proper judge of such.  Would accept her judgement on this.  I must vote, and Hillary is the only choice I see from my vantage point.  This is so much other than what I want;  but serves our country best,. . the way things stand. so that’s it. 

Guess Ive said my piece and hope that all the talking heads can stop conjecturing about why the youth especially aren’t going for Hillary. We can’t forget what happened to Bernie — it wasn’t  fair play or  right!   The way people vote,  who gets a vote and all those pre-ordained secret votes is wrong corrupt, ugly leaving all to wonder how they get away with it when the rules of voting are one person, one vote. Needs to be fixed!  People still feel ripped off and still hurt over all of it.

And I would  advise Hillary to like DWS from afar —  and very  quietly!  People don’t cotton to have their noses rubbed into their own open wounds.   

  •  That Down-Line Thing:  

Just imagining me trying to tell you or anyone about how to get anything political done is kinda insane.  All I want to offer is how you perhaps could muster up your own enthusiasm for this, while simultaneously developing confidence in your own prowess. First, I’m born a Virgo. Mother, any teacher I ever had would (if they were still here) respond yes indeed – I had a strong need to know and asked many questions.  In fact I lost a job I had worked to get and wanted to keep,  because of asking too many questions.  My husband didn’t really want me to work outside the home.  I was a happy camper and went long with it.  I made money here and there with my paintings  and could do many things. but chose to enter Real Estate. See, I never felt adequate with numbers, so had a bit of complex with serving clientele well w/o fumbling around with the numbers.  needed to know how the ‘big boys’ did it.  Had many questions.  This was one of the finest Realty companies in California at the time,  Forrest Olson.   The shop manager was a man several inches shorter than me {I was 5′ 5 1/2″}.  He liked me and was proud of my sales ability, was glad to have me.  Said I was going to be his upcoming sales star.  There was a mandatory weekly meeting where newcomers such as me could ask questions and learn the ropes so-to-speak. In those classes, he often would defer a question or say see me after the class.  Eventually, he let me go – said I asked too many questions and that it was embarrassing him.  Didn’t want to deaI with it.  I was crushed.  I hadn’t been rude IMO.  But who knows?  Husband said it was possibly a “Napoleon complex”  We’ll never know.  Sorry, I do stuff like that,  (ramble) sometimes.  

Anyway,  we would all be well-served if we asked more questions.  Especially with doctors.  We NEED to know why stuff happens,  what we can do about it or alter/change, so that it doesn’t keep happening.  Everything has a cause, so don’t fall for “cause unknown” excuse.  It’s crap!  Everything can’t be idiopathic! What the hell did they spend all that money and those years on if not to understand the body and it’s woes?  How can any cure be expected when you don’t know its cause and why it happens?  Simple really,  its malnutrition and toxicity – both easily learned.

Buying a car or a new couch  or food in the store,   demand better info, and surprisingly, just might payoff.  But these are things with life-spans.  And government agencies and LAWS have long-lived, real clout over our lives.  You have not only a right, but a responsibility for your personal state of well-being to find out all you can about everything that has the power to impact you.  So ask questions up the gazoo.  

As Bernie said frequently,  no ONE person can do any  or all of this;  it takes a community and the ‘people’ collectively to make it happen.  Means getting involved, taking the time to learn and do.  Most important of course is to get down-line support – progressive can-doers in both  the House and Senate.  Nothing  works like that!  Nothing else!  Without this, bills are not passed and little gets done.  So even without Bernie at the helm, if we can populate the house and senate with progressives  –  we have the best chance of all  – STUFF CAN HAPPEN.  We must make strong effort to elect those who are committed to ethical “Common Good” solutions for the issues which touch all our lives, culling thru the many to find the few  who can.

With regard to the new person running for office in your state. . .take the time to attend a talk or gathering where they are introducing themselves and want to get to know you and what you  and your community needs.  That’s why they are there.  Questions open things up.  Pays to be friendly and courteous and you have no idea what it might stimulate or bring about.  If this aspirant seems to be coherent and insightful, you have been blessed.   The new guy doesn’t always have all the answers, but if there is an intelligence factor trying for expression, lend a hand.. ask more or different questions.  It’s your job to cull and find the best available (or maybe consider doing it yourself, its respectable work, a life of service can bring great rewards.)    Those issues which are foremost in your mind. . (Global warming,  eldercare,  your local police ethic and performance, education thru all levels where our children learn and can do and be enhanced by – including the arts, music, and sports – all very important for a total balanced life of accomplishment and pleasure.  And taxes and voting rights, rec centers,)  So many issues to think about and balance out.

 The person in your area not up for reelection – you  might call and stimulate a little action there.  Suggest some of the things which concern you especially if you aren’t satisfied with what’s happening around it.  Express your needs and desires and why you care so much.  I have one such now.  Have written and expressed my concerns (generally health-related issues).  Got crappy ‘stock form’ letters back, ignoring my concern.  He has an opponent this time who is a decent man, but not my choice.  I’m voting for him anyway; not a go-getter, but has fine ethics. Not spite!  Just smart. If you have a truly bad or ineffectual senator or congressperson, consider a petition to get rid of him/her.  “Choicers” just stand up for yourself and what you want/need in your life. .. there just might be some pleasant surprises in it for you and yours..   (Rebel)  Jan sayin’. . . .  . g’nite


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